Feature: Rubber Loom Bracelets

Hello everyone! I do appreciate the comments you left on my previous post. Thanks again! I wish I could write my replies here so you could see, but if ever you're still interested, you can visit my previous posts.

Anyways, I have just shown my baked goodies and I guess I need to pause for a while. Breaking the ice, sister bought a loom band kit and she's now enjoying making loom bracelets. I think she's selling these bracelets to her classmates but I don't actually see anything special about them, they're just made of colorful rubber bands (preferable smaller than sanrio bands which I use to tie on my hair) using a hook and a board.

To my curiosity, I tried making one. I never thought that it really took too much time but the step is just the same thing that repeats over and over again. They're just knotted bands but I enjoyed making them. ^_^ It is not the product that counts for me, but it is the process.

What do you think about my color combination? My sister has a limited selection of colors but I think I grabbed the best ones. Hihi. It is called "Triple Fish Tail".

Loom kits and bands are available at Toy R Us or Toy Kingdom stores. You can also check http://rainbowloom.com.ph/store-locator/ for store locations.

Have you tried making loom bracelets? ;)

What Makes Me Busy After Office Works?

Dad and Mom's 27th Wedding Anniversary is fast approaching. I only have a day left to prepare (or perhaps not to prepare at all). Because of our very busy schedule, I don't think we'll be able to prepare something for them tomorrow night, I still hope though.

I haven't visited my recent favorite one-stop baking shop here in Batangas this days yet, but I am very ecstatic to show you the liners I bought from them few weeks ago.

Homemade Treats To Beat Summer Heat!

I am browsing my blogger friends’ blogs when I thought of writing something tonight before I finally hit the sack. Though I can really feel how my eyes drop like a dynamite, I wanted to finish what I started.

I am no bookworm and I don't have bucks to treat myself or my friend a ticket to the cinema. Oh, I forgot, we don't have tickets in here now, blame Tap to Pay swiping system. Most of my family members just stayed at home this Holy Week. And it is really hot nowadays and all we just need today is a cup of cold water or anything that freezes.

Good thing Mom found some taro crops at the backyard and cooked and grated them. Since she just consumed 3/4 part of it from making Ube-Halaya, she asked me to make homemade ice cream for the family. I never tried to negate her command. ^_^

Apologizing if I couldn't share that ice cream recipe here, it's a family recipe. Thanks!

Just showing you guys how messy I work in our kitchen when I enjoy the thing I do.