How to Write a Feasibility Study

For college level students, feasibility study is one of the toughest requirements before the graduation rights. This is sometimes mistaken as thesis or business plan but this one is different in many ways. I have experienced the same difficulty when I was in college and I know how depressing the subject was.

And today I am going to share how I came up with the feasibility study in a whole by giving you some points and tips to remember before you proceed on the most important matters. The time I did my study, there were my group mates too. But I can fully relate to you the pieces I did because I personally made this part by my own.

Lunch Date at The Scheveningse Pier

Hurray for another blog post! It feels like I always wanted to write something the past days because of you lovely readers! You all inspire me, and because of that, I want to share with you scrumptious dishes we had at the Scheveningse (district) Pier, The Netherlands. The same day that we went to the park of miniature Holland in the same district which is called Madurodam. I have a separate post for that but still on queue, expect it before the year ends. (I am serious. -.-)

Get To Know Me: 11 Facts!

Hallo! Welcome to my blog. And today, finally, I was able to find time to post a Q&A series here in my humble site.

Thanks to Augustin of for encouraging me to do so. Though not nominated (just discovered her page few weeks back), I am ecstatic to share with you my answer to her 11 questions.

To begin with, I just want to show you what makes me busy the past few weeks.

Cafe Saporo Batangas

It was the same day when we visited WiniMini Donuts and Snack Bar in Bauan and the day we had lunch at Cafe Saporo Batangas. A typical Friday morning, I had to do some of my errands and then headed to this cafe at the back of Reyes Hair Cutters along P. Zamora Street. My best friend Truce with our friend Ate Cam were waiting for me for perhaps at least half an hour already.