Burger Fabriek Express Amsterdam

Since I came back from Holland, I never stop thinking and planning of writing something about the food trips we had in that foreign land. It is always my line that the country is really the other part of the world. Yes, literally, the Philippines (which is in the south east) and the Netherlands (which is in the north west) are in about the half way of the world. Though six thousand miles away from each other, I still had figure out that the way I love fries from home is still the way I love it in the other side. It is just that, I have an additional reason to give in to it because it is the staple food of Dutch people.

Every time we go out driving, it is always be FRIES on my must-to-eat list. And because fries should come with something, most of the time, I have burger with it or frikandel (will talk in separate post).


It was late night of that day when we found ourselves in the street of Nieuwendijk in Amsterdam. I will always nag for a serving of fries. I don't mind if it is Belgian, French or Dutch fries but the Farmer's fries is definitely my favorite among all.

Wait, I should not be talking about fries here for the post is all about the Burger Fabriek. Anyways, it doesn't matter. Right?

How did we get into this burger shop in Amsterdam? We are actually looking for a store of bags for my cousin, and it took us hours before we finally found one. So after buying her Kipling sling bag for a cheaper price (everything is on sale when we were there), everyone felt tired and hungry.

There we found Burger Fabriek.

Hollandse Burger - Red Light Burger with fries and dips (ketchup and mayo)

I had the Red Light Burger for myself and it is a combination of grilled Blonde d'Aquitaine with red onion, Old Amsterdam cheese, pickle, lettuce and delicious grill sauce (at least that was what’s stated in the menu).

But how it taste like is just an ordinary burger, if my tastebuds serve me well. My boyfriend had their Amerikaanse Burger. It is with Black Angus burger patty with onion, pickle, tomato, lettuce, cheddar and BBQ sauce. And I like it.

Amerikaanse Burger

And as the picture justifies my verdict, you can see the cracks on the bun. I do not know if it is old or it is just dry. They serve the burgers with a skewer in the middle.

Danger Dog with Fries

My cousin, she conciously picked the Hotdog Sandwich because she simply thought that even it is named Danger, it will stay small as the sanwich she knows. Surprisingly, the hotdog itself is way longer than the bread. It comes with bacon, creamy cheese and crispy onion. This one, I also find good, but ofcourse, not for every time.

The fries was not as good as those I had in my first week in The Netherlands. But what I like the most about the fries there is that it always come with variety of dips and sauces. Sometimes, it is with peanut sauce, barbeque sauce, cheese, onion, mayo, mayo in garlic, salsa, mustard and a lot, not only ketchup.

I will recommend to try the Amerikaanse Burger. It has different flavors bursting in a bite.

When and where did you had your last burger bites?

Johanna's Grille, Batangas

It's been 9 months. Woah, time flies real quick. This time, we are celebrating our "monthsary" in Batangas, unlike the past months, when I went to Europe, we ate out somewhere with snow. It is just too bad that most of the time, it is my hard days within the month. Well actually, not most of the time, I mean, always (girls' problem).

I just finished the day with a friend doing ministering in the harbor. Then I walked half an hour to reach my destination. We already talked about where to dine before the special day came so we headed our way to try the most heard and promising Baby Back Ribs of Johanna's Grille.

We first had our drinks which is in a tower, good for roughly 7-8 persons. Then came the appetizers, both rolls.

Shrimp Rolls & Shanghai Rolls

For everyone's information, I was born and cursed to be friendly with shrimps and it includes of not touching them, otherwise I will experience difficulty in breathing and itches. (In short, I have shrimp allergy.) For that reason, I can't personally tell how good it is.

Medium size Baby Back Rib

Oh, I now remember, it is my second time tasting the ribs but it was my very first time eating it on the restaurant itself. Before, we had a meeting inside the office and it is what we had for lunch. I even gave some of the part of my rib to my brother to have him taste it. And it is really good. Too bad that I cannot eat the bone for I think, it is still so tasty until the marrow.

Oh yaz!

Johanna's Platter

The star among all of the food we had was their Platter. It comes with a serving of very small cut of fries (which we thought that the fries will be in large cuts as seen in the picture we found on the net), buttered corn, Hungarian Sausage and the baby back rib.

