Magnolia Ice Cream Fizz Floats

TBH, I don't buy ice cream stick per piece. You'll confirm that in my previous post here where I featured K-Pop ice creams. Cause a stick is so nakakabitin. Though I started limiting myself taking too much calories from time to time, ice creams are just irresistible  just think about the weather today, yes, it has something to do with humidity. You can't deny, right?

What I have here were flavored ice cream with vanilla right in the middle. All were compressed in a Popsicle stick. Okay, so lemon and orange floats weren't the type of bonbon which Filipinos will go into, I just bet =_=. For me, root beer float appealed the most, fyi, A&W root beer float was the original float sold before softdrinks.

Mom's on a seminar somewhere again. Somebody's gonna replace her position as a cook for the mean time. Apparently I dunno how to cook Filipino foods like sinigang, caldereta, mechado, afritada, so on and so forth. -_- Atleast I know how to fry fish and still can survive tho'. LOLOL! But let me do your favorite viands like cordon bleu, chicken curry, fish fillet in butter veggies, Korean dishes, well I guess I'll never fail in those. ^_^

Simple and Basic Cake Pop Recipe and Tutorial

Hi guys! Regardless with the title, thanks everyone for greeting me on my last post (Yvancka Registre, Bee, Fiffy Fajrina, blackshirt13, Shekina, michymichymoo, Sabrina, Mimi, Wrey Swift, Leeh Saberon, krizzle, fiel-kun, Beauty, Steph-G and Karen Corpuz), so for the real graduation photos, here's a collage of some snaps I got from Tuesday. Yeah!

For today, I'm going to teach you how to make cake pops, just like this one! Perfect for parties and get together! It's not that complicated like some sweet treats are, but they're still yummy, cute and simply adorable!


You'll need:

  • Chocolate Brownie/Cake/Fudge
  • All purpose cream (chilled)
  • Easy-melt chocolate buttons/chocolate bars/ bittersweet chocolate
  • Food coloring gel
  • Barbeque sticks/ scewers
  • Parchment paper/ Baking paper
  • Styrofoam stand or Half of cabbage/ cucumber/ watermelon etc.

Graduation Rehearsal and Photoshoot

Friday, we had our graduation rehearsal at our uni gym which lasted for about four hours straight. So we just had lunch at the nearest McDonalds cause we'll be heading back to school and wait for our graduation gown and cap to be released.

Warning; there'll be a photo spam in this post. And the bloated girl in no-vest-uniform was definitely me, no confusions. -_-

After lunch, Me and Reren doing something weird face here. I'm not even moving a bit -_-

With our photographer, Ate Tin. ^_^

Mid-April 2013 Wrap Up

Blue dates for busy days like reunions, parties, outings and a whole lot more. Don't have plans after graduation tho'. I guess I'll be needing a lil space from everything to think about what future beholds.

Right! Nothing changed after my graduation application. Busy bee, busy bee, busy bee. Apparently, this one's toughest among any activities I got from college, 'tis called life. I thought April's gonna be my month for I'll be graduating on 23rd, yet no assurance that I'm not committed to any responsibilities connected to college fair life. Previous weeks became more intense. Since anything was not as simple as they seemed to be, baking was the hardest job I've ever done. -_- All honestly, I have to bake at least once a day to improve what I need to improve and avoid futility.

My first trial with kneading pizza dough came out quite well. So the next day, again, I made my very first thin crust. Out of two and a half cup of flour, I was able to render 3 pizzas. See how gorgeous it was?

Toppings were evenly distributed all throughout. Ham, bell peppers, white onions, mushrooms, pineapples and cheese were my dough's company. If you'll ask about the sauce, I mixed tomato sauce, butter, spices like oregano and basil, dash of salt and pepper and some love (if pizza sauce isn't available).

