The Balikbayan Cravings: Rose and Grace Restaurant

After 10 long years, (nope, not me, I am still active with this blog despite the MIA I've had the couple of weeks) my high school classmate's family visited the Philippines again. She and her family moved to Australia when we were on our third year, and now, they're back for a month vacation! It's funny that the last time I saw them (I mean, the siblings of my classmate), they are still so young and little. And it's funny that the youngest can't recognize me anymore. Time flies!

Anyways, though still in Australia, Z already contacted me through Instagram that she wants to go somewhere. The first plan was to go to Boracay Island, but since that time was few months ahead, circumstances changed. So we ended up going to Laguna and Tagaytay.

We left at 7 in the morning and we stopped by this restaurant as per suggestion of our driver. Rose and Grace Restaurant is known for its Filipino dishes and delicacies. I do not remember if I've already tried them, but well, it doesn't matter now. Haha. My friends were so craving for Filipino food that even everyday, they will have Silogs and Bulalo. Well, I will feel the same way if I'll live abroad without any Filipino Restaurant at hand.

Here comes the Bulalo soup. It came from beef shank and bones broth with all other vegetables.

The way it taste, it is real authentic Pinoy bulalo. I don't but, it's always a habit of me to put lime juice on my bulalo soup. (It is a complement of Filipino breakfast dish when you eat out.) Yum!

I told myself that I will feed my camera lots of pictures because it's better to have more than to have few. But then, when I'm there, I can't do it! I hate that mentality. And that's why I do not have pictures of Tocino and Longanisa. *sad face here*

This is salted egg with tomatoes. They're made from duck eggs, soaked in salt and mud (a Chinese way of preserving). I actually like it for dinner, where I can put one of my feet on the chair and eat like a real Filipino.

And lastly, here's a Crispy Pata to complete the meal. You may wonder what that is. A dip fried pork that you dip on a vinegar-soy mixture. Thanks to my dental braces, I wasn't able to try it. *another sad face here*

We had coconuts for our drinks. It feels tropical. And yes, I love coconuts! I even finished GJ's coconut meat.

It was a delightful brunch we had. The portions are generous and the service was not fast, nor slow. They attended to our requests and accommodated us well enough. After eating, we directly headed to Republ1c Wakepark to do some sports. And in a separate post, I'll tell you mire about that.

So if you have some foreign friends to try Pinoy food (or Batangas food), I suggest eating at Rose and Grace. Just make sure that you'll come in a right time like what we did, otherwise you'll end up having a place which is fully packed.

That's it! I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing it! See you on my next post!

When Enough is Too Much

We are all imperfect human, living in an imperfect world. People tend to incline their paths to wrong doings, to say the wrong words, to hurt others feelings. It is normal. But, when is the time that enough becomes too much?

Anger leads us to do things or say things without us even thinking. Here's a list on how you can calm yourself down, and be able to think without retaliating to what others have done.

Take a deep breath and 'let it go'.
I once read an article that it can really help if you'll take time to breath, pray and say these magic words "let it go". It may sound funny but it's true that it works.

Cry, but then stop crying.
You can have an emotional breakdown whenever you feel so. But don't just sit there for once and cry the whole day. Cry to release the tension and then stop. Wash your face with fresh water and move on, so to speak. It is not that you will totally forget everything but you can move on to the next step without this burning feeling in your heart, because it simply is not healthy.

It is not as bad as you think.
Sometimes, we overthink, like this is the worst of the worst of what had happened. Well, it is not. It will only be worst if you hurt someone physically, or kill them.

Don't decide when you're mad.
People tend to think out of their shell when they're mad. You may say something that you might regret in the future. That's why breathing is the first thing to do. It will balance your feelings and put your thoughts to place.

Read a book, eat sweets or cuddle a teddy bear.
I learned that the best thing you can do is read. Read the bible and study it. It would be nice if you have the actual bible with you. You can read it aloud that you can use your other senses as touch, see and hear.

Yes, we can be hurt sometimes, as this bible verse says, “There is no man righteous in the earth that keeps doing good and does not sin.” (Ecclesiastes 7:20)

End of article.

PS. I have this blog post for several months already. It was just that I cannot find time to click the PUBLISH button. :P