Filed Doodle Planner 2013

This girl (me) is a huge fan of planners (awesome planners! Who's not?). Yes! You can conclude that if you read about my previous posts by the start of the year. Three consecutive posts about planners/organizers! Yay! So what I have here now is an I-actually-can't-describe-this-awesome-planner-in-one-word planner. It comes with a garterized dark gray pen bandolier to keep pens in place. If you're a doodle-geek (if there's such word) and wanna be organized, this is the perfect planner for you!

  • Available in black and white
  • Isometric grid cover page 
  • Differently designed doodle pages per month
  • Monthly and daily views
  • Feature-a-day page
  • Monthly expense tracker
  • Moodi, the mood tracker
  • Vision Board
  • Movies to see
  • Books to read
  • Places to visit
  • Restaurants to try
  • Special FILED page marker
  • Kraft pocket

Better in black background!

Snapshots of what's inside.

You don't have to buy overpriced coffee just to have this one, just click the links below to get an access to their online shop. And if you'll ask me how was our transaction went through, I'll definitely tell you nothing but the truth. After my purchase, I got my planner within a week (after 4 days only). I am really thankful cause they did a very good job, a smooth transaction and I had the best online-shop experience so far.





  1. That looks awesome! Next year, maybe I'll try their planner instead. :)


  2. thanks for visiting my blog..i got bdj panner

  3. that is one awesome planner. i now know where to get my planner for next year. haha ang tagal pa

  4. @Elilea & Jane: im excited for the doodle they have next year :D

  5. ooops, meron din ako nito. :-) woot woot :-)

    1. i wanna see your doodles on the pages kuya! :D patingin!

    2. eto:
      at eto:


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