Breakfast Be Like; IHOP Restaurant Taguig

Known for its fluffy pancake, International House of Pancake which is also called IHOP Restaurant is always an exciting place to visit in Manila. It is just too bad that they are limited to those people living near the vicinity because they do not have lots of branches yet. Well, that's something we can look forward to.

New York Cheesecake Pancakes

Breakfast or not, you'll surely love to have some of their pancakes! It was a Friday morning when we visited, we haven't even washed our faces or so. Place was packed, and there were still lots of hungry tummy falling in line to  be seated. After couple of minutes, finally, there were available chairs for us. Yes!

First off, coffee. Since I hardly drink coffee, you'll know that this is not for me. Yeps, it was GJ's. He did enjoyed the coffee, he loves coffee and never complains. *LOL*

Swiss Mocha

Belgian waffles and chicken strips also come perfect together. Well, at least that's what I know. :) And so, the other yummy goodies followed.

Chicken and Waffles

Split Decision Breakfast

Breakfast Sampler

Fries and Cheese Burger

Enough with the talking. Let's just all dig in!

We never regretted falling in line in front of the store for half an hour. It was always all worth it. For the love of pancake, I can always wait. :D

How to Write a Feasibility Study

For college level students, feasibility study is one of the toughest requirements before the graduation rights. This is sometimes mistaken as thesis or business plan but this one is different in many ways. I have experienced the same difficulty when I was in college and I know how depressing the subject was.

And today I am going to share how I came up with the feasibility study in a whole by giving you some points and tips to remember before you proceed on the most important matters. The time I did my study, there were my group mates too. But I can fully relate to you the pieces I did because I personally made this part by my own.

Lunch Date at The Scheveningse Pier

Hurray for another blog post! It feels like I always wanted to write something the past days because of you lovely readers! You all inspire me, and because of that, I want to share with you scrumptious dishes we had at the Scheveningse (district) Pier, The Netherlands. The same day that we went to the park of miniature Holland in the same district which is called Madurodam. I have a separate post for that but still on queue, expect it before the year ends. (I am serious. -.-)

Get To Know Me: 11 Facts!

Hallo! Welcome to my blog. And today, finally, I was able to find time to post a Q&A series here in my humble site.

Thanks to Augustin of for encouraging me to do so. Though not nominated (just discovered her page few weeks back), I am ecstatic to share with you my answer to her 11 questions.

To begin with, I just want to show you what makes me busy the past few weeks.

Cafe Saporo Batangas

It was the same day when we visited WiniMini Donuts and Snack Bar in Bauan and the day we had lunch at Cafe Saporo Batangas. A typical Friday morning, I had to do some of my errands and then headed to this cafe at the back of Reyes Hair Cutters along P. Zamora Street. My best friend Truce with our friend Ate Cam were waiting for me for perhaps at least half an hour already.

WiniMini Donuts and Snack Bar, Bauan Batangas

Cafes just popped out like mushrooms. Was it a good thing? Yes! So people got lots of choices! And for people like me who loves visiting and pigging out on newly opened hubs, they are also opening opportunity for us to write something on our blogs. I think that's a plus!

Disneyland Park Paris: The Happiest Place on Earth

The first time I visited a theme park was when I was six years old, together with my brother and my Mom (the park was as young as me back then). There were rides, fascinating views, games and a whole lot more. I can still remember how fun was it. Really.

How To Get To Boracay From Manila

Boracay is one of the must-see places in the Philippines. There you can see one of the white sand beaches in the country. And to get there, you have two options.

1. By Air
2. By Sea

But today, I am going to share with you how we get there via plane. We've been to Boracay last September together with some delegates from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. For us living in Southern Tagalog part of the Philippines, it is way better to take the plane and fly to Caticlan. Though boats have direct trip from where we live (Batangas), it will take like a day of travel (12 long hours) and that is a waste of time. Why? For the fare will be the same if you sum everything up.

Me and my company booked through AirAsia knowing that it is the cheapest flight from Manila that we can find. The plane dropped us at Kalibo Airport (not the nearest airport) after a 45-minute flight. It was the fastest flight of my life. And it was also the worst because of the non-stop bump in the air. But that's okay. It is really part of the trip.

