Beans and Cream Coffee Shop and Restaurant (CLOSED)

When I'm in the mood to blog, I always find time to write. So now that I am ecstatic about sharing one of my food trips last week, I will take my chances.

I've been trying out recently opened cafes here in Batangas City and my main purpose is to write verdicts on their food for my blog. (T'was 8 months ago when I had the chance to eat out. Geeh! That was so long ago.)

Anyways, here's Beans and Cream Coffee Shop and Restaurant (as stated in my title, like obviously) which opened few months ago. It is situated at Caedo Commercial Center (previous location on Index Salon), beside Jollibee.

Since I love breakfast so much, I could even have pancake, and fried egg with fried everything almost every day, three times a day, my fingers never had any confusions on pointing out those smexy Belgian waffles off their menu. They served my orders after 8 minutes or more.

Belgian Waffle (Php60) and Matcha Frappe or Green Tea (Php90)

Myx is on breakfast mode! A sudden jot wes felt when I saw the word MATCHA on their non-espresso list, shouting on my head that I really need to have a shot of that beverage.

Wanna have a bite?

No, I am never on a diet, it was just I wanted to try their waffle, and yes, it was just what I wanted to have for afternoon snack, sweet and tasty serving of Belgian waffles.

Late Post: Brother's Wedding

I should be preparing for my report about Waste Management now, but instead, I am blogging. I've been so busy with a lot of things the previous months, that's why I don't have time to write. Though I have ample photos and stories to tell, I remain silent. But then now, I'm breaking the ice with some on the things happened to me the last months.

Well, October was my brother's wedding day. Everyone got busy and broke. (LOLjk!)

So here's brother walking down the aisle on his special day. (Ops. I think my watermark ate the whole space. Hihi)

Why it made me so busy? I was the one who did the make ups of the bridesmaid (including myself) and Mom. I am no professional make up artist, I just watched how Michelle Phan stroked her brushes on her cheeks and vioala! We didn't paid for our HMU. Cool I know!

Blog More!

I should be blogging more!

I just made up my mind that I should post even once a month to keep this blog alive. I've given a lot to this and I can't let it be junked out of cyber space. So yeah, see you soon bloggers! :D

Company's Anniversary Ball

A night full of dazzling lights and some semi-romantic rhythm blew the ball room, everyone’s on their best dress and tie. This is just one of the scenes on our company’s 20th Year Anniversary celebration last Sunday at one of the most promising function halls in our vicinity.

It was indeed a spectacular night for each and everyone, a night to be cherished and remembered forever.

This isn’t my first time attending such party or ball. But every time I had a chance, it trills me to bits. It is not that easy picking and pointing out shoes to wear, gown to dress up and make up to put on. Though everyone did cram on those parts, you can see to it that they really showed their best that night.

I was just an employee with some words to spill and guts to show, but then I was shocked knowing that I was given an award called TOP (Target-Oriented Performance) Award by our HR Officer and the Top Management. It was stated there that I am an employee who handle large workload effectively, especially in multi-media and designs, on a timely manner. I did not expect such actually. But hey, thanks anyways! ^_^

Feature: Rubber Loom Bracelets

Hello everyone! I do appreciate the comments you left on my previous post. Thanks again! I wish I could write my replies here so you could see, but if ever you're still interested, you can visit my previous posts.

Anyways, I have just shown my baked goodies and I guess I need to pause for a while. Breaking the ice, sister bought a loom band kit and she's now enjoying making loom bracelets. I think she's selling these bracelets to her classmates but I don't actually see anything special about them, they're just made of colorful rubber bands (preferable smaller than sanrio bands which I use to tie on my hair) using a hook and a board.

To my curiosity, I tried making one. I never thought that it really took too much time but the step is just the same thing that repeats over and over again. They're just knotted bands but I enjoyed making them. ^_^ It is not the product that counts for me, but it is the process.

What do you think about my color combination? My sister has a limited selection of colors but I think I grabbed the best ones. Hihi. It is called "Triple Fish Tail".

Loom kits and bands are available at Toy R Us or Toy Kingdom stores. You can also check for store locations.

Have you tried making loom bracelets? ;)

What Makes Me Busy After Office Works?

Dad and Mom's 27th Wedding Anniversary is fast approaching. I only have a day left to prepare (or perhaps not to prepare at all). Because of our very busy schedule, I don't think we'll be able to prepare something for them tomorrow night, I still hope though.

I haven't visited my recent favorite one-stop baking shop here in Batangas this days yet, but I am very ecstatic to show you the liners I bought from them few weeks ago.

Homemade Treats To Beat Summer Heat!

I am browsing my blogger friends’ blogs when I thought of writing something tonight before I finally hit the sack. Though I can really feel how my eyes drop like a dynamite, I wanted to finish what I started.

