Beans and Cream Coffee Shop and Restaurant (CLOSED)

When I'm in the mood to blog, I always find time to write. So now that I am ecstatic about sharing one of my food trips last week, I will take my chances.

I've been trying out recently opened cafes here in Batangas City and my main purpose is to write verdicts on their food for my blog. (T'was 8 months ago when I had the chance to eat out. Geeh! That was so long ago.)

Anyways, here's Beans and Cream Coffee Shop and Restaurant (as stated in my title, like obviously) which opened few months ago. It is situated at Caedo Commercial Center (previous location on Index Salon), beside Jollibee.

Since I love breakfast so much, I could even have pancake, and fried egg with fried everything almost every day, three times a day, my fingers never had any confusions on pointing out those smexy Belgian waffles off their menu. They served my orders after 8 minutes or more.

Belgian Waffle (Php60) and Matcha Frappe or Green Tea (Php90)

Myx is on breakfast mode! A sudden jot wes felt when I saw the word MATCHA on their non-espresso list, shouting on my head that I really need to have a shot of that beverage.

Wanna have a bite?

No, I am never on a diet, it was just I wanted to try their waffle, and yes, it was just what I wanted to have for afternoon snack, sweet and tasty serving of Belgian waffles.

Late Post: Brother's Wedding

I should be preparing for my report about Waste Management now, but instead, I am blogging. I've been so busy with a lot of things the previous months, that's why I don't have time to write. Though I have ample photos and stories to tell, I remain silent. But then now, I'm breaking the ice with some on the things happened to me the last months.

Well, October was my brother's wedding day. Everyone got busy and broke. (LOLjk!)

So here's brother walking down the aisle on his special day. (Ops. I think my watermark ate the whole space. Hihi)

Why it made me so busy? I was the one who did the make ups of the bridesmaid (including myself) and Mom. I am no professional make up artist, I just watched how Michelle Phan stroked her brushes on her cheeks and vioala! We didn't paid for our HMU. Cool I know!

Blog More!

I should be blogging more!

I just made up my mind that I should post even once a month to keep this blog alive. I've given a lot to this and I can't let it be junked out of cyber space. So yeah, see you soon bloggers! :D