From Kalibo Airport, we rode on a van and traveled for another 2 to 3 hours in the road to reach Caticlan Jetty Port. The ride was smooth, had some local passengers to drive with us as well. In that trip, you just need to sit back, relax and enjoy the long hour drive. Don't worry, all of the waiting will be worth it in the end.

In the port, you'll finally ride a boat that will take you to Boracay Island itself. It was a quick trip (approximately 10-20 minutes) with splashing water on the sides (unless you are covered with the boat's plastic window).

Now, you're in Boracay! You can choose whether you'll ride a tricycle or you'll take a walk. Take a walk if the weather is nice, if you don't have lots of stuff with you and if you don't have me as a companion. Haha. You can reach even from Station 3 to Station 1 with your bare feet.

Plane Ticket = Php150++
Van from the Airport to Caticlan = Php200/head
Environmental Fee = Php75
Terminal Fee = Php100
Boat Fee = Php25
Tricycle Fee = Php10/head

So that's it. I hope that this post is helpful. Until our next trip!

Jam Boracay; Not Your Ordinary Coconut Jam

Hola amigos y amigas! Well, so sorry for being MIA (missing in action) the past month. September was simply a blast, a life-changing and awesome month. Yeps, and I hope I will also be able to blog about it.

As I've said, September was a blast. Me, GJ and friends went to Boracay for a week and had totally refined and nourished spiritually. But I'm gonna cut it there, for this post is reserved for a review.

If you've been to Kalibo International Airport, you're probably familiar of this Korean Store inside the souvenir building right in front of the Airport.

Yes, outside (which is still inside of the building) is a Korean Restaurant

We stayed here for like half an hour. That's because we are punctual though we know that our flight will be delayed again, like the first one.

See those Korean characters? Okay.

GJ and I found this interesting product out of curiosity. It was always played in the TVC (that's in the store) how good the jam is. It shows how the store is always packed jam. I mean, packed jam. Well, I guess you get me, right? :D


A year back, I found myself having good times with friends in this cafe. And today, me and my boyfriend always want to keep on coming back simply because we are truly satisfied with their foods. Please read my previous blog post about Hebrews Cafe here.

So, our first dish is this Penne Pasta with sausage, which I think is Hungarian. It is a bit spicy to the taste that gave the dish extra delight to those who are munching. A pretty just serving for a very affordable price.

Sausage Penne Pasta

The next one is our personal favorite. There will never be a visit without these bad boys. Perfectly cooked with the best garlic dressing I've had ever. Yum! GJF's fave too!

Hugot Cafe, Batangas

After work, my best friend and I went to this cafe without even dilly dallying just because it's been years since we had our time together. And besides, on the 24th, it will be our 16th year anniversary of being best of friends. Though there's a lot of things happening around us, me having my own life + love life and the life of her own, we still manage to catch up every time.

Just few hours drive from her student, we dropped by this cafe, featured in media some time ago already. And for us to see what they got, we never thought twice.

Well, it's my third day straight eating on a cafe this week. Phew!

Came at 6 in the evening

It was suppose to be a dinner, but they don't have that much to offer.


So my best friend and I just had their Corn Dogs and French Fries.

It comes in 3, 6 and 9 pieces.

Cheese Dog with Ketchup Dip

Front door at the right

And alsom we had some of their shakes of course.

Vanilla Milk Shake
Coffee Crumble Shake

Ice cream on shakes are the best, and that's the reason why I like these shakes so much. Without the ice cream, I don't know if there's something special about them, I'm afraid.

Best friend

It was nice having some chitchat with friends but then it is not the best cafe in town. You can try but I'll not visit that often. But if you're a fan of dramatic instagram posts, I think you can try them. :) I've heard that their waffles come with ice cream too. That must be good. :)

Eethuis Lemmer, Netherlands

One of the things I love about The Netherlands is that they have varieties of yummy-oh-so-good meals to offer. I have mentioned their National snack Herring and their famous Dutch Apple Pie in my previous post and still, there were a lot of Dutch treats I want to share.

So for today, here's one of the irresistible meals I had, not once but more than that. The first time was when we decided to watch a movie at home. It was a lazy day and noone seems to like to cook for the night. And it was never a bad decision. Ma had some time to rest and watch some episodes of The Mentalist, and also, had so much time with Pa.

The other time is when I decided to take pictures. Again, it was a movie date at home and I love it!

Menu Card
Just random picture of their candle light, just because.

I can't remember if this is the small ones or the big ones. Either, they're just so good that even you're full already, you don't want to stop eating.

