Herring: Dutch Raw Fish Fillet

You're missing the culture if you haven't tried the Dutch National Snack which is the raw fish with onions, or sometimes comes with pickles.

Ofcourse, I shouldn't be so scared of trying one. That is included in the food list I wrote to try in The Netherlands. :)

According to Wikipedia, Herring a fish soaked in a preserving mixture of liquid, like vinegar pickle, cider, wine, tea, sugar and herbs and eaten with onion, using your hand. But what I did is I had it in pieces and ate it with a tooth pick though the traditional way of splurging into it is holding the tail and just put it inside your mouth. But there's no other tradition or specific steps to consume such snack.

If you can't take it (well, I did, so I think you can too!), they also have the fried fish (first soaked in batter, then dip fried) called Kibbeling with mayonnaise. I suppose that stalls selling this kind of food is available whole year round. They are everywhere for tourist to try and locals to be satisfied.

Walking around Almere Stad, one of the largest city in the Netherlands

Some find it gross, some, they enjoy it. But for me, it is enough to have a one time try of it. Second time is not necessary. :P

Hotel & Restaurant Jans, Rijs Netherlands

Why do most people travel? For leisure, entertainment, food, and a whole lot more!

Me, personally, I am not a huge fan of travelling but when it comes to food, I'm an impulsive craver. Yum! Who wouldn't love to eat? Everyone loves to eat! :D

And since it is still cold-warm-cold temperature in the Netherlands, why not visit this famous restaurant located at Rijs and take the mix of dishes that suits your cravings.


A mushroom soup is a good start. So me and my boyfriend shared a serving of this yummy soup together with compliments of breads and variety of butter spreads. The mushroom soup was the soupe du jour (soup of the day).

Breads and butters (Jalapeno & Italian seasoned butter)

Their soup is just so gooood! But you should not focus only to their soup. They serve the best apple pie crumble in town. And if you haven't tried their apple pie while you're just around the corner, well, you're missing half of your life. (JOKE!)

Apple pie slice with whipped cream
That is just so good!

We also had coffee and warm chocolate milk with whipped cream. ^_^ Too bad that I wasn't even able to take pictures of the place. There are people eating (young ones and old ones).

I already tried making Dutch Apple Pie, but mine is not as soft and tasty as theirs. I know, I am still missing something. Perhaps, it can be good to include this in my menu. We will see. :)

Have you tried Dutch Apple Pie?

T' Sluisje in Schoterzijl, Netherlands

Can't remember the exact date we had visited the place, but the happy memories and the joy of our taste buds are still very clear to me. Since winter isn't ending yet, it is recommendable to visit places like this. The food they serve will really make you take your coats off.

Menu in Dutch language

The place is packed, and because we arrived early, we were able to have a nice place to seat and indulge our food. First, beverage was served. I got my self a beer,Radler beer (I do not usually drink, but because this is a dinner of steak, I decided to have one). The beer itself is just a 2.5% alcohol content.

My choice of beer

Because there were a lot of people, I wasn't able to take pictures of the restaurant. I only had a chance to have a snap on this wall decoration just beside our table.

There's a chicken on the foot of the fox.

There are a lot more to see. If you are into hunting, then you'll appreciate them even more, deer, birds, etc.

Karbonade met spek en ui

For the main entree, I had myself a chopped steak with bacon and onion. Vegetables came in the side too. We also had potato fries, potato wedges, some sort of salad, different kind of sauce, and ice cream for dessert. But the pictures weren't produced in soft and hard copy, but remained in the memory.

I miss you!

The food and the service is really awesome. So in case you'll be able to stop by The Netherlands, I recommend you to visit the place. Just be there before five in the afternoon so you'll have nice seats inside the restaurant.

This is what I like about Dutch dishes, they never fail me. It is always very tasty, healthy and satisfying. Yum!

Where was your favorite steak hub?