Tea Station at Alangilan, Batangas City (CLOSED)

Though I'm in cafe hopping the past weeks, I will never forget the first love of my life, milk tea!

This one I found on Instagram was a newly opened milk tea hub located right in the heart of Alangilan Batangas proper. Located within the vicinity were universities and training centers, which made it a perfect tambayan for students.

Small holes in the wall.

I went there three (3) weeks later after its opening and I guess a lot raped the place already. Notes and notes and notes were everywhere, indicating that a lot of people have visited the place right before I have stepped my foot in its fully furnished store.

Game cards were available too!

Myx Travels; Tingloy, Batangas

Hola amigos/amigas! This is a very late post since it blasted a year ago. LOL.

Where did you spend your Holidays? Since we I have two weeks off, I've decided not to waste any time but enjoy every single minute of it. Coincidentally, bestfriend invited me to join her adventure in one of her favorite vacation spot in Batangas. The fact is, I am not an adventurer, I just travel in my heart's content and that's it.

So here's the highlight of my four (4) days adventure. ^_^

Our first day (December 30, 2014) started late in the morning. We (best friend and a common friend), met by 10 and departed from Batangas proper just before lunch time. It was an hour or so travel until we reach the port (just a small port) in Anilao, Mabini Batangas. In case you're familiar with the place, yes, it is one of the best spots to dive in.

The boats (yes, all of 'em) departed already so we've waited until there's a single one who'll let us in. But before anything else, we had our lunch on spot.

What my hometown is known for; Lomi

After lunch, we headed north and patiently waited so we could leave. Guess what, it was almost three (3) in the afternoon when one of the boats let us in. Phew! Finally, I said. (I nagged my bestfriend that time asking if we could just go back home and cancel the trip. LOL.)

Trying to strike a Johnny Bravo pose.

I never thought that it will be that hard to catch a ride.

Featured: Lotus Biscoff Biscuits

Hola guys! As promised (though I didn't), I am trying my very best to be an active blogger, hopefully, I could break my 2012 blog record of 111 posts.

Yesterday after office work, I found myself siting inside the mall, waiting for my best friend. I accompanied her on buying stuffs her friend will bring to Korea on Saturday. Time flies too fast that he is going to leave so soon. Another post about my experience with them will be posted here, maybe on Saturday or next week.

So today's post was about some kind of cookies I found yesterday inside the international section of Citimart inside Bay City Mall Batangas. But before we proceed, in case you missed, here's my post about Trader Joe's Cookie Butter before, talking about how not-peculiar the product was. (But it tastes good, really.)

They said that Lotus Biscoff Cookie Butter was way better than Trader Joe's, but then, what's my say, I haven't tried the other one.

Jovita Cafe, Batangas City

It's vacation time! Yey for me and for other bloggers who have vacays out there too! This is the time of the year we've all been waiting for. Not only because it's siesta time, it is bonus time too! Ayt?

And since people do have lots of mollah, they're almost everywhere! Except for a girl named Myx. Haha.

Anyways, I've been in cafe hopping the past weeks and I think this one's my favorite so far. I've tried that one located at Caedo Commercial Center in Bolbok and I will go back there not because of their coffees or frappe but because of their Clubhouse sandwich. Jovita Cafe opened two weeks back (not sure though) and been seeing their tarp on streets since last month.

So finally, after a week or two, I then stepped on its flourished place with my sister and best friend and tried out what goodies they could offer.