They have sauces to accompany the meal, too bad that I was distracted so I wasn't able to take pictures of them.


Kapsalon is the Dutch word for hairdresser. They first called the food that way when a hairdresser from the neighboring barbershop always order Shoarma with cheese on it (for it usually do not come with cheese). And I am so happy it was invented!

 Shoarma or kebab, potato fries, salad and melted cheese

Two thumbs up for them! I can't say more!

Picture outside the restaurant

The picture above was the building outside the restaurant. It is a small museum of . . . wait, I don't know. But it says there that it is a museum. Hihi

Have you tried Shoarma with fries and veggies?

It's Been a YEAR!

Hi guys! I hope you've been good.

For everyone's information, me and my boyfriend just celebrated our first year anniversary. And I can't think of something to give to him. Then I realized of giving my time and effort. Why not? Right?

I worked on my gift for almost a week of sleepless nights, and I am pretty happy with the result.

Too see it, please watch the video below.


Things I Would Like To Do Before The Busy Months

Since I'll be busy the next months, I am considering revamping my page. I only had this layie for months after the Europe trip but it seems like it is not the one for me. Neat, minimal, that's what I like about it, but for sure, there's still something I would like to explore.

Few of the themes I used before were kept in my treasure box which was buried 18 feet below the grown. Simply means, I don't have them anymore! LOL.

So, I am thinking of the right theme for the right aura, and the right color for the right style that I'll be using. Phew! That sounds difficult ha.

And also, I am thinking of making a channel on Youtube that will bring about my travel diaries. Simply, video blog. Though I don't have a nice gadget with me yet, I guess my phone will still serve me well. I do own an HTC One m8 and I find that it has a pretty awesome camera. (On my other tab, I am playing songs on hit this month, but not my types actually, oh no, why am I being so difficult on things now?) But I got a problem which I thought just now. I DON'T HAVE AN EDITING SOFTWARE. My bad.

Next next month, I will be in Boracay to study. Yeps, I'll be there for a week. And I'm excited!

So I think I will start creating my theme na. See you guys again next time! I hope with an interesting post of maybe, with a no nonsense article. Doie!

Making Online Job A Living

Many of the people I know make online job as their living. Yes, just simply staying at home and facing their gadgets give them money in which they do not need to go to the office and so because the money they earn, it suffice.

Last year, I submitted my resignation from my very first job and now, I don't have a stable money generating job. I use to bake loaves, mentioned on my previous posts, and create arts and crafts. But that wasn't good enough to sustain my needs. Also, I have advertisements on my blog but the incoming pay is very slow (like years!).

Before, I was an avid fan of Bubblews (you may heard of it) which pays wonky percent of what you actually earn. It is somehow like Hubpages. I haven't tried this one. It is the same they say. So, there;s this Filipina woman whom I talked to, asking if she can relay to me some information about the site.

So after being fed up, I decided to start being a tutor teacher to children. I passed a resume this afternoon, hired and expected to work on Monday immediately. And since I haven't signed any contract yet, I am still thinking of grabbing it or not. I know some people who do private tutorial and earn Php3K a month from one student. In the company I applied (which I will not name drop), they offered me Php800-Php850 per student, and that's for a month salary. Yes, I will learn to handle children (don't have any experience yet) but that will be tiring, I assume. I was told that the working hours will be from 2pm to 6pm and that will be everyday. Just imagine how tiring it will be if I will have 3 students.Will I not be skeptical? I think I have the right to be one.

On the first week of September, I will be away to attend a five-day school in Boracay. And I am thinking that it'll be a conflict with the company. I keep on praying to have a rightfully inclined mind and heart, in which will tell me whether to take it or not.

Last week, I was informed that there's someone looking for a teacher and I was so happy hearing that they just live near the vicinity. But circumstances changed to what I didn't hoped for.

It is difficult and stressful this situation for me. There's a lot of things to consider.

If you know something that can help me online, please let me know, leave in the comment box and don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you very much! xxx

MajFags is Back on Track!

Hallo allemal! I hope you are all doing well, just like me! (Except from the fact that I am suffering from muscle pain and mouth sore. Oh yeah, that's what you get when you started working out after years of not doing so, and I also had my brace's adjustment just few hours ago.)

