New ChowKing Chow Pao

Posted on May 30, 2012, 9:30am

Yesterday, Chowking (a Chinese fast food chain in the Philippines) launched and introduced new products to provide outstanding and excellent service to Filipinos. They innovated burgers to a Chinese inspired Chow Pao made of Chinese fillings and ManTao (Chinese steamed bun used in making siopao).

It comes in 4 varieties, Special Chinese sausage, Braised Chicken, Chunky Beef and Chinese Sausage. Special Chow Pao is made up of veggies + meat + tofu + special sauce.

I love the way CK (Chowking) was printed on top of the ManTao.

Here's a preview of Special Chinese Sausage (top) and Chunky Beef Chow Pao.

I got two Paos for breakfast :)

You got to try this new products.

Chinese Sausage Special Chow Pao : Php35
Chunky Beef Chow Pao : Php49

Overall Rating:

Chowking Restaurant
GF Bay City Mall
P. Burgos ST. Batangas City

SkinWhite and Nuffnang bring you Snow White and the Huntsman

Posted on May 27, 2012, 9:31pm
Before anything else, I would like to greet my blog an advance...

[May 28, 2012]

Having a delicate skin like mine is really a hustle when choosing products for my skin. After applying some products, my skin is turning reddish and there comes little teeny tiny itchy spots.

I stop using lotions and creams after that. But then one of my friends told me that I may use Skin White products because they are very mild, fragrant and not harsh on skin.

First, I tried using Skin White face cream.

Just like what my other friends told me, the cream itself didn't betrayed me.

Here are the photo of me and my sister showing how Skin White helped me to have a goddess-like skin just like Snow White's.

Sister and Me

It is really shameful to admit that I have a dark skin before. But with the help of Skin White product, I have that beautiful blush white skin that my future prince charming can’t resist.

SkinWhite has SYNCHROWHITE ACTION that works in FOUR ways all at the same time:
  • WHITENS the skin’s surface
  • REDUCES formation of new dark pigments at its source
  • NOURISHES skin with Vitamins
  • PROTECTS skin against toxins and UV rays
Know more about Synchrowhite Action from Kim Chiu by watching the video below.

Watch the BEST KILIG BFF Story on how SkinWhite works!

Know more about the SkinWhite products through clicking this link:

MWF x Myxilog 2nd Blogversary Giveaway!

Posted on June 4, 2012,1:30am
Hello everyone! It's giveaway time!

I'm throwing a giveaway in celebration of my blog's anniversary!

I am giving away beauty products and kawaii stuffs to one winner.

Included in the prizes are these. Worth Php1000+ all in all. Here's a closer look of the beauty products.
Liquid Powder
Feminine Spray
Body Lotion
To win all these, strictly follow the mechanics at Rafflecopter. (1)This will end on July 31, 2012. Winner will be chosen via and will have fourty-eight hours (2 days) to respond, at which point a new winner will be chosen. This is OPEN TO PHILLIPINE residents. But if you live internationally, see Terms and Condition at Rafflecopter.

There are 4 mandatory entries. You have to do them before you qualify for the giveaway.
YOU CAN EARN UP TO 40 ENTRIES. I'll ship the prizes for FREE (for Philippine residents) so you don't have to worry. Plus, I'm giving away my Sunday Dinner Recipe Book (used). So that's it! AJA! ^_^

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hope it'll be a success! :D

One Week Hiatus

Hi guys! I'm sorry but I really have to make time with my family in Baguio and that's why I'll have this short hiatus (starting tomorrow). I'll be updating this once I get back home. If you really need to talk to me, go pm me at YahooMail. I'll be checking my account even I'm away.

Gonna get my things ready.


Puppets and Marionettes

Posted on May 22,2012, 10:26am

Puppets from X
Marionettes from X

When I was a little kid, I used to play puppets and paper dolls, and that's really a hobby of mine. But a lot of people become confused when talking about puppets and marionettes.

Here is how to tell the difference.

Puppets are all those strange little creatures, usually without legs, which are made to move by the puppet masters either from below or from inside the puppet. Marionettes are those which are controlled from above. In the theater, marionettes are controlled by a man who stands above them, on a sort of platform. He moves them by means of metal rods or wires. Many marionettes have joined limbs and can made to walk, run, sit down, bow, pick up objects and throw them. A famous Chinese master was able even to have his marionettes fit an arrow and bow and fire it. Because it has a mouth which can move, a marionette can even be made to talk and sing. At Austria, there is a theater where marionettes perform the music of Mozart and Tchaikovsky.

Puppets are much less complicated than marionettes, and puppets show much more spontaneously. Of all animated dolls, the puppet is probably the oldest and certainly the cheapest. However, its very simplicity means that anyone can play with it and make up their own shows.

Chic-Boy (Chicken at Baboy) at Nuciti Batangas (CLOSED)

Posted on May 21, 2012, 9:02pm

Sorry if I'm spamming my posts about the new opened mall here in Batangas. It's just, we're so curious about the establishments and stuffs in the said mall. By the way, before we gone so far our conversation, here's a review about the only and the first opened restaurant in Nuciti.

Upon entering, you'll be refresh by the beautiful ambiance the restaurant has. I love how the curved white boards are arranged as the ceiling of the establishment. Cashers are very friendly (one my classmate in college before).

Cashier and service table are separated.

We had grilled chicken breast (with unlimited rice and unlimited ice tea) for lunch. And just like Mang Inasal, they have already soy sauce, vinegar and chicken oil in the tables.

They served bulalo soup and spoons in no time. The rice are wrapped in banana leaves. Lime and pepper are served with the entire dish. Just like Mang Inasal. (What!? I'm always comparing this with Inasal. Sorry.)



Foods are yummy, service is great! We had our food in just 5 minutes. But the it is still best to eat at mang Inasal if you'll go for grilled chicken. Here is dry and tasteless. Sorry. But that's the reality. My dad complained after eating. He told the crew to marinate the chicken before grilling. Haha. The crew didn't even say a word.

Overall Rating:

2/F NuCiti Central Mall, P.Burgos St., Batangas City
Tel No. (043) 702-1540

Paotsin Sharks Fin

Posted on May 19, 2012, 9:45pm

My classmates love to eat sharks fin. And its like every week we have to try different varieties from Paotsin. The last time I ate this, except yesterday was 2 years ago. I told to myself before that I'll not gonna eat sharks fin cause I saw how they were cut from live sharks, and that's really pitiful .

Then yesterday, while inside the mall, my sister can't decide where to eat. I suggested her to try Paotsin's since she haven't tried it ever since. Sharks fin was their best seller. And the dumplings are best together with Hainanese rice (the green rice, or the so called, chicken rice, originated in China, cause it uses chicken stock in cooking)

They offer array of dumplings and rice meals.

Sharks fin and Hainanese rice. Before, I thought it was just onion rice.

This is perfect for vegetarians, it really tastes like meat.

My sister, with her troll face (I guess) after munching, she liked the food lah.

Dumplings: Php38
Dumplings with Hainanese rice: Php50

Over all Rating:

Ps. They don't have chairs for the customers but they have stalls in different SM Malls.

SM Supermarket
SM City Batangas
Pallocan West, Batangas City