GadgeTech Review: Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 & FunStaxPh

Hello Myxilogers! I hope everyone's doing fine today. If not, well, I wish you'll get back on track and be good again.

If ever you are following my instagram account, you'll probably notice the squares I had for instax photos. Last week, I had thirteen posts in a row. Wow. That is not a very nice number if you'll think. But yeah, no one minds at all.

Anyways, I enjoy being acquainted with my fiance's passion. Here are some reasons why.

First, we are sharing the same interest as we both love to take pictures. Though I am a bit bad on the technicality of a gear, he is always there to coach me whenever I have a hard time comprehending things, he's there along the way. Second, we now are working together as we build our own photography company. This is a very nice way to sustain your relationship, working together as a team. There is no other thing that will bring more joy than having your mate as your workmate. I always tease him by calling him BOSS, he responds positively, for I really love working with him, and for him as his employee. Third, we are earning a bit together while fully enjoying what we do. And since GJ already invested on nice gears, all I need to do is take time studying how they work. Might as well post a separate story regarding Fujifilm cameras and so, stay tuned!

One of his favorites is this Instax Photo printer he had last year. It was actually a surprise announcement but then I knew already that he had one, before he finally thought of spilling it out. I think girls are really so keen when it comes to instincts.

Php10, 000 / USD196

A great way to immortalize one's memories is to print them. I couldn't agree more with this statement. It might be a little nostalgic but of course, photos were meant to last a long time. Though people now tend to save their memories on USB, disc or online, it is still something when it is palpable, something you can touch with your bare hands.

This Instax Printer is WiFi connected with my Samsung Galaxy Tab and it prints pretty fast, like not even 10 seconds. Images came out bright and crisp, unlike the ones of the first version of the Instax printer, the SP-1. Though I really haven't tried it, I've read reviews that support that conclusion. Of course, the updated one is always better than the older version, I think. Printing made easy for Fujifilm digital cameras since they can send directly to the printer in seconds. Otherwise, a smartphone can be use with the Instax Share application. This printer is compatible with Fujifilm X-Pro2, X-T2, X-T1, X-T10, X-E2S, X-E2, X-M1, X-A3, X-A2, X-A1, X100T, XQ2, XQ1, X70, X30 and FinePix F1000EXR.

There were some instances that the tablet doesn't connect to the printer. But after another try, it will instantly work. Perhaps because of not working for quite some time, wifi disconnects itself from the printer.

High resolution with print pixels of 800 x 600 dots and of 320 dpi shows detailed gradations and the face expressions of a full-length portrait, characters, materials, etc. clearly. The instax system develops colors by delivering the light to pigments and producing chemical reactions.
It reduces the deterioration of color and sharpness caused by aging which proves excellent image stability just like silver-halide photographic prints. Source

It also has this led strip on top indicating how many films are left in the cartridge and if the battery is nearly empty. The power button is located on its side. And there is where reprint button is located too. And that I find very helpful. For multiple copies of photos, it is just a press away!

Our overall experience with the Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 printer was amazing! For all the quality prints it provides, we are more than satisfied. Now, we are hoping that they will also make Instax Wide and Square printers. That would be awesome!

In line with this, we decided to open up a small printing service shop within our vicinity, and we ship nationwide. It gives others a chance to enjoy having Instax photos even without an Instax camera. Awesome huh!

Please show us some love by liking our page and following our account.


How do you feel about the Instax Photo Printer?

Go Pure: Healthier Days With Chia Seeds

I remember my aunt dipping her finger in a zip lock bag with black seeds before, and all I thought was she's eating some black sesame just because she wants to. But then when I asked her what she's munching on, it was Chia. And that was the very first time I've heard about this seed.

Originally grown in Mexico, the seeds were highly valued for their medicinal properties and nutritional value. In fact, they were even used as currency. source. Legend has it that the Aztecs and Mayans used chia seeds to fuel performance back in the day. And from that on, it was labeled as one of the healthiest food on the planet.

Tengoku Ramen House at Cuenca, Batangas

The past week was a roller coaster weather (rain, thunderstorm, rain), at least that's what we've experienced in Southern Luzon. And that being said, it is always nice to treat oneself a bowl of hot and flavorful ramen.

If you live within the area of Lipa or Cuenca, you've probably have heard about this Ramen House in the vicinity. It also keep on flashing through my feed on Facebook, perfect timing to post one on my blog. Hihi.

