Complete Your Dream House With These Cool Curtains and Blinds From Romanshadesale

If you are planning to build your dream house, how would you like the interior design to be? Will it be big or just enough for two, I assume you will need something to cover your glass windows to keep it private for your family. Can't decide if it'll be a curtain or blinds? Don't you worry. Here I found Romanshadesale to help ease that dilemma of yours.

What is Romanshadesale?
One of the most professional Roman shades retailer, having their own design group, research and development marketing and offering high quality products with the lowest price. Everything from the store is costumed made to best fit the size of your windows.

Mode of payment can be done through various ways, namely, Paypal (guarantees secure payment), credit card, Western Union, MoneyGram or even Google Checkout (payment system provided by Google for ease of payment). They also ship worldwide for free. Awesome!

Here are some of my top picks from their Roller Shades designs.

This Floral Tulip pattern will fit perfectly to Zen inspired houses with white or light internal paint and furniture.

Living in an urban area, I grew up living in my parent’s house made up of bamboo walls and sofa set. And this Beige Bamboo Shade will definitely be a hit to my parents once they see this. The intricate pile of flat bamboo cuts will add privacy to daily life.

They also do custom print on polyester fabric if you want your Roller Shades to be more personalized.

Want to know more about Romanshadesale, visit their website and get an instant US$5 upon registration. Shop now while they’re on sale!

Shopping Online: My First Experience

How many times do you go shopping? And how many instances did you had the luxury of sitting comfortably on your favorite couch at home while shopping?

Well, it's always recommended to be at the mall and check the items yourself before buying them, than to bet money on something and just pray that you'll not be scammed. But there are times that we get tired of roaming around the mall and find nothing. So then, we opt to look for them online. And that what just happened to me the past month.

The intro was a little off. Weird? Not really. Anyways, before this line slue round to nonsense, let me share with you guys my experience about the website, It is second of the most and top popular shopping site they widely use abroad as per Google. I was first hesitant to purchase anything from the website but then after asking GJ about it, he said that he too had transactions with them before. So without any doubt, I placed my order and paid instantly.

I found few interesting products from and they are not that common in my place. I think it is the perfect time to try them. This might be an odd post to see since these sites were found legit and so a long time ago already, but yeah, I still want to prove it myself.

Payment with Paypal made everything so easy. I personally like this mode of payment for their protection guarantee. Plus, I had the free postage for my two purchases. So cool! Both sellers were rated as top rated sellers of all time.

It's funny when I asked one of the sellers that I want to have this specific color for that item, they said that they send them randomly. Hah! That I find so funny. I requested them to ship the color that I like (as part of their customer service), and tried to appeal on my behalf, they granted my request. I was happy I talked to them, otherwise I will not get the one I like. (I'm giving it as a gift, I need to be specific!)

Purchased from China

It takes time. I need to wait for more than a month since the shipping time was claimed to last up to 15 business days (excluding weekends and holidays). There is already a built-in tracking page for your products. Screen shots show the shipment details of the products I bought.

Purchased from Malaysia

They are still on their way to the Philippines. On a separate blog post, I'll show you an unboxing of the items I purchased. doesn't limit their sellers to buy only in the Philippines. There are not that much seller there yet, I find. It is still a site to explore for Filipino sellers.

Have you tried buying at ebay? What kind of products did you had on your first purchase?