I am no bookworm and I don't have bucks to treat myself or my friend a ticket to the cinema. Oh, I forgot, we don't have tickets in here now, blame Tap to Pay swiping system. Most of my family members just stayed at home this Holy Week. And it is really hot nowadays and all we just need today is a cup of cold water or anything that freezes.

Good thing Mom found some taro crops at the backyard and cooked and grated them. Since she just consumed 3/4 part of it from making Ube-Halaya, she asked me to make homemade ice cream for the family. I never tried to negate her command. ^_^

Apologizing if I couldn't share that ice cream recipe here, it's a family recipe. Thanks!

Just showing you guys how messy I work in our kitchen when I enjoy the thing I do.

Dae Jang Gum Restaurant at Lipa City, Batangas

Hi everyone! It's been two years since I ate in a Korean Restaurant here in Batangas (you can visit my very first post about Brothers&Sisters Korean Restaurant here). Though I visit other places for  Korean dishes like 비빔밥 (bibimbap/mixed rice), still, nothing beats the authentic taste of their spicy dishes with countless side dishes.

Brother and her girlfriend brought us to this not-so-old-not-so-new establishment in Lipa, Batangas with the name of Dae Jang Gum Restaurant. If this name sounds familiar to you, then yes, Dae Jang Gum might be adopted from the main character of this popular Korean Drama aired on TV before, Dae Jang Geum of Jewel in the Palace. *fan girl here! ^_^*

To start with, they have a little selection of dishes in their menu, but mind you, they have great servings of those.

The Sixth Part of The Family

After an exhausting week, it's the only hub which regenerate our empty soul and stomach. Yes, it seems like it's the only addiction my family has and it totally drives us insane. If you'll try Yellow Cab's New York's finest, you'll probably dig what I meant. :)

Dad's choice was Four Seasons Pizza while Mom's fave was Calzone Grande, at least they don't fight since they don't have to share! For me and my siblings, it's always Manhattan Meatlovers, with extra CHEESE! I can't remember the last time we had other products from YC, cause a pizza or two will actually do! But still after each night out at Yellow Cab, we're still left out in the blue craving for more. They're just irresistible!

And it came to the point that Dad and Mom wasn't at home, then we crave for something delish, no second thoughts, we ordered online. Our hungry hearts rejoiced when they were able to deliver our order right from the oven straight to our door step. Good thing YC's able to send orders even to those who live miles away from their store. After an hour, our 18" New York's finest arrived! Fiesta! Until now, Dad and Mom doesn't have any idea about the purchase we've made online before. We don't wanna envy them, they'll go crazy and pity themselves, really. :P

There's always a lot of good times with Yellow Cab's specialties, there's a lot of stories to tell, and sharing them is the best way to treasure those memories. Yellow Cab has been a part of my sly family for years now. It is our family's sixth member. So continue serving happiness to every family out there. That means a lot, especially on our part. :)

Nothing compares to the happiness Yellow Cab brings to my family.

*I am not forced or paid to blog about this. Everything here was shared out of my own free will.

About the image: Two Pizza Calzone I've made because Mom won't stop nagging me to make one for her. :D

Presenting My Not-So-Extraordinary Dishes

Warning: May cause intense salivation, beware.

I really don't know where to begin with. I owe you guys a lot, I know. And I'm very sorry if it took so long before I've finally decided that I need to post something on this blog. Thanks to Google AdSense, it inspired me to write more just because I realized that I just need a half more before I could finally cash out.

If you follow my Instagram account, then you're probably aware that I do avoid spending too much for food now. Why? Because I bake, grill, fry, boil and cook bigtime!

My part time job cannot suffice food trips now. All I just do is visit the nearest shop and buy flour and stuff so I could create my own dessert or snack at home.

And to give you some insight about what makes me MIA on blogger, here's just a few set of snaps that will make you drool. Not really.

Yes, you're right. I haven't tried a real s'mores yet, so I've made some for myself. And hereafter, I'll never make s'mores anymore. I'll make batches and batches of s'mores! There's nothing fancy about these goodies actually, they're just made of graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallow.

Here's my brothah's banana loaf/cake and selling it for Php60 only.

Here's my favorite creation above all others; Red velvet Oreo truffle brownies! Layers of red velver brownies, cream cheese and oreo mixture topped with white chocolate chips. Yum!

And lastly, my Sunday breakfast, composed of half empty hot milk tea, vegetable omelette, fresh tomatoes, a cup of rice and two slices of homemade sinful fudgy chocolate brownies.

Well honestly, I wanted to share them with you guys, but distance refrains me to do so. LOL.

Hoping to blog more this month! Enjoy my post! ^_^

esKWELAhan Planner: Two Zero One Four

I told you I'm addicted and I'll be posting another one next week, so stay tuned!

