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Posted on November 29, 2011, 06:29pm
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I always love to have a planner like this. So thanks to Lei for hosting such giveaway. You're so generous. :D

The mechanics:
To join simply do the following:

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Nutty Nut

Posted on November 28, 2011, 04:13pm
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Hola! I'm not posting something weird and stupid now (what is expected always). My uncle, which is my dad's cousin, that's why he became my uncle, came here in the Philippines to visit his family and relatives, and we're included ofcourse. Paikot ikot lang eh no? Wala kasi akong maisip isulat. Actually, that's how I make my post this long. And thanks to him, he gave us this raw almond nuts as pasalubong. Yum!

So here's the question:
What health benefits can we get from almond nuts?
And the facts and the answer are:
  1. Almonds are among the earliest cultivated foods in history.
  2. Almonds are thought to have originated in China and Central Asia.
  3. Explorers brought almonds back with them, and before long almond trees flourished.
  4. Almonds, like most nuts, were thought to have too much fat to be a healthy snack.
  5. But research has debunked that belief as an old myth.
  6. One study showed that three ounces of almonds a day actually lowered a person's cholesterol by 14 percent.
  7. Munching on almonds helps people feel satisfied and less inclined to overeat at dinner!
  8. Ninety percent of the fat in almonds is unsaturated fat, and frequent consumption, as a result, could help lower blood cholesterol levels.
  9. Of course, since almonds are a plant based food, they contain no cholesterol.
  10. Almonds are loaded with protein, fiber, calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin E and other antioxidants and phytochemicals.
  11. Almonds have been shown to promote good health, especially when they are part of a healthful diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, and low fat whole grain products.
  12. According to one study, almonds are a well balanced food.
  13. They contain the right kind of fats-monounsaturated and some polyunsaturated, so they help lower low-density lipoprotein (LDL), the bad cholesterol, while not touching the high-density, or good cholesterol levels.
  14. The folic acid in almonds is believed to help lower levels of homocystein, the amino acid that is thought to contribute to the buildup of fatty plaque in the arteries.
  15. And studies have shown links between nut (especially almond) consumption and lower risk of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, and other chronic illnesses.
  16. In a nutshell, almonds are an excellent source of fiber, vitamin E, zinc, selenium, copper, potassium, phosphorus, biotin, riboflavin, niacin and iron.
  17. Almonds are the most nutritious of all nuts.
Source: http://www.naturalnews.com/

So start munching your almond nuts today!

HoshiGirl's ELF Giveaway!

Posted on November 27, 2011, 07:49pm
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Ate Gel is hosting another awesome giveaway. So, here's the prizes.

  • Plumping Lip Glaze – Oasis
  • Plumping Lip Glaze – Baby Lips
  • Brightening Eye Color – Luxe
  • Natural Radiance Blusher – Bronze
  • Natural Radiance Blusher – Pink
  • Clarifying Pressed Powder

  • Two-way Cake Foundation – Pale Peach
  • Mechanical Eyelash Curler
  • Bronzing Brush
  • Eyeshadow Brush

How to join? Click here.


Posted on November 27, 2011, 06:27pm
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Suppose to be, all levels (prep to college) here in Batangas don't have classes tomorrow. Why? I received a chain message and its all about this.

I asked my instructor if we really have classes, but she told me she didn't know, its up to me, its my decision if I'll be going to school or not. She also told me that UB did not cancel classes. I asked my sister to check our school's Facebook fan page for updates, but all we saw are complains of the students about having our regular classes. It was announced in the radio that it will be a busy street tomorrow and the city will close the national road for the convenience of those who are included in the parade. So I decided not to go to school tomorrow, instead, I'll watch the said parade and see how beautiful are those candidates of Miss Earth 2011.



Kariman. I don't know if its imported or what. Actually, this small bread with fillings looks like fried sandwich in golden brown. This is my first attempt to buy such food. And my mom told me its yummy. My dad agreed (both pizza kariman). I'll try another flavor next time.


My phone is the best. But still, I crave for DSLR and my own laptop. I don't know when will I have this things.

Self Treat :)

Posted on November 26, 2011, 07:15pm
Scheduled post at 11:45pm

Just got home from SM Lipa. :D So before taking some rest, I decided to update this blog with my third and forth doodle. I apologize if I had some delay with this. Got a really hard day last Thursday. Its not that I don't feel good, I really just wanna rest.

