Featured: Ludy's Instant Ginger Punch with Lemon

Hola lovelies! It's been a busy week and it's TGIF already. Yipee! Sorry for being MIA for so long, and I don't want to elaborate much, so here's a featured post for you. *wink*

I am a milk tea sucker, no, you're not allowed to disagree. Hihi. And since buying milk tea costs a lot, if bought everyday, Mom decided to buy me this Ludy's Ginger Punch from our local grocery. (Cheapest milk tea cost Php50 or $1.16)

This instant salabat (ginger punch) comes in a 150g glass jar.

Manufacturing date and expiration date is located at the bottom of the jar. The product can lasts up to a year, as you can see.

Other information like ingredients, direction were included too. But I guess they missed the Nutrition Facts section.

I was really impressed upon opening the jar. Powder was pressed and tight. The minty scent invites me to have a taste.

The grains look closely to brown sugar, but definitely have a very distinctive punch.

Ok, here's an almost empty cup I had after opening the jar. There's no single sign of dregs! Still, I opt to add a spoon of milk or two.

A jar cost approximately Php54-58 or $1.25-1.35.

If you're having a hard time with cough or sore throat, then this is a remedy I would opt to suggest. I don't take medicine that much, my family still believes that healing wonder of nature is the best among the rest. Hehe.

Will you attempt to try this product? And what keeps you busy these days? I'd love to hear from you! Have a great day!

3-Ingredient Aglio E Olio Recipe and Tutorial

It's Friday already! Wohoo! And it's TGIF again!

Anyways, I have here a step-by-step recipe (not-so-common recipe) to share tonight. This might be loved with pasta lovers! (Hm, I guess so.) Aglio E Olio mean "spaghetti with garlic and oil" in Italian, the simplest pasta dish ever.

Since everyone's so busy with work and anything else, here's a hassle-free dish. This recipe don't require precise measurement. I just used the following.

1 pack of pasta spaghetti (175g)
3 to 5 pieces of garlic (chopped or minced)
1 pack of extra virgin olive oil (20 ml)
pinch of salt (optional)


Featured: Peanut Kisses and Peanut Fingers from Bohol, Philippines

Ever heard of this stuff? If you're living in the Philippines or visited Bohol in the Philippines, then you probably have heard, or even tasted such products. :) These are just some of Bohol's famous delicacies.

My bff's Mom traveled to Bohol a month ago and brought me these pasalubongs. I am not a nut person (I am nuts mentally, hoho) but I don't consider peanut as one of the thing I am fond of eating, maybe occasionally. Have you seen any of my recipes with a peanut or even peanut butter as ingredient? Probably not. Because I am not a peanut person as I've said a while ago. Wait. Whut?

Anyways, I was not surprised when Mama (bff's Mom) handed me these goodies. I've read a lot about Peanut Kisses and tasted it already.

Anyways, she included a postcard of Floating Resto to make me feel envious because she had experienced to eat in that famous floating restaurant. Haha. That's a kid! Yet I do really envy her, as in. I want to try that eat-all-you-can buffet lunch too!