On our engagement, you'll probably remember that we visited an ancestral camera gallery in Taal, Batangas. After the event, we found ourselves heading to this hidden Japanese gem for our early dinner.

The place was spacious enough to accommodate a full house van of nine persons and even more. It is called Tengoku Ramen House.

Liquid Nitrogen Experience at Pop Cafe by Kettle Korn, SM Fairview

I can't remember exactly though, but I know it was already a long time ago (like 2 months) when we tried having something which is played around with Science. It is a hit for quite some time now.

Who wouldn't want to try an ice cream made in instant with the use of liquid nitrogen? Or a popcorn that smokes like so? Aren't we all gonna say that we want to try them out?

I am not a fan of having something extraordinaire just because I am curious. It should always have a guarantee that this specific thing will not harm or damage my health, and my being, like those kinds of stuff I know that wouldn't hurt, the natural ice cream made out of rose petals that I tried in Paris or the charcoal bun for burgers in Malaysia.

My First Blog Event: Step Up With Kicks by SM Shoes & Bags!

I've never been to a blogger event. And all I thought was, I'll never be into one due to my hectic schedule. Besides, my humble blog is just a nobody in this cyber space.

That is what I thought of until I was invited to attend an event in Laguna last July 16. I was hesitant at first, but then after telling GJ about it, I was convinced. Pretty much because he told me that it can be a nice practice for his photography thingy. Hoho.

Here are two of the featured designs from the first Step Up With Kicks event in Manila. With the theme "Step Up With Kicks", bloggers and contest participants are asked to design their own Kicks shoes with the materials they opt to use, can be marker, paint, beads, etc. We had Sharpie markers along with other freebies included in the stash.

Galleria Taal Camera Museum, Taal Batangas + Announcement!

I haven’t had lunch, it was twelve noon. And that day, I don’t want to be too disappointed. July 18, 2017, was our second anniversary, and I was in a house of a couple friend waiting for GJ and the others to arrive.

After quite some time, they’re there. Immediately after fetching us up, we proceeded. The location was initially my idea, I found this place online when I looked for some things to do in Taal, Batangas. I proposed it to GJ and told that maybe, we can do some photo walk and pay a visit to Galleria Taal.

Complete Your Dream House With These Cool Curtains and Blinds From Romanshadesale

If you are planning to build your dream house, how would you like the interior design to be? Will it be big or just enough for two, I assume you will need something to cover your glass windows to keep it private for your family. Can't decide if it'll be a curtain or blinds? Don't you worry. Here I found Romanshadesale to help ease that dilemma of yours.

What is Romanshadesale?
One of the most professional Roman shades retailer, having their own design group, research and development marketing and offering high quality products with the lowest price. Everything from the store is costumed made to best fit the size of your windows.

Mode of payment can be done through various ways, namely, Paypal (guarantees secure payment), credit card, Western Union, MoneyGram or even Google Checkout (payment system provided by Google for ease of payment). They also ship worldwide for free. Awesome!

Here are some of my top picks from their Roller Shades designs.

This Floral Tulip pattern will fit perfectly to Zen inspired houses with white or light internal paint and furniture.

Living in an urban area, I grew up living in my parent’s house made up of bamboo walls and sofa set. And this Beige Bamboo Shade will definitely be a hit to my parents once they see this. The intricate pile of flat bamboo cuts will add privacy to daily life.

They also do custom print on polyester fabric if you want your Roller Shades to be more personalized.

Want to know more about Romanshadesale, visit their website and get an instant US$5 upon registration. Shop now while they’re on sale!

Shopping Online: My First Experience

How many times do you go shopping? And how many instances did you had the luxury of sitting comfortably on your favorite couch at home while shopping?

Well, it's always recommended to be at the mall and check the items yourself before buying them, than to bet money on something and just pray that you'll not be scammed. But there are times that we get tired of roaming around the mall and find nothing. So then, we opt to look for them online. And that what just happened to me the past month.

The intro was a little off. Weird? Not really. Anyways, before this line slue round to nonsense, let me share with you guys my experience about the website, It is second of the most and top popular shopping site they widely use abroad as per Google. I was first hesitant to purchase anything from the website but then after asking GJ about it, he said that he too had transactions with them before. So without any doubt, I placed my order and paid instantly.