So to continue with all that matters, I started reopening this business again. I already did opened so many, just seems nothing works out as time pass. Urgh, I hate myself from doing so, I mean, pausing things out. Grr.

Anyways, I'm creating tags, and also fridge magnets using foam.

These are orders I got the past weeks. I hope other's will have time to consider ordering some. They said that my products are cool, and useful. I hope so. Hihi.

Also, I am considering selling them nationwide, if in case anyone is interested.

So, if you are, please don't hesitate to drop a comment or reach me through Instagram -> @ladymyx.

Have a great day everyone!

Herring: Dutch Raw Fish Fillet

You're missing the culture if you haven't tried the Dutch National Snack which is the raw fish with onions, or sometimes comes with pickles.

Ofcourse, I shouldn't be so scared of trying one. That is included in the food list I wrote to try in The Netherlands. :)

According to Wikipedia, Herring a fish soaked in a preserving mixture of liquid, like vinegar pickle, cider, wine, tea, sugar and herbs and eaten with onion, using your hand. But what I did is I had it in pieces and ate it with a tooth pick though the traditional way of splurging into it is holding the tail and just put it inside your mouth. But there's no other tradition or specific steps to consume such snack.

If you can't take it (well, I did, so I think you can too!), they also have the fried fish (first soaked in batter, then dip fried) called Kibbeling with mayonnaise. I suppose that stalls selling this kind of food is available whole year round. They are everywhere for tourist to try and locals to be satisfied.

Walking around Almere Stad, one of the largest city in the Netherlands

Some find it gross, some, they enjoy it. But for me, it is enough to have a one time try of it. Second time is not necessary. :P

Hotel & Restaurant Jans, Rijs Netherlands

Why do most people travel? For leisure, entertainment, food, and a whole lot more!

Me, personally, I am not a huge fan of travelling but when it comes to food, I'm an impulsive craver. Yum! Who wouldn't love to eat? Everyone loves to eat! :D

And since it is still cold-warm-cold temperature in the Netherlands, why not visit this famous restaurant located at Rijs and take the mix of dishes that suits your cravings.


A mushroom soup is a good start. So me and my boyfriend shared a serving of this yummy soup together with compliments of breads and variety of butter spreads. The mushroom soup was the soupe du jour (soup of the day).

Breads and butters (Jalapeno & Italian seasoned butter)

Their soup is just so gooood! But you should not focus only to their soup. They serve the best apple pie crumble in town. And if you haven't tried their apple pie while you're just around the corner, well, you're missing half of your life. (JOKE!)

Apple pie slice with whipped cream
That is just so good!

We also had coffee and warm chocolate milk with whipped cream. ^_^ Too bad that I wasn't even able to take pictures of the place. There are people eating (young ones and old ones).

I already tried making Dutch Apple Pie, but mine is not as soft and tasty as theirs. I know, I am still missing something. Perhaps, it can be good to include this in my menu. We will see. :)

Have you tried Dutch Apple Pie?

T' Sluisje in Schoterzijl, Netherlands

Can't remember the exact date we had visited the place, but the happy memories and the joy of our taste buds are still very clear to me. Since winter isn't ending yet, it is recommendable to visit places like this. The food they serve will really make you take your coats off.

Menu in Dutch language

The place is packed, and because we arrived early, we were able to have a nice place to seat and indulge our food. First, beverage was served. I got my self a beer,Radler beer (I do not usually drink, but because this is a dinner of steak, I decided to have one). The beer itself is just a 2.5% alcohol content.

My choice of beer

Because there were a lot of people, I wasn't able to take pictures of the restaurant. I only had a chance to have a snap on this wall decoration just beside our table.

There's a chicken on the foot of the fox.

There are a lot more to see. If you are into hunting, then you'll appreciate them even more, deer, birds, etc.

Karbonade met spek en ui

For the main entree, I had myself a chopped steak with bacon and onion. Vegetables came in the side too. We also had potato fries, potato wedges, some sort of salad, different kind of sauce, and ice cream for dessert. But the pictures weren't produced in soft and hard copy, but remained in the memory.

I miss you!

The food and the service is really awesome. So in case you'll be able to stop by The Netherlands, I recommend you to visit the place. Just be there before five in the afternoon so you'll have nice seats inside the restaurant.

This is what I like about Dutch dishes, they never fail me. It is always very tasty, healthy and satisfying. Yum!

Where was your favorite steak hub?