Thick for the third day. Crust was suppose to be filled with cheese just like Pizza Hut's, but procrastination struck twice. I was able to add sauteed ground pork but people doesn't love the final result. Having had enough of fat -_- which was not good at all. This time, I made six (6) pizzas and seasoned the other half with Italian seasoning directly into the dough. Aunt V never criticized my work nor rejected it. She loved how my crust breaks into tiny crushing sound, well, my hands were the secret. ^_^ Kneading dough for almost half an hour. Oh well. -_-

Next, my frustration. Second trial of chocolate crinkle was a semi-mess (if there's such word). Boo! I divided the recipe in half to minimize other expenses and follow the directions inevitably. But what came out were huge rock-like chocolate cookies (Next time, I'll add chocolate chips to the mixture so I'll have chocochipcookies ^0^). But I'll never give up until I find out what's wrong with my crinkles. I want it moist and soft. -_-

Even if I'm with baking the whole time, still, I managed to attend children graduation parties. I wasn't able to snap every single dish presented at the party last week. -.- So here's just some.

Then followed by a scruffy yet happy family gathering (father's side) under the old mango tree with almost 40 attendees. Here's a separate table for main dishes (viands were chicken curry, cordon bleu, garlic chicken, fried chicken, stuffed milk fish, jack fruit with cocomilk, fresh lumpia, etc) and desserts with lots of fruits, native cakes and halo-halo.

Oh well, always part of the mainstream was our crowded house every vacation. Booya! People from here and there always wanna visit our place, or the food my Mom caters for decades. She's the most brilliant chef I've ever seen. Today's lunch for Mom's friends from Massachusetts; Fish fillet (by me) in sauteed veggies, fresh lumpiang ubod (wrapper made by me) , cordon bleu (by me) , fruit punch (by me) , lechetine (not included in the photo). Okay, that's why I'm so exhausted, I prepared a lot.

For dinner, same menu plus I made five (5) Italian pizza as requested by Mom. Just imagine how backbreaking it was. With my murdered bare hands kneading those clay-like stuffs, I shouldn't be blogging right now. =.=

That's it. I don't know how to cut this story so it'll just be left like this. Good night!

How was your month so far? Have you enjoyed your summer (unlike me) in beaches and outings already?

Baking; the least of my hobbies

Yes, this is what made me super busy this previous week. (Ok, I'll admit it, they always invite me to graduation parties -_- we always have get together and reunions, I so so love to eat, that's the main reason why I'm this busy hehe) Mom, bro and I were planning to put up a store which caters pizza, dinner rolls and chocolate crinkles, yes, those simple products which people will definitely love.

First off, we tried to bake pizza the first night, then followed by pan de sal supposedly, but turned into dinner rolls, then chocolate crinkles.

We still don't have the perfect recipes for these three but we enjoyed learning and discovering new things day by day.

I'm also glad to share that me and bro attended a free baking seminar at OCVAS Batangas last Wednesday.  I've met a lot of new friends and some of them were in the photo below. The guy  in black laboratory gown was Mr. Elvic (surname were forgotten :P), an instructor from BSU.

The seminar started with a little discussion about yeast breads and an introduction on what we're gonna do. They gave us some sheets of paper with recipes on it. First, we made pan de sal, then chocolate crinkles.

After lunch, we proceeded to fluffy ensaimada then chocolate brownies with chocolate frosting, the least of my fave cause chocolate knocked me down (sick of cocoa's bitterness), we used the cheapest brand which was unbranded actually. -_-

Yet the most important thing was Me and Bro learned a lot. :) Kudos to the conductors of the said seminar! This is how I wanna spend my vacation! ^_^

Five Easy Money-Saving Tips; Summer Edition

My Mom told and taught me to be thrifty. And what she wants me to do is not only save money, like having a piggy bank literally, but to manifest frugality. And I'd like to share you guys some of the easy money-saving tips I've learned from her. :)

The first three (3) steps is called UTILIZATION. Why? Because free resources should be utilized.

Step 1: If you love eating out with family, friends or loved ones, don't forget to bring at home some of the unused free napkins, chopsticks, even tomato sauce in packs, chili powders, whatever the restaurant has to offer for free. :) In some instances, you can use those instead of leaving them where you have eaten, they'll just throw them away. What a waste!

