Ilabyo Frozen Yogurt Batangas; The First and Only Frozen Yogurt Cafe in Town

Giving in to your sweet cravings without the guilt. True, yogurt has a lot of good promises and these you'll be sure that will never be broken. Having a troubled tummy? Have one serving and you'll have your movement regular again. (I think I sound more like an encyclopedia here. Hihi.)

Ilabyo Frozen Yogurt started operating on November last year. Since then, it became one of our favorite dessert station in the city. After a busy day, it is always a nice idea to stop by and have some good serving of their parfait or fruit shake.

So I am sharing with you the top parfait flavors that me and GJ like personally.

If you are a die hard fan of chocolate, Choco Devine is the perfect mix for you, with the combination of frozen yogurt, crushed Oreo, chocolate chip cookes, chocolate sprinkles, choco pretzels, chocolate wafer stick and chocolate syrup. Yes, it is a chocolate overload. Who said that you can't have it all?

Crunchy Yogurt Parfait

Looking for something light and fruity? Healthy Mix is the one to choose. It is with Frozen yogurt, cereals, kiwi, grapes, watermelon and with a cherry on top. And it is something you should try at Ilabyo.

Healhty Mix Yogurt Parfait

For the tangy and tasty opt, you can wish to have their Tropical Zest. The mixture of banana, ripe mango, pineapple, sauce and orange slice perfectly fits with the flavor of the frozen yogurt. This is definitely my favorite.

Tropical Zest Yogurt Parfait

And if you feel like you want to have something with flavor and texture altogether, you might want to pick Crunchy. It is with frozen yogurt, rice crisps, crushed and regular chocolate chip cookies, wafer and chocolate sauce. Still heavenly right?

Choco Devine Yogurt Parfait

We also love their smoothies. Fresh fruit perfectly blends with the yogurt and not overpowering. You can taste that there is a little sweetener in the smoothie, or nothing at all.

I also love taking plain ones from time to time, and yet, never fails me.

Frozen yogurt with strawberries

Now, they also offer dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack like chicken, pasta or fries. Though they have a small area, a group of ten will still fit comfortably, plus other individual customers.

Their prices start from Php55 (1.10USD) to Php99 (2USD) or depending on your toppings or add ons.

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Will you say yes to yogurt?

My Top 5 Picks from iFlix Philippines

Since I always spend the last hours of my night watching series on my tablet (*Well I made it a little bit more exaggerated just to caught your attention. LOL. Truth is, some times a week), I have seen lots of the series in this app while falling myself to sleep. No, I mean, before going to sleep. Some do it in form of reading, some by listening to music. Okay, okay, I lied, sometimes, I just find myself snoring in the middle of a shot. Hihi.

While writing this post, I was able to see an episode of the recent series that I'm watching, also, there were interesting blogs gals, and did a little hop just to kill the bore. (To confess, I really can't think of things to say here.)

Random Fact: I do not pay for my iFlix account, neither my family. The promo started few months ago when our internet provider (PLDT) offered free 1 year iflix if we will pay via debit card or ATM card. My sister was fortunately using one of the preferred banks of that provider so we were able to pay online. After the confirmation, it took 3 days process and we were good to go. At first, I downloaded iFlix and registered an account for myself for a 1 month free trial (just like what I did with Netflix). When my account was about to expire, there came the promotion. I grabbed it, and now, I am enjoying the provider's perks.

Okay, enough with the blahs, let's start with the real thing. Here's my top 5 picks of series from iFlix Philippines in random order.