Quick Update

Image/s from SPV.

I wasn't able to update my blog last night cause my mom called and everyone's so excited. It's like, she's in Hongkong or somewhere else outside the country. Haha. Yes we know she's not. I wanna say thank you for the one who listened to my story last last night.

By the way, I'm craving for sushi, kimchi, lasagna, mcfries and hot fudge sundae. :( I hope by next week I would be able to taste all of these. I don't like foods, I love them. But if you'll ask me how about cooking, I'm sorry but I'd rather answer the next question. Haha. I just love taste foods, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, and eat alot. :D

Because Mom's not in the house, I was forced to create dishes for my family. I don't have any photos. :( My mom brought the camera. :(

And another update, I only have 2 hours of internet in 1 week! GOSH! How will I survive!!!!

Where's Your Mom?

Everyone's asking me this question, repeatedly.

She's in Baguio, the summer capital of Philippines, she's there to attend a deaf-mute/hearing impaired seminar. I don't know if we'll survive until she come back. Hahaha. I just don't know how to cook, and I don't knnow what to do. :P Ok, enough for this nonsense post.

By the way, I just want you to know/meet, Domo's bestfriend, and now, a close friend of mine :D

Yeah, it's Danbo. Isn't he cute? :D


This was just nonsense. Haha. It's my bestfriend's evil plan/ I can't say no. I was blocked mailed. LOL. So here's 4 photos of me. I have a lot, but I decided not to post too much.

Topshop Dress (Black and White Stripe Long blouse), 3inches Black Parisian Booties
Topshop Dress (Blue Swirl Cocktail Dress), 3inches Black Rusty Lopez Heels
Topshop Dress (Black and White Floral Dress), 3inches Black Parisian Booties, Calvin Klein Smooth Duffle Bag

Lalala! And now, I don't know what to post next. :P I know I'm not pretty, so please enough telling me. :P And oh, I wanna be sexy. :(

ps. I want this!

I'm the BOSS!

Hey people! :D How are you doing, huh? I wanna update this blog everyday so this blog will have a sense. :P

I actually don't wanna tell you guys what happened to me this morning, this afternoon, blah blah, for nothing happened. :P My week will start tomorrow. :D I'll attend a graduation ceremony in the morning and I'll rush to the office of Civil Service in the afternoon. It's not happening yet, but I can feel the pressure already. Haha!

And look who got a new domain/url here. Yey! It's my hun Susan! "Hey hun, you think I'll never find the link huh! Haha! If you're a clever girl, well I'm the cleverest of us all! Haha!"

Here! See this screen shot? There's the link. :P (Sorry hun, I just need to tell them how I discovered your link. :P)



Haha! The second pic is just a joke! :P



So, yeah! I now proclaim myself as genuis! Haha! Hun, I hope you'll never get mad at me. :D This is just fun. :D I love you. :DPX

Contest for Fun!

I really want to own a domain. And if you want too, why not join this fun contest here. You just need less effort to follow the mechanics. :D

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The prize?
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Not used to.

Just got home from SM. I have to go their because I need a passport size photo of me for my Civil Service Examination on May 22. I am with Tita Ethel and her family. I have blogged about her before when we went in Bicol. Her son was from Germany, and he visited Philippines for 3 weeks. I didn't expect I'll join their dinner. We ate at Flavours of China. Ok, so, I'm not use of it, their son's in front of me, and I can't even move. It's my first time to eat with him. Lels!

I ordered this beef something. Ok. I don't know how they call this thing.

 By the way, their siomai is nice. Just like other siomai I bought on street sides, the difference is that, Flavour's are so expensive. I'll never try to eat here alone. Haha!

I know, you know this stuff. XP

Images from: Southbound

Flavours of China
SM City Batangas
Pallocan West Batangas City