Enchanted Kingdom

Hello there! Been busy here. Sorry. :D

Me and my bestie in front of Enchanted Kingdom, a theme park in the Philippines. It is located in Santa Rosa City, Laguna, about 29 kilometers (16.1 miles) from Manila. It has a land area of 17 hectares (41 acres). The park is managed and operated by Enchanted Kingdom Inc., formerly named Amtrust Leisure Corporation.
Enchanted Kingdom is a member of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. (source)

This next photo is called Anchor's Away. It will trully take your breath away. I can't really recover after the ride. Phew.

This extreme ride was close when we visited. Argst! That's disappointing!

Ferris Wheel! Who said it's just for kids?

Bunjee Fun.

Bump Cars. It's fun!

I don't know what they call this stuff.

I got this cute dog from a game in EK. Her name's ECKA.

Round fan which can be folded. And that will fit to that case.

EK's map.

So, that's for now. All I can say is, I really enjoyed the trip with my bestfriend. This isn't the last. I know. :D

Yet even I'm with her, I still have him here in my mind.
Enchanted Kingdom
San Lorenzo South,
Santa Rosa Philippines
Tel: 843-6074

February Fourteen

Hey how howdie, how are you guys? And how was your life going? I would like to know. :) By the way, how was your February 14? Mine was super okay. I had a lot of fun with my family. Fyi, I don't celebrate Valentines. We had a cool tour in Manila, but still, disappointed. Korean restaurant in MOA was closed. And noones selling Melona. It's our priority why we joined the tour. Maybe that Shindangdong Restaurant in Makati's the right one for us. [Please don't make us feel upset.] We watched the sea lions danced 2ne1's song in Manila Ocean Park and they're really charming. Sorry. I don't have photos of em.

I have tried this frozen yogurt and oh my! I want more! Pretty please. This is a self served yogurt. There are a lot of frozen yogurt flavors, i have chosen vanilla, so i can put a lot of toppings cause i have a plain base. It comes with raspberry syrup topped with white chocolates, gummy bears a piece of cherry and chocolate sprinkles.

Yum! I got there cute chocolate bar and cupcakes too.

And this spiral potato chips are awesome!

Our last destination was Mall of Asia. Again. But this was my first time to see cute hermit crabs with paintings on their shells. I have watched this before on television. THEY'RE LOVELY!

By the way, i got my very first Domo Kun item, a fury hat.

Our dinner was fine. Them we got curious with this halo halo from a Kapampangan's restaurant. It just taste like ice cream, but sweeter.

My sis got this but little notebook. I really love to travel. The only problem is, aint no money to support this whatever.

The ugly me with cute kawaii monster background. :D

Manila Ocean Park
Roxas Blvd. (behind Quirino Grand Stand), Ermita
Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Site of the Month

This is a very quick post. I just want you guys to vote me as the SOTM for the month of March. Mine was the last name. It's just a click away darlings. Thanks a lot.

PS. More articles about tours, soon. :D

PSS. I joined another contest :D But it isn't voting time yet, I'll update this if the voting thingy started. :D I love you all :D

Just Updating

Hi guys! Sorry for not updating my blog. I've been busy in my tumblr. I don't know if you'll understand, cause it's in Tagalog/Filipino. Btw, you wanna check it out? My Last Agony. Oh yeah! Thanks for my cousin for the subdomain .

I'll post something here after Valentines. We'll be having a tour and I have my family with me (except my brother). I know it will be fun! So now, we're so excited! Like "Whoa! Where's my clothes!? What will I wear!? Sandwiches! Potato Chips! Prepare the camera!" And whatever! Haha!

And by the way, I know I'll never win in that Pagbasa Contest because I had submitted my entry so late. (Sorry for the grammar. I really don't know if it's right. LOL!) But thanks a lot for those who voted!, especially SUSAN.
Thanks a lot for the effort hun! :D

Plus, I joined another contest again! :D Cause I wanna win this very kawaii plush sushi set.

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Help the Paranoid!

Hi guys! I just have joined a contest in Tumblr. And I wanna win that domain. My domain (ladymyx.info) will expire on Feb. 7, 2011. Please help me guys and vote for my entry.

It's all about making someone feel special. Since I don't have cash to buy him/her a special gift, I made this ugly thing for them. It's not pretty I know, but I have made this from the bottom of my heart.

It's my favorite monster, DOMO.

All you need to do is vote mine here http://pagbasa.com/poll/index.php and my entry is this

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Do you really think drinking alcoholic beverages will help you escape problems and depression? Nah, I don't think so. I have learned before, in our Bar Service Management Subject, that too much intake of alcohol can cause cancer of the kidney or worse, death . So, if you got a lot of problems, drinking isn't the solution. Why not face it or tell it to your friends instead of being alone in your house taking beers as your companions. That's why we do have friends to talk to. By the way, speaking of alcohols, do you know that their are only 6 types of alcoholic beverages?

(1)Wine usually has an alcohol content of between 10 and 15 percent, and is made by dignetation of grape juice. Here are the examples. Ops, some are just empty bottles. And under wines, we have (a)red, (b)white, (c)rose, (d)light red wine, (e)dry white wine, (f)dry rose wine and (g)full bodied red wine.  I didn't know if there's missing. Google it if you wanna know. Haha

The second one was (2)beer. It's so popular, that's why I don't have to post a photo just to illustrate.

The third one was (3)brandy. Brandy is a general term for distilled wine. Unless specified otherwise, brandy is made from grape wine. There are 3 different types of brandy, grape, pomace and fruit.

Fourth, the (4)spirits. And for the different types of spirit, we have vodka which are distilled from potatoes and filtered through charcoal. The other one is rum, and it is made from sugarcane by.products such as molasses and sugar cane juice. And under rum, we have dark and light. Another type of spirit is gin. It's a strong alcoholic beverage and it's ideal for mixing with many fruit juices and liqueurs to create cocktail drinks and its two types are Dutch and English gin. The forth type of spirit is tequila. And the last one was whisky. There are so many types of tequila and whisky. I know you'll get bored if I'll enumerate it.

I guess Korean Soju belongs to spirit because it's somehow comparable to vodka.

Fifth type of alcohol is (5)liqueurs and bitters. The picture below is Baileys Irish Cream and it is an Irish whiskey and cream based liqueur, made by Gilbeys of Ireland. It's so yummy! Even kids can try this, ofcourse with the guide of their parents.

And the last is (6)cocktail, which is a style of mixed drink.

By the way, this Mirin is a Japanese cooking wine or rice wine. I actually didn't know which type did this fall into.

Hey yah! Here's the set of my Dad's beverage collection!

I hope this post helps you gain information about alcohols. Cheers for me!

Ps. If you'll ask me if I have already tasted all these different kinds of alcoholic beverages, my answer's "YES!". We had our Bar Service Examination last year and, Sparkling White Wine is the BEST! Nomnomnom!