So recently, I attended a Thanksgiving Day in SM Lipa. Actually, there's no such Thanksgiving day in the Philippines, yet Del Monte (a food company) host this event. And from this, I have learned a new recipe. :D View it here. More recipes soon. :D

How about a treat for myself? So I had this Bento Chicken Karaage and Pork Tonkatsu for snack. And I always love their Miso Soup. :D

(Photo taken with my phones camera)

Tokyo Tokyo SM Lipa
Ground Floor
Telephone Number: (043)784-0248


And for my doodle... (supposed to be posted last Thursday.)


So this doodle, obviously is about the last thing/food that I cooked. Well, being a very busy bee means I don't have time to help mom do the choirs in our house, yet I still have time to cook rice. Hehe. I guess that was last Wednesday. :P


Here's Zumzum, another version of Zuma for cellular phones, I guess. I have downloaded this for free. This was the only game I have in my phone, and that means that I have no choice. :P I don't play games in our computer cause it only took my time browsing others' blogs.

So I guess, that's it for the mean time. See you around :D

PS. My eyes still twitch.

Stop Twitching!

Posted on November 23, 2011, 05:14pm
Scheduled post at November 23, 2011, 8:45pm
I've been experiencing it right now. *hachoo!* My left eye, I mean, it's cover keeps on twitching or beating. My dad told me its because it's too tired, caused by sleepless nights and the like. According to my research, muscle twitching is caused by minor muscle contractions in the area, or uncontrollable twitching of a muscle group that is served by a single motor nerve fiber. (source: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/). And the causes must sometimes:

  • Diet deficiency
  • Drug overdose (caffeine)
  • Drug side effect (such as from diuretics, corticosteroids, or estrogens)
  • Exercise
  • Twitches not caused by disease or disorders (benign twitches)
  1. Often affecting the eyelids, calf, or thumb
  2. Normal and quite common, often triggered by stress or anxiety
  3. Come and go, and do not last for more than a few days

So, I guess, I need to go now. Bye! :D (Ofcourse I'm kidding.)


And in our class in Spanish lately, I guess I really need to concentrate on that./ I thought our Foreign Language 101 would be French, but unfortunately, its not. We met our instructor for the 2nd time. I can't post his real name here cause I found out that he's a blogger. hehe. So yeah, he's a fast talker. I actually don't know how to call that. But yes, i guess he can speak 15 words in one second. :O (that's too much! hehe. just exaggerating.) This morning, he taught us about 3 things.
  1. Space
  2. Focus
  3. Common Sense
Sorry guys if I can't elaborate what's with this 3, I have an internet restriction. I can say that our instructor is like Bob Ong, you know him? Bob Ong, or Roberto Ong, is the pseudonym of a contemporary Filipino author known for using conversational Filipino to create humorous and reflective depictions of Philippine life. His actual name is not known. (Thanks Wiki).



I failed. I mentioned before that I'm with my perfume business. So to earn profit, I brought my products in our school to offer it to my classmate which is actually my seatmate. And sadly, I brought that heavy stuffs in my bag, but my classmate and I didn't met. Aw. :(


Hey you! Yes you! Why is your phone turned off? X(

30 Day Doodle Challenge

Posted on November 22, 2011, 05:57pm
Scheduled post at 10:30pm
Hello fellow bloggers and friends! :D How's everyone? :D

I'm here to post what's recent, what's new. Well, Our teacher asked us to write something about us in the future. What would be our business 5-10 years from now? And this is my answer.

Ten years from now, I'll be owning a t-shirt printing shop, since one of my hobby is creating or making random shirt designs. It could be a couple shirt, an organizational shirt, a class shirt, etc etc. And I'm loving kawaii stuffs too. Besides, I'm planning to have an accessory shop in the future. Ok, I don't wanna share na. hehe. Laziness strikes.

Now, I'm lacking any sort of inspiration. So I decided to create this challenge. Hehe. Yeah, I thought of the things I can blog everyday. Then after writing it out, I put it on random.org to be ramdomized. Why should I have to do this? Because I want to be thrilled in every challenge for every day. Get that? So, to explain further, my rules are:

* To complete the challenge, I need to post 30 times during the scope of the challenge.
* Each post must have doodle with its corresponding explanation and text post.

