Snapcart Philippines; SCAM or LEGIT?

I've been planning to write something about this topic since the beginning of my journey with this mobile application called Snapcart PH yet I want to make sure that I'm scratching my own itch and be able to give an honest review.

This app popped out on my Instagram dashboard. At first, it was just an sponsored post and to me, it isn't worth looking at. But then few months after (yep, few months!), I saw one of my blogger friend, a mom, posted about this and that she got money from it. Then I looked for reviews and write ups. And since I had enough information, I downloaded it for free and joined those thousands using it. Snapcart Philippines was launched last August 2016.

What does Snapcart do? Snapcart is a mobile application that gives rewards and cashbacks to shoppers when they snap a photo of their grocery receipts. Shoppers can earn more when they participate in bonus features in the app including fill in surveys and watch videos. -source

So then I started keeping receipts and sometimes, I ask my boyfriend for his receipt when we go shopping. It was to test if this platform is worth considering and can be recommended. This experiment lasted for four months, slower than what I've expected.

Here are some pages of Snapcart that I find essential.


The dashboard. Upon opening the app, this is the first thing you'll see on your gadget. Your status, your balance and the snap button to capture your receipts. Obviously, this is my personal favorite. After taking pictures, I can see here immediately if my receipt was approved or not because the balance increases or stays the same.


When I notice that the amount in my balance increases, this is the next page I'm into, the notification page. It shows the amount you had from your recent receipt snaps. And if ever your receipt got rejected, you can also see here the reason why.


And in case your receipt got rejected, but you think it should NOT be rejected, you need to check your ID and send a message to their customer support. Rejection can be avoided. Just make sure that you snapped your receipt as clear as possible and as complete as possible (that means from top to bottom). There are some cases that my snaps are unreasonably rejected. That's no problem, I just report them with the ID number and they give me cashback after. Just be patient when talking to them. It take them some time before they reply to an inquiry. The longest one I had was four days.

Help Center

Since I started using the app, I never had a week that I did not snap a receipt. This is part of the experiment, until when will I be able to finally cashout. But then when they added a new feature, like the redemption of load, I was able to use it twice. Minimum amount was Php50 but you need to have atleast Php55 in your balance. My other bank redemption was a success too! I linked my BPI account and they deposited it on my account after 15 business days. Yep. That's a long time. It says in the app that the maximum days of waiting is up to 7 days only. But no, don't be mislead. I needed to follow up mine everyday after that 7 days and then I finally had my cashout. Waiting game, they say.


This last picture is what I hate the most. I was banned and I won't be able to cashout unless they removed my account from being warned. The worse case is being blocked, meaning, I won't be able to snap again with the account I am using. But I did not panic. Few days after, the warning was removed and I received an email stating "The system mistakenly flagged users who are not supposed to be warned." Apologizing for the mistake that happened, they even send cashback compensation. Awesome!


The application is user friendly. I personally like the color, hey it's blue! Don't blame me. :D There are also games and surveys that can add points which can add cash. The customer support was kind to answer all my questions but they took a lot of time. Cashout takes time too. Instead of 7 business days, it was 15 business days for me, and a month for others. This experiment went well for the past months. It was a good source of extra money if you have time and patience. You can try it for yourself if you may. Happy snapping!

Additional Information:
Use a Google Account registered in the Philippines, otherwise it will not work.


  1. Wow, very useful. How come I don't get sponsored content or targeted ads like this one? Puro gastos yung ads ko. Hahaha

    1. Thanks for dropping Ochi. This is not a sponsored post. This is solely my review about this app. However, I do have some and they are located here -> Tag: Sponsored Post PR staffs just contact me through email. I don't have an idea how they reach my blog, but it is nice since it gives me few cash.

  2. Interesting! Kaso parang nakakaadik magshopping kapag ganito hahaha!


    1. i think thats not a problem. They only accept grocery shopping receipts.

  3. Hi! May i ask how to link my BPI account on Snapcart? Im having a hard time figuring it out. Hope you can help. Thank you. ❤️

    1. Hello Charina, you cannot link your BPI account until you reached the minimum cashout amount of Php220. When you're ready to cashout, a form requesting for your bank account will then appear on the cashout page.

      Hope this helps. Thank you for dropping!


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