Step 2: For those who love to travel, don't leave free stuffs from the hotel you slept in. Shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, bath foam, toothbrush, and other bathroom amenities are fair game, since they can't be reused for the next guest. Yap! I've worked in a hotel as a room attendant before and what we did with those unused were throw them away, or sometimes, used them for personal hygiene, just inside the hotel premises. Staffs aren't allowed to take them out. So if you'll be hanging out overnight, isn't this cute little bottles perfect to fit your travel organizer than those huge shampoos and conditioners? ^_^

Step 3: Paper bags from your shopping spree can be used several times as long as it stay dry and not crumpled.

The second part is called DILUTION. Why? Because anything in a little amount, if diluted can expand its value.

Step 4: If you're running out of juice for lunch, add water and sugar to the remaining, then shake until well blended, as shown in the photo below. Yum for kiwi juice! :) Serve chilled. Believe me, the flavor is still there. :P

Step 5: Your month old nail polish must run dry if not used, or as it decreases. Don't throw them away yet. Pick what color you'll be using, check its consistency, add nail polish remover (amount will depend on the consistency), shake and shake and shake, then apply to your nails. Perhaps it will not last like the original content of the bottle but still can do its job well.

So that's it! I hope this post helped you not only to conserve your money but our environment as well. If you have other tips to share, just leave a comment below and I'll try to blog them next time for my other editions. Enjoy your summer guys! :)

Reminiscing HS Life

High school life
From my high school life
Akin pang naaalala
High school days
From my high school days
Na ikaw lang kasama
High school life
From my high school life
Akin pang naaalala
High school days
From my high school days
Na ikaw lang ang kasama
Lyrics from LM

If someone will ask me which is better between HS and college life, I'll definitely say HS. Who'll forget about the fun when having the flag ceremony early in the morning? Those packed lunch with variety of viands? Those cleaner schedules? Those silly silent talks when teacher went out for teacher-to-teacher conversations about other people's lives. (LOLOLOL) Those puppy loves ^_^ ? Those academics and extracurricular competitions every year? I mean, everything's unforgettable!

Thank goodness digital cameras were invented a century before I was born! Got these shots while having a lunch party with HS buddies. :)

This is how a public classroom looks like. (Assuming you didn't know :P)

Maybe you're wondering why we have four (4) white lines on the edge of our skirts. That's to indicate that we're already fourth year students, then obviously, first year has a line, second year has two, so on and so forth.

Then here's our... *DRUM ROLLS* Chanchararan! Seat plan!

This side is the front.
Image from RA

Too bad I got a last name which starts with letter M that caused me to be placed in the least part of the room. Together with others who seat too far from the teacher's table, it looks like I'm having a reclusive life in HS, but not. So when I started my stint as college, I grabbed my opportunity and sit right in front of that crystal shining glass board. From that spot, I could clearly understand and see our lessons. So yeah, spot me! :D Can you?

I've got a lot to share actually, but I don't want my readers to get tired of my miserable rants and flashbacks. So that's it! Enjoy your mid-week everyone! :)

PS. I joined BabyPanda's International giveaway! :) Click the image to redirect!

Magnolia's Korean-Inspired Ice Cream Bar

Can't help the heat brought by summer? Try my newly discovered ice cream bar lately. Oh yes, if you knew Melona, here's some imitations of the products. Philippine made ice creams to suit and tickle your taste buds.

Comes in different fruit flavor like mango, banana, honeydew (my favorite) and strawberry for only Php20 (USD 0.49)! Do I sound like advertising the products? Haha! Well apparently, it's a yes or no. I just want you guys to try. Mom's fave was banana, which really taste like real bananas! These were sweeter than Korean ice creams but yes, still nice!

As you can see, I've updated my blog's theme and name for the nth time! Myxilog goes FRENCH! Yes, this one's named Le Myx Version 1.0 still with touch of blue. Since my blog's name sounds like a Filipino breakfast, du jour menu is a french term for Menu For Today/Menu of the Day. Sorry if I can't explain this further but I hope you get my point. :)

And if you're interested (it isn't bad to assume ^_^) about my previous layout (xhtml template, ads ready, blue), don't hesitate to visit my networks and ask for the codes, of course it's for free. I also do buttons which only cost $1 (paid through Paypal) per pack (4 pieces). Affordable right? Order here!

Previous Layie

So yeah, enjoy your summer and please prevent heat stroke.

PS. Mom just bought a regulator for our oven! Watch out for my baking recipe collection!