I found few interesting products from and they are not that common in my place. I think it is the perfect time to try them. This might be an odd post to see since these sites were found legit and so a long time ago already, but yeah, I still want to prove it myself.

Payment with Paypal made everything so easy. I personally like this mode of payment for their protection guarantee. Plus, I had the free postage for my two purchases. So cool! Both sellers were rated as top rated sellers of all time.

Snapcart Philippines; SCAM or LEGIT?

I've been planning to write something about this topic since the beginning of my journey with this mobile application called Snapcart PH yet I want to make sure that I'm scratching my own itch and be able to give an honest review.

This app popped out on my Instagram dashboard. At first, it was just an sponsored post and to me, it isn't worth looking at. But then few months after (yep, few months!), I saw one of my blogger friend, a mom, posted about this and that she got money from it. Then I looked for reviews and write ups. And since I had enough information, I downloaded it for free and joined those thousands using it. Snapcart Philippines was launched last August 2016.

Affordable Finds; Wedding and Prom Dresses For All Season

June brides, have you purchased your wedding dresses already? Some might be in a rush. But, that’s never a problem!

Milly Bridal UK has varieties of cheap wedding dresses with elegance. You don’t need to worry which store to run into. Color? Fabric? Body shape? Length? Neckline? There’s an answer to that. In just a click away, you can serve yourself with the trendiest fashion of the year. Milly Bridal UK’s Guide for Gowns and Dresses will help you to find what you are looking for. Their website offers self-examination for one’s dress that will definitely fit your likings. You can take your wedding into the next level without spending that much or even extra. Have your wedding gown and bridesmaid’s gown from them!

They also have evening dresses that fit to all types of formal occasion. It may be a graduation party or graduation ball, company ball or any formal themed gathering that requires attires like gowns and dresses.

Here are some of my favorites.

As the trend of the millennial was this pink color, the pastel and chick ambiance of the Long Bridesmaid Dresses is perfect with the elegance of the bride’s wedding gown.

Some will choose a teal color, another color that hits the chart of trends this year. It might not as girly as the pink one but it imposes the look of a lady and sophistication.

Bridesmaid Dresses Millybridal

It's always a trend to have Short Bridesmaid Dresses too! Fall in love with this pearl colored short dresses.

Click here to see more of their designs.

Your big day might be summer season, fall, or spring, you will definitely find the suiting dress for you at MillyBridal UK.

Will you consider purchasing from MillyBridal UK?

The Balikbayan Cravings: Rose and Grace Restaurant

After 10 long years, (nope, not me, I am still active with this blog despite the MIA I've had the couple of weeks) my high school classmate's family visited the Philippines again. She and her family moved to Australia when we were on our third year, and now, they're back for a month vacation! It's funny that the last time I saw them (I mean, the siblings of my classmate), they are still so young and little. And it's funny that the youngest can't recognize me anymore. Time flies!

Anyways, though still in Australia, Z already contacted me through Instagram that she wants to go somewhere. The first plan was to go to Boracay Island, but since that time was few months ahead, circumstances changed. So we ended up going to Laguna and Tagaytay.

We left at 7 in the morning and we stopped by this restaurant as per suggestion of our driver. Rose and Grace Restaurant is known for its Filipino dishes and delicacies. I do not remember if I've already tried them, but well, it doesn't matter now. Haha. My friends were so craving for Filipino food that even everyday, they will have Silogs and Bulalo. Well, I will feel the same way if I'll live abroad without any Filipino Restaurant at hand.

When Enough is Too Much

We are all imperfect human, living in an imperfect world. People tend to incline their paths to wrong doings, to say the wrong words, to hurt others feelings. It is normal. But, when is the time that enough becomes too much?

Anger leads us to do things or say things without us even thinking. Here's a list on how you can calm yourself down, and be able to think without retaliating to what others have done.

Take a deep breath and 'let it go'.
I once read an article that it can really help if you'll take time to breath, pray and say these magic words "let it go". It may sound funny but it's true that it works.

Cry, but then stop crying.
You can have an emotional breakdown whenever you feel so. But don't just sit there for once and cry the whole day. Cry to release the tension and then stop. Wash your face with fresh water and move on, so to speak. It is not that you will totally forget everything but you can move on to the next step without this burning feeling in your heart, because it simply is not healthy.

