Internet Love Song

Hello my dear prized friends and venerate followers. Good first light to one and all present here. I trust everything is going fine.

I miss blogging. I've been in hiatus for almost a week, I guess. Sorry guys. :( My attention focused on my studies. We had our exam already. And we'll be having consecutive exams this week. So well, I guess I'll not be around this week.

Btw, Me and my sister made this yesterday just for fun. She's Ynna.

And we don't have classes last Friday, typhoon Falcon is in the house. It's not raining here actually, but there's flood everywhere. My sister invited me to come with her in the mall, so I don't have choices. I don't wanna feel bore.

There is more Korean invasion happening in the Philippines right now. If only Korean songs (K-pop) or Korean Telenovelas are the only thing hooking up Filipinos, you’re totally wrong. Even Korean food and delicacies are starting to make their way to the general Filipino population. Kimchi is starting to a favorite by many Filipinos. And there is Magic Pop, a Korean snack that is being introduced to our country. Php39/$.91 or $1 per pack.

We had my favorite popcorn too. Cheese flavoured popcorn for only Php40/$.93 per tumblr.

So that's it, we just roamed around the mall and eat and eat. Haha. So that's all for tonight. This week is going to be fun, I know. :)

Photos are taken using my Samsung Phone's camera

Perfect Timing

Our school made a club called Camera Club right after my brother broke our camera. And that's what I'm knuckling about. I don't have any chance to join the said club. Perfect! I'll just stare those people who were in the conference hall studying and practicing their photography skills. I envy those guys! T.T

I have already bought 2 new books. (Rizal's Works and Accounting). Sorry guys, I'm too lazy to typw.

After all...

I just recovered from severe headache. Blame climate change! Haha! Actually, it's really its fault.

Look, our school is having a football team! I can still remember how they cheered for the Azkhals, and now, they wanna follow their path.

I'm adding one subject so my schedule will overload. Kidding! :P I just thought that I need to add this one (Feasibility Study) so I'll not think of it next year. My schedule isn't very hectic. I don't wanna waste the semester with 4 days vacation and 3 days classes a week.

I gained alot of followers in tumblr this afternoon. :) Actually, it's not the followers that count, it's the number of people who's interested in your life and reading what you post.

So, that's for tonight. Good evening in advance.

Second Day in Class

I have nothing to say about my 2nd day. I only have 1 subject (5 units I guess) for 5 hours, which is Catering. I roamed around the mall today (yesterday was in school :P), and I found my self taking some photos of foods I like.

Pik-nik, LOVEY! One of my favorite. I don't know when I started to love this shoestring potatoes. I just can't resist it. It comes in different flavors, Original (salted, unseasoned), Shoestring Potatoes (now trans fat–free in the 9 oz. size!), 50% Less Salt Shoestring Potatoes, Fabulous Fries, Ketchup Fries, Cheddar Cheese Shoestrings, Honey Mustard Shoestrings
HOT! Shoestrings, Chili Lime Shoestrings and Southwest Barbecue Shoestrings

Here are some chocolate sticks, and chocolate coated biscuits. Did you heard about Pepero? Pepero (빼빼로) is a cookie stick, dipped in chocolate syrup. It's a Korean biscuit. Yeah! All of this stuffs were like pepero. I have tasted it already. I'll buy some next time. :D

Btw, these made my day. :D Thanks hunnie SUSAN who made this Domo-fansign for me. She's really beautiful. :P

And Lionel. Ahh, that's sweet. :D Thanks a lot guys :D

And for now, I'm memorizing the Mission and Vision of our University and the College department also. I've been with this before, and now, with it again. (I hope there are changes next week.)

First Day in Class

I was so excited in my first day. So I dressed up early and I expect a lot. Whew! I'm just like a freshman who first stepped in the university. Haha. Good thing is, Ate Thel (our neighbor), paid for my transpo fair. Thanks to her, I was able to save 14% of my daily allowance. What's weird now is... I came late. O.O my instructor was already inside the room (AP505- yes, in the fifth floor, that's why I came in our room panting). (First subject- Hospitality Industry with Law) Hey! Look who's there! She's my favorite instructor before, my teacher in Bakery Science. We had an assignment already (in the very first meeting), yet she dismissed us early. The next subject was "Human Resource" (Sir Andrew), then "Life of Rizal", then "Accounting". Phew, FIRST DAY WAS A BORE.