So I have here tonight a super student/college-friendly planner from EsKWELAhanPlanner that I purchased last last week (I think). It is a sleek 6 x 8 inches planner with orange hardbound cover and a lock made of garter. Yes, yes, I am inlove with the semi-doodle cover! So cute!

Their features include:

- Monthly Pages with:
a. Monthly Calendar
b. Goal of the Month

c. Theme of the Month
d. Upcoming Movies
e. Discount Coupons/ Special Feature Coupons

f. Additional Notes Page

- Weekly Pages with:
a. Notes section
b. Day of Something Feature
c. 2014 Holidays
d. Trivia, witty lines, pickup lines & fun activities

e. Share-your-happiest-moments-this-month section
f. Anong-mas-magpapasmile-sayo section
g. question of the week section

h. Christmas countdown

Every student (and students-at-heart) will definitely enjoy using this cool planner the whole year round.

Anyways, I bought one for my dearest BSBA (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration) student sister.

Visit their Facebook page at

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 2014 Planner; The Giving Journal

Oh well, I have to admit, I am now addicted to planners. Wait let me think. I wanted to remember why I became a person who loves collecting planner. *after 15 minutes* Okay, I still don't know why. Perhaps I shall share it later.

Read about my 2014 Starbucks planner here:

Anyways, I have here another planner I've got from Ms. Monica of ^_^ Introducing... *drum rolls*

So to start with, here's the purple (it is purple though it seems like blue in the photo) hard-bounded 2014 planner (I still can't move on that it's 2014 already!) from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. It was obviously titled as "The Giving Journal" because it is a space saver (giving more space to other stuff? Or not.), it is very handy and stylish. The cover was my favorite part!

Here's the sneak peak of what's inside.

Okay, I lied, this is really my favorite part. Hehe.

I do apologize if I have not explained or stated a lot about the planner, just refer to the images above. (blame laziness please)

To be honest, I've already bade my supervisor goodbye. It was not that easy, as I thought before. Last night, she gave me a token and told me that she's promoting me, but that doesn't mean that I am going to stay. No, I will not, but I will still help, as I told myself. I am so happy that they accepted me even though I don't actually belong (I'm working on a medical field now).

Five days more and I'll leave. A week before, I can't wait. But then now, I'm thinking that I am going to miss my coworkers and the office. Hayst.

Anyways, I need to go. Kbye. :)

Chef's Noodle Robinson's Place Malolos Branch

After trying out the newly opened Japanese restaurant at our place, we decided to have another international dinner with my cousins who live four hours drive away from home. Mehehe.

My family is a huge fan of Korean stuff and everything, and I know that we all have the same taste when it comes to spicy food, we're suckers of 'em.

So firstly, shamelessly speaking, this was our first time trying out Chef's Noodle's menu. We don't have this in our place and it is very rare eating on Korean restaurants. We cook our own most of the time. Read full post of my Bibimbap recipe here. But trying this one is a different thing.

I'm confuse where will I place this photo of lemon ice tea since it is the first thing they serve in a restaurant but it is the last thing we consume. Well, I think I'll just place it here. Hehe.

Here are the sushi sauce the bibim sauce which are available on every single table. Never mind the toothpicks. Hihi.

I had myself a serving of Chicken Bibimbap (top) and sissy had the original Beef Bibimbap (bottom) for herself. Both cost Php99 with a serving of a glass of ice tea of your choice (either lemon or strawberry).

Lloyd, my cousin, had their best seller Chef's Noodle (which obviously bore the name of the restaurant) in a hot pot and just look how hot the beef broth was. It is literally boiling and we did enjoyed eyeing on it as the bubbles fade off and cools down a bit. Too bad it doesn't look appetizing on photos but it actually was.

My other cousin, Darlene, opted to have a non-spicy dish because she doesn't want to mess with her diet. She ordered for a serving of Chicken Kas (breaded chicken fillet) which cost Php130 per serving.

For side dishes, since they do not have free side dishes like the ones in Brothers and Sisters Restaurant (Read full story about Brothers and Sisters Korean Restaurant here.), we agreed to have a serving of Kimchi Kimbap (Php95).

Another dish we tried was this cold spicy noodles named after Bibim Noodles (Php130). It was extremely spicy and has a hint of sweetness and me, sister and my uncle enjoyed it!

Unmixed (left) and mixed (right).

And just like the other restaurants we tried, I never had a chance to snap some good quality photos of the environment for this post. T_T

Next time, if I'll have a chance and another next time, I will really try their Starking Fire Sushi. They say that it is the star of the menu and I will never afford to miss that dish ever again. Like ever.

Here's us after pigging Chef's Noodle's healthy food out! Mehehe. Didn't you just noticed that they have a very affordable and delectable dishes? Love love love.

Visit their page here:
Chef's Noodle Ph's Facebook Page
Chef's Noodle Website