How to Get Schengen Visa in The Philippines Through The Netherlands Embassy

It was few months back already and I can still remember how nice and fresh it was back in Holland. The breeze of the wind that touched my face while we walk from city to city just to find myself a pair of shoe, the aroma of the bark of the trees that smells indescribable as we walk through the forest in some time past afternoon and the small chats we do while drinking coffee on the sidewalks of the main streets. I so miss those things. Hopefully, I will be able to save and go back to the Netherlands again next year.

But before any of those came into reality, we first need to pass an application to get a Shengen Visa and it was my VERY FIRST TIME LEAVING THE COUNTRY. Believe me, I experienced having heart attacks getting mine and not only that, though I received my Visa already, it is just the beginning of my brain wrecking experience on the way to Europe. XD

So today, this post is to share with you on how I got my Schengen Visa approved through The Netherlands Embassy. Do not worry guys, if you have read everything and prepared everything, everything will just be a snap of a finger.

Before proceeding to anything, make sure to have your PASSPORT available.

Then, you need to know what type of visa are you gonna get. In my case, I opted for the one of "Visiting Family/Friend". Since my boyfriend lives there (meaning, Holland is my main destination), and I am invited to his brother's wedding, I find that this kind of visa fits my status the most. If you do not know which type will you get, visit VFS GLOBAL NETHERLANDS and read, read and read. VFS is the only way on how you can book your application to the Netherlands Embassy and they are very helpful too. I used to call them before my interview appointment and they did well helping me with my matter.

In the site, it is stated there all the required documents you need to prepare.
From my end,

  1. I have my Passport (plus some photocopies) and
  2. I also provided a copy of my PSA (formerly known as NSO) Birth Certificate,
  3. some ID pictures (required size included in the VFS website).

And since it was an invitation and sponsored travel, my boyfriend who generously is my sponsor provided other papers needed for the visa. Here are the list of them;

  1. Invitation Letter (if you want to see the one we used, you can ask at the comment section and leave your e-mail so I can show it to you)
  2. Passport Copy
  3. Financial Status (3 months latest salary slips)
  4. Dutch Travel Insurance (which can make your application have higher chance to be approved)
  5. Flight Ticket Reservation
  6. Wedding Invitation Card
  7. Proof of Sponsorship Certificate signed of the Mayor (if you want to see the one we used, you can ask at the comment section and leave your e-mail so I can show it to you)

The above documents were shipped from The Netherlands to the Philippines. (Those legally signed papers were the original.)

So, that's pretty much of the papers we prepared. And when we knew that we completed the printed ones, it is time to pay for the fee.

I paid my visa fee of Php3970 at Unionbank in our area. There was a form from the bank to be filled up and they also need a copy of your passport.

After a day, we had our schedule appointment at The Netherlands Embassy in Makati. We went to the embassy with the documents at hand (inside a long plastic clear envelope), had the interview, and left. The interview was pretty quick than waiting for our turn to talk to the consul.

Here are the questions thrown to me (most, if not all).

  1. Where are you going?
  2. What are you going to do there?
  3. Who invited you?
  4. How did you met?
  5. How long have you been together?
  6. How long are you going to stay there?
  7. Why will you take so much time there?

I answered the consul (who came to be a Filipina) tenderheartedly with a smile in my face. She told me that the visa will be processed in Malaysia so she doesn't know if I'll be approved or not.

The last thing we need to do was to wait for the passport. It took more or less 15 working days (except the holidays and weekends) in total.

We do not prepared any itinerary for the trip. It was a two month stay, so what are we going to put on the itinerary? I think, it is applicable only to those who will spend less than a month. I don't know. Also, I am not alone in the trip. I have my cousin with me which I badly need as a chaperone for the whole two months.

One of the factor that helped us was prayer, constant, constant prayer.

And if you think I miss something here, don't hesitate to leave a comment and ask me away. I will try to answer you the best possible way I can. Thank you!


  1. hi lady_myx, thanks for sharing this; and thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  2. Good that you were approved! I'd love to go to Netherlands one day. I guess it helped a lot that you were invited and that you had a sponsor. Probably harder for people like me who don't know anyone there? HAHA. But still, it's worth trying if willing. :)

  3. thanks for this Ms. Myx, this help me this while i'm preparing to get US visa. I'm hoping it will be successful like yours! thanks for sharing!


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