As simple as that. So I wish I could complete this challenge. I promise to make a doodle everyday but I'm not sure if I can post it on a daily basis. Usage of computer is limited. 

So, I'll be starting today the challenge today. :D

last song I played in my mp3

(scanned)(colored in photoshop)

Click here to see more of my works

Secondhand Serenade is one of my favorite single band for almost 5 years. I just love the way John Vesely deliver his songs. I've heard that some of his songs are dedicated to his wife. I don't now if it is true. I don't actually care about his lovelife. hehe. I just love listening to his compositions. He's an awesome guy.

Ps. I'm going to buy stuffs online. This is the very first time to buy something online. I just love Domo items from Ate Gel's Online Shop. :D Click here to visit.

I guess, that's it. Adios! :D


Posted on November 18, 2011, 04:30pm
Scheduled post at 9pm

! :D After recovering from mild headache and sore throat, I found myself here in from of the computer updating my blog. I have sneaked here after my sister had used it so I can post something. My dad didn't allow me to stay long in front of this so I'll gonna have a quick post. :D

So, stated in my title, here are the stuffs you can find inside my bag, which I bring everyday for school. I don't bring too many things cause I don't want my bag to mess or something.

So here's my notebook, I made use of this last sem. I didn't consumed all of its pages, so it's now been recycled . My small pouch which contains everything. Hehe. My umbrella (Fibrella Silver Lite), my Domo wallet ofcourse, and yes, my super duper loved phone (Samsung Corby Pop).

I so love my phone. Last time when I went to Mcdonalds to pee, I left my phone inside the bathroom. Good thing was, an old good lady returned it to me. I don't know what to do if ever I lost it.

Being focused. Hehe.

So now, what's inside that orange pouch?

Bigger ones.


  • My Colgate travel toothbrush (lavander)
  • Happy toothpaste 25 ml
  • Green Cross sanitizing gel 60 ml
  • HBC Hair cuticle coat 45ml
  • Avon pressed powder spf 14 soft bisque
  • Avon pressed powder spf 14 pink blush
  • comb
  • MacroAsia pen
  • Pilot pen
  • Dong A jetstick apple green
  • Everbilena stick foundation Miel
  • Everbilena mascara and liquid eyeliner in one
  • Clinique Happy Women perfume refil 12ml
  • liquid eyeliner
  • Nichido white eye pencil
  • Avon Colorbliss lipstick red fantacy
  • Cleene Mini Floss mint waxed
  • Best Buy stick on
  • small hair clam
  • Chelou blusher duo
  • pqi flash disk 128mb
  • Gentle feminine wipes
  • Hearttex tissue

I bring bottled water in school too, and some biscuits for snack. My other classmates think that I'm like a kindergarten who bring food for recess. But that's less tiring, I don't need to go to the cafeteria to purchase what I want, just like what they do.

Am I Creative? No or No?

Posted on November 16, 2011, 04:30pm
Scheduled post at November 17, 2011, 9pm

Irrelevant title.

Hey! How are yah? Everyone's busy huh? :D Well that's fine. Cause you're not alone. I'm busy with school too, though regular classes doesn't started yet. My other instructors are still in Singapore, and other places that's why they're not able to meet our class.

There's a lot of thing I want to share about school. But I've decided not to tell all.

As I mentioned before, we will have an Events Class, which means we will handle an event/function in the near future, and it will be a bit different from our catering last sem. Well, it's more different actually. :P Our class, same with the others will hold an interhigh/intercollegiate competition. it will be called as "CULTOURIMPICS; The Culinary and Tourism Olympics". I don't know who cam out with this theme, but yeah, it's pretty nice. And evertone is required to submit atleast one proposed shirt design.

I guess you know me already. I will never miss this oppurtunity. :D Have I told you that my design was chosen as our department or organizational shirt? *hihi* Actually, that's not important. I just received a 50% discount on the org shirt. That's not bad. :D

Ok, so, this first two photos are my design.

Blue is my motif. That colorful circles are the logo of Olympics, with the globe in the center, which represents tourism (all over the world), with noodle strainer and turner on top and bottom. And that random colorful vector is just a design. Nothing more. :P



What can you say about that? I guess the faculty didn't liked that. They asked me to redo it just like pictured below. So now, what do you think?

Which is better? First or second?

So, I guess that's it for today. :D Take care!