Sizzling Bulalo

Supposedly, we will have my sister's graduation celebration at Johanna's but we opt to have it at Yellow Cab for some 18" pizza. You can READ IT MORE HERE. :)

We did enjoyed the food (deserves a come back) and the place (before they turned the TV on). The place wasn't totally packed and there were still a lot of vacant seats, people just come, eat, and go. And because we had a very nice time chatting and laughing together, we spent four (4) long hours there. And, I like it.

Way to go Johanna! :D

Myx Travels; Tingloy, Batangas Part II

If you've been an avid reader of this blog of mine (well, that's impossible, I guess, LOL.), you have probably read the post I made about Tingloy, Batangas last year. (You can read my post here, in case you are interested.) I've been in Maricaban last time but now, we visited the other side of the island. My best friend has a friend living there and we got an accommodation for free.

GJF, Ninay & Myx

I can't remember if it was a quick trip or not but it was nearly an hour drive by boat from Mabini, Batangas until the island of Tingloy. This time, we only had two (2) days and two (2) nights stay.

At the pier of Tingloy, we still rode a tricycle that brought us to the place where there was a wide field of maize (or I actually do not know what is planted there, maybe, rice.).

An additional of one hour was added on our travel time. It was a scorching March sun that led us to the cottages.

Yes, it was super hot but the calmness of the place, the smooth splashes of the waves and the little tiny chirps of the things which chirp brought us to a paradise.

I was not upset this time. The place is nice and it is quiet. Also, it is our monthsary celebration and I have nothing to complain about, like everything's perfect (but yeah, nothing's perfect). It is just so nice to spend time with the one you love and you care about.

There is still a lot more to see, and a lot more to explore. The only thing lacking is the time for there is also a lot of things to do. I hope things will be better soon, things will be on their own perspective.

Aja girlash! Doie!

Finally, for the Three!

I was so happy when I saw that I reached my 400th post already, but as I open the dashboard of blogger, it took away the enthusiast I have for 5 percent of them are on draft. Hihi. Anyways, I have this post specially for my sister, and also, for an update of what is happening with my life the past few centuries, well, exaggerating aside, few days. :)

This morning was my sister's graduation day (mentioned earlier), and also, graduation day for my parents. Yes, no more tuition fees to pay every semester, no more books to buy, and no more baon to be asked from them. I can feel their relief.

The graduation proper started at eight (8) in the morning and we need to be at the university at seven (7). I can still remember when I attended my graduation, I arrived late at the venue (I had hard time doing my hair curled and also, my own make up). You can see how I look here -> CLICK. Oh, I was so skinny that time.

Back to my sister, here is the before photo of her.

Disclamer at the middle of the post: All images used in this post is owned by GJF / Sony DSC-RX100


I need to wake up as early as five (5), but I did went off the bed at quarter before six (6).

Since it is a day event, I think she doesn't need to have much of make up. I don't know if I overdo her eyes but I just love playing with it.


Sorry, I am not a pro MUA but I tried applying what I learned from watching videos from Youtube. :D

This is it!

After the ceremony, we headed directly to our favorite pizza hub, of course, Yellow Cab. Meals are always fun with the family. We had pizza, pasta, chips and soda (not even thinking of blogging about it, don't worry). Hehe.

And the last days, GJF and I are actively participating in our voluntary work as ship ministers.

So that's it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading. Doei.

For make up application, will there be a tip you want to share with me?

My First Flight Abroad

Philippines to Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi to Amsterdam

Everyone has story to tell. And mine took some months before I finally had the chance to post it. I am so busy with things at home and still struggling to find a new job other than doing the house choirs and so. Well anyways, I am happy that I can update my blog. :)

I am still thinking if I am going to make this post a legal version of the topic or not. Since I still don't have a Photoshop on my computer, I guess, my posts will always be on queue. *sigh* Also, I can't still figure out the letter from the computer my bf gave me. Though typing was not really my main concern, it is not easy to guess where the letters are, yet I want to train my self using the AZERTY keyboard.

Okay, let's not change topics. This is all about the flight. Sorry if I can't remember all of the details but I will try to make everything as realistic as possible. LOL.

As stated in my title, this is my very first flight abroad. I wasn't sure of the things I did but sure thing is everything is thrilling and exciting. If I am not mistaken, me and my cousin had a seven (7) or less hours of travel from the Philippines to Abu Dhabi. And from that, there's nothing much to say for we just stayed there for three short hours.