I got here a photo of our room's airconditioning unit, which made me sneeze the whole time.

I haven't roamed around our school yet. After lunch my feet walked into here. The cafeteria. I so miss my friends, we used to chat and talk here before. :(

Photo1. It isn't inside the campus. I just wanna share. Hehe.
Photo2. Our uniform. Different on what I've seen in the net, this isn't what I've expected. *Disappointed*

And you? what's your story for today?

Photos are taken using my Samsung Phone's camera.

I Moved

Yeah, from heard me right, I found my way here in my old blog. My reasons, I'm going to delete my other blog and concentrate in my 4 main blogs. I've realized last night that this blog has a page rank. My browser has a page rank tracker here, a google extension, and it really helps a lot.
I found my url extra unique. I really want to.So sorry guys if I disturbed you. I'm talking about the relinking thing. All post from heard me right were imported to this blog. Even your comments were here. :)

I'm planning to buy some stuffs but I don't have money yet. T_T
Things I need:

Watch, I lost my guess watch, I really can't remember where I placed it. That's my favorite.
Domo bag, I saw one in Robinson Lipa, I hope it's still there the time I'll have money.
Converse shoes, there's one in the mall, and I really like it.
Perfume, just for my lust.
Umbrella, since it's rainy season already, I must have one.

Outlining Before Writing.

When you are preparing to give a talk or write a post, or composition, it is advisable to plan it in an outline. I building a house, you begin with the framework. Likewise, the first step in composition writing is making an outline. The process of outlining in preparation for composition writing in may be approached in following three ways. Building from small ideas, developing from a central idea, and using anticipate questions. If you have ideas in mind, list them down for parallels. Then, arrange them in sensible orders. Enrich your outline by associating some ideas with new ones. If you are thinking of broad or control ideas, break them down and the minor details of a paragraph. A third process is taking cues from anticipated questions.

Sample of an outline
Image from here.

You don't actually need to make an outline like this. For bloggers like us, we are too much concern of what we will post. So lets now think of something to write, considering this three ways.

Philippine History

I've always had a fondness for Philippine history. But the problem was, I have this short term memory loss, so after reading and reading, I can hardly remember what is it all about.

Before, we had this subject Philippine history or social science. They said that the best way to appreciate a country is to live in it and to learn about its culture, and that's what we did. Just for sharing, I've learned that 3 reasons made Philippines a unique nation.

Firstly, religion. Filipinos are predominantly Christian in the Asian region. Secondly, because of its political history. Philippines is the first Republic in Asia, being the first Asian nation to achieve independence by revolution and establish a Republic in 1898-1901.

And finally, Filipinos are unique for culturally assimilating four heritages, the indigenous Asian, European, Latin and American heritage.

If you'll ask about resources, we have fertile soil, a good tropical climate and rich natural resources like forest, energy resources, mines, fisheries and abundant plant and animal life.

Where did the name of the Philippines came from?
The name FILIPINAS was given uo our land in 1543 by an Spanish explorer Ruy Lopez de Villalobos. It is to honor Prince Felipe, the greatest king of Spain. As time passed by, the spanish Felipinas was later anglicized to Philippines in 1946. And it was so called Pearl of the Orient.

Here in our country has the smallest active volcano in the record, Taal Volcano, which is located here in our place, Batangas.

Taal Volcano
Image from here.

The famous volcano of the Philippines is used to be Mount Mayon, for its nearly perfect cone shape.

Mt. Mayon
Image from here.

The most expensive shell which is the Glory of the Sea and the world's largest pearl which is the Pearl of Allah were found here too. This isn't yet half of Philippines history and features, if you'll spare some time to explore and read, you'll realize how beautiful our country is.

But despite of that, we still fell in line with the third world country, we still suffer from economic crisis. It isn't progressing. The government isn't moving. They took too much time talking and arguing about rh bill and divorse bill. T.T How I wish I can do something for this. But I'm just me, my voice isn't loud enough.