It is not as bad as you think.
Sometimes, we overthink, like this is the worst of the worst of what had happened. Well, it is not. It will only be worst if you hurt someone physically, or kill them.

Don't decide when you're mad.
People tend to think out of their shell when they're mad. You may say something that you might regret in the future. That's why breathing is the first thing to do. It will balance your feelings and put your thoughts to place.

Read a book, eat sweets or cuddle a teddy bear.
I learned that the best thing you can do is read. Read the bible and study it. It would be nice if you have the actual bible with you. You can read it aloud that you can use your other senses as touch, see and hear.

Yes, we can be hurt sometimes, as this bible verse says, “There is no man righteous in the earth that keeps doing good and does not sin.” (Ecclesiastes 7:20)

End of article.

PS. I have this blog post for several months already. It was just that I cannot find time to click the PUBLISH button. :P

Weekday Visit at Sea'S Spring Resort, Mabini Batangas

GJ's parents came for a visit. I think I have mentioned it before. Hihi. Sorry. But for this one, I would like to share with you guys what we had experience when we went for a vacation at Sea's Spring Resort in Mabini, Batangas. I remembered blogging about this since it started shaking yesterday due to a 5.4 magnitude earthquake within Batangas, the epicenter, Mabini.

Sea's Spring Resort is known for majestic view of the sea and its hot pool and sauna. Yes, it is actually, way different from what others said and described to us. Few weeks ago before the actual trip, we did some research and asked some friends where can be the best place to bring family for a vacation where they can do sight seeing, swimming, and relax, at least. Lot's of them told us about this place so we started looking in the internet. The information is pretty convincing.

We arrived at the resort on Wednesday afternoon and stayed there until Friday afternoon. Since check in time starts at 2 in the afternoon, we made sure to arrive there after lunch time. Booking was fast, good thing we pre-booked already through a friend the night before.

Hotel entrance

All in all, we needed to have three separate twin bedrooms for everyone. Two rooms were facing each other. The other one is on the second floor.

If you can see the white towel covering the window of the room in the right, that room belongs to one of my family. Glasses were placed in the wrong position and we can't do something about it. Blurred glasses were on top and the transparent ones were on the lower part, makes it easier from outside to peek on the guests who are inside the room. We reported it to the staff but it seemed like they will just get the hang of it or let it be. So, we let it be.

Twin Bedroom

The room was simple and okay. It is just that the table and the floor were sticky and dusty. There were balconies at the back of every room where you can have a perfect view of the blue water from afar. Sadly, the sliding door was dirty and poorly maintained. In our room, that door's lock was not working and was rusty too.


I did not had pictures of the room as a whole, including the toilet and shower area. It is just a typical room with a small chamber to do your rituals.

One of the major pool

Water from the pool was so cold while the covered natural hot spring and sea water pool was so warm. The latter is best for it has sodium that can help treat the aching muscles, as they claim. We were able to dip from both pools but we did not stayed that long in either. Instead, we walked a bit to reach their signature sauna room.

There was noone. Sauna was all ours. I cannot remember how long did we stayed there. It was not as warm as we expected, but we did enjoyed our time inside the room.

They also have indoor activities like Karaoke and Billiard halls, which in my case was the one I enjoyed the most. We had like four games in a row. We also preferred to just take some rest inside our rooms than using our time on other activities.

Food was good, but expensive. One order of a meat dish can serve three people with average eating habit. No single serving except steamed rice. They have two variations of cuisines, Filipino and Korean. Most of the guests were Korean, the owner is Korean too. Breakfast comes in buffet so we needed to go to the restaurant at eight in the morning to eat. It includes soup, toasted bread, rice, sausage, egg, noodles, fruits, but aside from that, nothing is special.

Menu book

We were surprised too when they handed us the menu books. They were very rusty, tattered and old. We cannot believe that they can't provide better materials for the things which are commonly needed. I hope that soon enough, the management will realize that they need to assert more effort and perpetuate the investments they've made for the resort.

It was not even a year since a strong typhoon passed the area. There were facilities without roofing and others were not even functioning. The view from our hotel room was amazing, but when you go up close, you'll see that the water in the beach is not something you'll risk your life for.

Wind coming from the beach was so strong, that we always need to keep ourselves covered with jacket, otherwise we will all get sick.

