When Enough is Too Much

We are all imperfect human, living in an imperfect world. People tend to incline their paths to wrong doings, to say the wrong words, to hurt others feelings. It is normal. But, when is the time that enough becomes too much?

Anger leads us to do things or say things without us even thinking. Here's a list on how you can calm yourself down, and be able to think without retaliating to what others have done.

Take a deep breath and 'let it go'.
I once read an article that it can really help if you'll take time to breath, pray and say these magic words "let it go". It may sound funny but it's true that it works.

Cry, but then stop crying.
You can have an emotional breakdown whenever you feel so. But don't just sit there for once and cry the whole day. Cry to release the tension and then stop. Wash your face with fresh water and move on, so to speak. It is not that you will totally forget everything but you can move on to the next step without this burning feeling in your heart, because it simply is not healthy.

It is not as bad as you think.
Sometimes, we overthink, like this is the worst of the worst of what had happened. Well, it is not. It will only be worst if you hurt someone physically, or kill them.

Don't decide when you're mad.
People tend to think out of their shell when they're mad. You may say something that you might regret in the future. That's why breathing is the first thing to do. It will balance your feelings and put your thoughts to place.

Read a book, eat sweets or cuddle a teddy bear.
I learned that the best thing you can do is read. Read the bible and study it. It would be nice if you have the actual bible with you. You can read it aloud that you can use your other senses as touch, see and hear.

Yes, we can be hurt sometimes, as this bible verse says, “There is no man righteous in the earth that keeps doing good and does not sin.” (Ecclesiastes 7:20)

End of article.

PS. I have this blog post for several months already. It was just that I cannot find time to click the PUBLISH button. :P

Weekday Visit at Sea'S Spring Resort, Mabini Batangas

GJ's parents came for a visit. I think I have mentioned it before. Hihi. Sorry. But for this one, I would like to share with you guys what we had experience when we went for a vacation at Sea's Spring Resort in Mabini, Batangas. I remembered blogging about this since it started shaking yesterday due to a 5.4 magnitude earthquake within Batangas, the epicenter, Mabini.

Sea's Spring Resort is known for majestic view of the sea and its hot pool and sauna. Yes, it is actually, way different from what others said and described to us. Few weeks ago before the actual trip, we did some research and asked some friends where can be the best place to bring family for a vacation where they can do sight seeing, swimming, and relax, at least. Lot's of them told us about this place so we started looking in the internet. The information is pretty convincing.

We arrived at the resort on Wednesday afternoon and stayed there until Friday afternoon. Since check in time starts at 2 in the afternoon, we made sure to arrive there after lunch time. Booking was fast, good thing we pre-booked already through a friend the night before.

Hotel entrance

All in all, we needed to have three separate twin bedrooms for everyone. Two rooms were facing each other. The other one is on the second floor.

If you can see the white towel covering the window of the room in the right, that room belongs to one of my family. Glasses were placed in the wrong position and we can't do something about it. Blurred glasses were on top and the transparent ones were on the lower part, makes it easier from outside to peek on the guests who are inside the room. We reported it to the staff but it seemed like they will just get the hang of it or let it be. So, we let it be.

Twin Bedroom

The room was simple and okay. It is just that the table and the floor were sticky and dusty. There were balconies at the back of every room where you can have a perfect view of the blue water from afar. Sadly, the sliding door was dirty and poorly maintained. In our room, that door's lock was not working and was rusty too.


I did not had pictures of the room as a whole, including the toilet and shower area. It is just a typical room with a small chamber to do your rituals.

One of the major pool

Water from the pool was so cold while the covered natural hot spring and sea water pool was so warm. The latter is best for it has sodium that can help treat the aching muscles, as they claim. We were able to dip from both pools but we did not stayed that long in either. Instead, we walked a bit to reach their signature sauna room.

There was noone. Sauna was all ours. I cannot remember how long did we stayed there. It was not as warm as we expected, but we did enjoyed our time inside the room.

They also have indoor activities like Karaoke and Billiard halls, which in my case was the one I enjoyed the most. We had like four games in a row. We also preferred to just take some rest inside our rooms than using our time on other activities.

Food was good, but expensive. One order of a meat dish can serve three people with average eating habit. No single serving except steamed rice. They have two variations of cuisines, Filipino and Korean. Most of the guests were Korean, the owner is Korean too. Breakfast comes in buffet so we needed to go to the restaurant at eight in the morning to eat. It includes soup, toasted bread, rice, sausage, egg, noodles, fruits, but aside from that, nothing is special.

Menu book

We were surprised too when they handed us the menu books. They were very rusty, tattered and old. We cannot believe that they can't provide better materials for the things which are commonly needed. I hope that soon enough, the management will realize that they need to assert more effort and perpetuate the investments they've made for the resort.

It was not even a year since a strong typhoon passed the area. There were facilities without roofing and others were not even functioning. The view from our hotel room was amazing, but when you go up close, you'll see that the water in the beach is not something you'll risk your life for.

Wind coming from the beach was so strong, that we always need to keep ourselves covered with jacket, otherwise we will all get sick.

The stay we had was nice, we enjoyed our time together and we had a good rest-cation. The staffs were kind and accommodating. We never want to complain, but the cost of our stay was not even compensated with what we had. So if you are planning to go there, make sure that you've done a very good background check and not just look on internet reviews in the first page of your search engine.

You can visit the resort's website here:

Where are you planning to have your vacation this summer?