Dark Secret Revealed!

Who love chocolates in here?? (Hands up please!)

Chocolates from my uncle.

I have been too concern for adults because they think they can't eat or taste even the smallest portion of everybody'y favorite -chocolate.

Chocolate lovers will be delighted to know that their favorite treat also boasts health benefits - how sweet is that? Research, although preliminary, supports the view that antioxidant flavonoids called flavanols, which are found in chocolate, may be associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. They decreases the stickiness of our blood and keep our arteries flexible. (All chocoholics, please cheer now!)

Alas, there is a catch: not all chocolate is created equal. Some chocolate products contain essentially no flavanoids, while others are packed with them. How can you tell the chocolate heroes from the nutritional loosers? In general, the darker the chocolate, the higher the flavanoid content. So be sure you look for dark or bittersweet chocolate.

OK, you're thinking great news about the flavanoids, but what about the saturated fats we see on the label? That's a bad fat, right? How can that be heart healthy? According to Penny Kris-Etherton of Pennsylvania Sate University in State College, Pa., a leading researcher in this field, the saturated fat in chocolate is predominately stearic acid, which does not raise blood cholesterol.

One thing to keep in mind as you're bailing veggies in your grocery cart to make room for good-for-you chocolate: this food of the gods is still packed with empty calories. Its best enjoyed with a little moderation on the side.

Questions for the readers:

1. What is your favorite chocolate brand?
2. How much chocolate do you eat?
3. Do you consider chocolate good for your health?
(before you have read this post)

Foundation and Pressed Powder

Girls are girls. We love using beauty products for us to look pretty and presentable, other says because they think they look better with it and also may be a formal thing.

Yes, I wear make up too, but occasionally only. I don't use make up everyday, when I'm in school or wheresoever. I apply some when we have school activities such as sample interviews, Food and Beverage management, catering, etc. But before applying make ups, I use foundation or pressed powder.

I bought this stick foundation 2 years ago. This one is an Ever Bilena Advance Studio Finish Stick Foundation (Miel)

The consistency of this product amazed me. It's very creamy, the coverage is so good.

Applied on skin
I don't have brush to diffuse the cream. I just use my bare hands. :)

Aside from this stick foundation, I have this pressed powder from Avon as well. (Soft Bisque) This one is very convenient to use. I have this in my bag everyday. yes, my daily use. Girls don't need to grab a large powder bottle from their bag, place on hands then apply on face. And it is very economical :)

For the conclusion, I want/need both. :) They did their job well. (For me.)

So, for the other girls out there, I want to hear your voices. Which do you prefer, Foundation or pressed powder?

Life is so Random

What are the things that you're afraid of? Some are afraid of creepy insects, while others are afraid of the ghost, in the dark, hoping for nothing. I've been afraid of the dark too, but not with insects such as cockroaches, worms, and the like. Insects which lives on plants taste like junk food, I've tried to eat some before in a seminar discussing about exotic foods that can be eaten and some are profitable. I'm afraid of crowded places but i'm not really certain cause i can still handle myself when i'm in the middle of thousands of people, but i'm afraid someone will snatch my things, in short, in bad guys. I'm afraid to lose someone i love, i'm afraid to be hurt. I'm afraid to be left alone. I'm afraid to lose my phone. I'm afraid on how will i suffer from pain and die. It's not dying that i'm afraid of, it's on how i'm going to die. Why did I spit this out? I don't know. Mehehe. I just wanna share. :P


And yes, this past few days, I worked on my scholarship. Heard that right! My scholarship. My Mom purchased this scholarship 9 years ago, I guess, and we're hoping that we can get anything from it. The company have been corrupted before, and that's the reason why we stop our contact with them. So now, we're hoping that the company can stand on what they have promised us. :|


Advo (our campus journalists, is that really is it?) released its new issue of its magazine entitled Advozine [Metamorphosis]. As seen in the front page, she's Mariposa, yes, Butterfly! :) And that caught my attention to grab one and start reading. As what I expected, the magazine was comprised with awesome articles about our school, the country and ofcourse, internationally. The articles about some of the campus' anomaly caught my attention. I can say that I am not alone, I'm not the only one who experienced such things.

I hope that regular classes will start tomorrow. Excited to learn French. :D


PS. Congrats to my blog. It's now Page Rank 2. :)