The stay we had was nice, we enjoyed our time together and we had a good rest-cation. The staffs were kind and accommodating. We never want to complain, but the cost of our stay was not even compensated with what we had. So if you are planning to go there, make sure that you've done a very good background check and not just look on internet reviews in the first page of your search engine.

You can visit the resort's website here:

Where are you planning to have your vacation this summer?

One of The Few: Pho Viet - Mjca's Bistro in Alangilan, Batangas City

Chào! It is so nice to have rest again. After a very busy week doing so many stuffs that have been already forgotten, here's now the blissful weekend to be relaxed and eased off.

Before the week end, we were able to try these Vietnamese food that we are craving for, like almost a year or half. This cuisine is reach in flavor (than my native one) and surely something you'll long from time to time. I had a taste of Vietnamese Pho when we went on a road trip to Manila last 2015. Late lunch it was and we can't decide where to eat. Finally, after roaming around the endless trail of Mall of Asia (one of the largest malls in the world), we found a Vietnamese Restaurant and had our meal there. They served me a big bowl of that noodle soup and after that, I never moved on. I fell in love with the dish. That is generally how my one sided love started.

So then, it is really nice to know that there are few places within our vicinity that cater Vietnamese dishes. One of them is Mjca's Bistro in Alangilan Batangas. Though it is just within our reach, it was never that easy to make plans of going there. But yes, this post is a mere evidence that we did it!

Fresh green lettuce and bean sprout

This time, it was a late lunch again. It is not because we do not want to enter a crowded room to have lunch but it was just coincidence which happened to be a good thing. Orders came very fast and we were prioritized.

The noodle soup itself is good already but these complements enhanced its taste and texture even more. When the plate of greens arrived, I was a bit disappointed since I knew that it should have some Thai basil and lime. These two common garnishes of Pho makes it stand out above any other noodle dishes.

Hanh Dam (Vietnamese Vinegared Onions)

Good to know that the cook himself was Vietnamese and it will prove the dish legit. However, it is still different when you are in the original country for you can tell the authenticity.

Chili cause or simply Sriracha

On the other side, I fancied how these cuts of raw onion became pink. Then I came to realize that the ones used here were the red onions. If you will soak it into vinegar for a long time, it will turn as such.

Viet Nem

Before taking one, we made sure first if there were no shrimp in the mixture otherwise I will go home like a bubble wrap, full of itchy bumps and swollen. The staff assured me that it is done with only pork meat. I love how the fried spring rolls taste and I am eager to learn how to do that at home. Yes, something I can try to make at home.

Here comes the main plate. I mean, bowl. A heap serving of hot Vietnamese noodle soup. A mistake was made when I put a lot of chili paste on my bowl and it became very spicy.

We had a very good time and we enjoyed the food. It is something to have again next time, though not sooner. I hope they will do something about the flies cause they are everywhere. There is another restaurant in the city that serves Pho, but the one of my city's version. It was good too. I think I'll blog about that too next time.

Mjcas Bistro's Facebook Page

*Photos were taken with my HTC One M8

Is Vietnamese dish enticing for you?

Hassle Free Shopping: Where to Find Cheap Wedding Dresses and Prom Dresses

Graduation day is now just around the corner, most specially, those who live in Asia. Graduating students surely prepare themselves for the coming prom balls of the school. It is one of the exciting events of the university. But what if you took lots of time studying till you realize that you got no time to shop anymore?

Anniversary Treat at Butch Seafood and Grill Restaurant Alangilan

Sad to say, this is again a very late backlog that I have from the drafts of my blog. I know, I should always be more productive since I do have the stuffs I need to be done. But then time won't permit, so I really feel sorry for that.

It was my brother and sister-in-law's second wedding anniversary and my sister thought of treating them a surprise dinner. Since my family loves eating out, and it has always been at Kenny's, we've decided to change course and tried one of the grill restaurant within the city.

It was not the first time that I've been here. When I was still working in a laboratory firm, my manager brought us there to have lunch out meeting. Oh, I miss that, having dinner outside to talk about agendas and goals for the month, yes, one of the awesome things I miss on my previous job.

BonChon Bibimfries: One of My Favorite Potato Fast Food Dishes

Hello lovelies! How was your week? Me, I'm better, been to bed rest again for couple of days after GJ's parents' visit. But anyhow, the time we spent together was awesome, makes me sad of them leaving and missing them again so much. I am happy that they were able to get a chance to bond with my parents and to see how things are going here.

Well anyways, since life is going good lately, I want to share with you guys one of my favorite potato dish on fast food restaurants recently. Yep, this will be a short post for now. Don't worry, there'll be more soon, not promising, but trying.

YABU: The House of Katsu; Love At First Bite

It was four years ago since I first had a taste of their Katsu. Read the full story here. And if I'm not mistaken, it was the time that they also started operating. They onlu have few branches at that time. The one at SM Megamall was the closest to our place, and that's my first time trying their food out.

The second time was at SM North, few months after the first. I can't eat there regularly because I really need to plan before going there. Time + budget is a must.

Lunch Date at Chili's Philippines; Affordable Deals With Their Weekday Combos

I am happy that I can write something again on my blog, just in a span of 2 weeks. That's an achievement hey! But what really makes me happy is that I was able to spend lots of time with my loved ones and discover more things about the Philippines.

Last Friday, we rode on a kalesa, visited some historical places, and had meals in Manila. For breakfast, we had our favorite pancake from Ihop in Taguig and for lunch, we went to a Tex-Mex Restaurant in Fairview Terraces, here at Chili's.

Ilabyo Frozen Yogurt Batangas; The First and Only Frozen Yogurt Cafe in Town

Giving in to your sweet cravings without the guilt. True, yogurt has a lot of good promises and these you'll be sure that will never be broken. Having a troubled tummy? Have one serving and you'll have your movement regular again. (I think I sound more like an encyclopedia here. Hihi.)

Ilabyo Frozen Yogurt started operating on November last year. Since then, it became one of our favorite dessert station in the city. After a busy day, it is always a nice idea to stop by and have some good serving of their parfait or fruit shake.

So I am sharing with you the top parfait flavors that me and GJ like personally.

If you are a die hard fan of chocolate, Choco Devine is the perfect mix for you, with the combination of frozen yogurt, crushed Oreo, chocolate chip cookes, chocolate sprinkles, choco pretzels, chocolate wafer stick and chocolate syrup. Yes, it is a chocolate overload. Who said that you can't have it all?

My Top 5 Picks from iFlix Philippines

Since I always spend the last hours of my night watching series on my tablet (*Well I made it a little bit more exaggerated just to caught your attention. LOL. Truth is, some times a week), I have seen lots of the series in this app while falling myself to sleep. No, I mean, before going to sleep. Some do it in form of reading, some by listening to music. Okay, okay, I lied, sometimes, I just find myself snoring in the middle of a shot. Hihi.

While writing this post, I was able to see an episode of the recent series that I'm watching, also, there were interesting blogs gals, and did a little hop just to kill the bore. (To confess, I really can't think of things to say here.)

Random Fact: I do not pay for my iFlix account, neither my family. The promo started few months ago when our internet provider (PLDT) offered free 1 year iflix if we will pay via debit card or ATM card. My sister was fortunately using one of the preferred banks of that provider so we were able to pay online. After the confirmation, it took 3 days process and we were good to go. At first, I downloaded iFlix and registered an account for myself for a 1 month free trial (just like what I did with Netflix). When my account was about to expire, there came the promotion. I grabbed it, and now, I am enjoying the provider's perks.

Okay, enough with the blahs, let's start with the real thing. Here's my top 5 picks of series from iFlix Philippines in random order.

Keeping Up With A Planary: Planner, Journal, Diary

I haven't written for a while now.

Yes, there are a lot of things going on. I miss blog hopping and watching Youtube vlogs and videos, which I did before when I was still a nostalgic free bee without anything to do. Now, everything should come in place. Well, it is better to be busy on something than to be busy on nothing. What?

Anyways, I've been having a planner/journal/diary at the moment to keep track on things I need to do, I did and what I am doing. They somehow call it as a bullet planner (which I learned from one of my favorite blogger; Coffee Shots and Random Ramblings). Visit her Ingstagram account at @blackshirt13 and see her calligraphy and bullet journal updates. The idea is so nice, I like it, but I am not as organize as others are, so I intended to keep mine as simple as it is, just a planner/journal/diary or pla-na-ry. That sounds nice. Maybe.