EverBilena Lip Colour Xtreme Shine #704

Hola amigos/amigas! While everyone's going crazy about that game called 4 Pics 1 Word and gwiyomi, here's your trying-hard product reviewer to show you some featured beauty products for today! I just wanna share with you guys the shade of the lipstick I'm wearing every time I go out. Here's one of my Mom's favorite and mine too, cause it's not harmful since I have a delicate skin which I mentioned before.

I'm currently using EB (Ever Bilena) cosmetics like EB BB cream (top left), EB Eyeshadows (top right) and EB stick foundation (bottom). After reading some reviews on my reliable beauty blogger friends  blogs, I'm convinced that it's better to use BB cream than stick foundations. Everything's EB! Yay!

Images from EB

Since I'm too tight about how much I spend cause it's no college life and I don't have allowance anymore and oh I can't accept this fact, it'll be better if I spend less and be thrifty. This product just cost Php75 (USD1.84) and you don't have to worry about its availability, this can be found at any beauty shops and stores. So let's now proceed to the beautiful red shade of EverBilena Lip Colour Xtreme Shine #704. (toinks! I could have been better -_-)


Applied once

Shade-to-shade swatches

#704 is a semi-deep red shade lipstick, the second shade (still EB) was used in my grad ball posted here,  as it was ruby red which suited my red dress and the last one, a matte pink Sophie Lipstick I bought last year.

So there you go. This post is a feature not a review, but somehow, in some cases, it does. Confusing perhaps yet please do not misunderstood. Tehe!

Which shade do you prefer? I'd love to hear from you! Adios!

*All photos were taken without flash on auto settings.

Yabu Gift Certificates + $100 Paypal Cash Giveaway!

April's coming our way! There were posts about "APRIL, PLEASE BE GOOD!", and in that case, let's have some fun and awesome giveaway right here, no other than, the graduating blog owner's site, Myxilog and turn your wishes of April's being good into reality!

Here are (1) two thousand worth of GC's from YabuPh and (2) $100 paypal cash up for grab! Isn't that awesome!

All you need to do is follow the instructions in this rafflecopter.

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Easy peasy right? What are you waiting for? Join now! :) The lucky winner will be announced on April 2, 2012 at exactly 10:00 PM (GMT+8). This contest is open to all bloggers and non-bloggers residing in PH.

My Graduation Wishlist

My graduation day is fast approaching! Even though others are now enjoying their breaks and vacation, I'm still here waiting for our graduation right, which will be unofficially on April 23.

And for this, even though I didn't studied my lessons well, I was included in our Dean's List, which in my case, no one's ever so concern about it. If ever you didn't know what does it mean, I am not in the mood to explain everything. -_- Will you in your sense be systematic if everyone's around you don't appreciate all your endeavors and hard works?

Ok, too much with my nonsense rants. Below are the stuffs I wanna have with regards to my graduation, just like other average juveniles out there.

1. Leigh Lezark hair
Her's just like my sister's previous. There's so much personalities which can found in the net but Leigh's was my pick. It does appealed to me cause she looks so mysterious and of course, I love her eyes, totally glowing in simplicity. But I only like her hair. :P

2. Braces
Four (4) years ago, Tatay (Dad) promised me I'll have braces and he'll make it up to me. I've been to conscious about my front teeth gap which destroys and obliviates my self esteem every time people look at them while we're talking. Totally frustrating. -_- I don't care if I'll look like Betty La Fea or Betty The Ugly (in English) as long as I have beautifully aligned teeth.

3. Black Floral Satchel Bag
'Tis my choice! Lovely isn't it? ^_^

4. Vans Canvas Authentic Lo Pro or Canvas Authentic Slim
Been dreaming to have a pair of Vans Sneaker mainly for KH construction volunteering. :) Cause I only have a pair of MKNY rubber shoes since last last year. Poor me. :(

5. New smart phone or the cheapest iPhone or iPod
I'd love to have any android phone with lots of apps which I can use for blogging, or any iOS gadget.

So that's my TOP 5 pick. Hoping to have them for real. *cat eyes*

I'd love to hear what's your graduation wish for me! Just leave a comment together with your link so I can thank you and visit you back. Well then, adios!

Pre-Graduation Celebration

Okay, sorry if the first photo doesn't look so appetizing. For some reason, I forgot to take quality snaps before eating. Why? It's my excitement to eat at the only Shakey's Pizza in Batangas. Please don't laugh cause 'tis my very first time to visit the resto. So this isn't a zany secret anymore. -_- Then now, I'm speechless.

This was my Monster Spaghetti Meatball (Php172).

Shakey's Hi Protein Supreme Pizza (Php206)

Ann's Home: Choco Caramel Fudge Cake

After having a day in vain, found myself inside my fave's pastry shop near my place. I grabbed my cam and snapped some photos. Ate (cashier) told me that I'd better buy some of their products than stare at my shots. Well, she's absolutely right. Since I'm on a stage called confusion (can't decide if it'll be red velvet again or other cake), it took me time to choose. If only they cost a little cheaper, nothing's gonna be a problem. Yet finally after 1000++ years, I pointed this Choco Caramel Fudge Cake from the corner of the fridge.

This time, I have merely some clicks of the place. Like French bakeries, it has a large window and a nice view from the inside.

Products were arranged and well placed in wooden baskets covered with fabric.

Chitchat with LDR

It's been a year or two since we last talked. I can still remember when we watched movies before, he loves movies, we laughed so hard to a horror movie and talked too much while viewing a scifi. Tsk, how can I forget it, that's my first time to watch 3D and 4D, then, it never happened again, it was my first and last.

Gab and Me after watching movies, in line at KFC to have some zinger.

Here he is (I mean, yesterday [?] ), still handsome but more masculine now, just have told me he's on some sessions at the gym near their place.

Currently eating sushi at Sushi Hut, a Japanese Restaurant in Brandon yesterday when we had a little convo. Yum yum to the foods!

Together with her pretty sister Dyan.

There's so much to talk about yet time won't allow us. It's midnight and they need to take some rest.

Oh wait, did I already stated that LDR on my title means Long Distance Relatives? I don't want anyone to be mistaken. But this guy in the photo is my closest cousin residing in Canada. :)

Cafe Milflores; The Second Time Around (CLOSED)

Special thanks to my HS classmates Amy and Aries, they're the reason why I got the guts to visit this cafe again. ^_^ Click here to see my first post about the cafe.

So here's Ayeth (my fourth year highschool seatmate) and Amy (my highschool best bud), and of course, the last girl with blue hanky was me!

Last time, we tried Dark Chocolate and Blueberry ice creams, and now, *drum rolls*, (clockwise from left) cheese, avocado, orange chocolate and caramel! They're all homemade!

To accompany our cold treats, Aries bought these cookies and brownies! :) Sorry I forgot what they call these 3 1/2" cookies. -_- Brownies at the right were Walnut Brownies. ^_^

Sorry to say this, they've got great ice creams but not with the pastries. Cookies were so hard and lack of flavor, like it's super dry and blot. We have no choice but finish every bit of it. Aries paid and we don't wanna disappoint him.

Avocado ice cream is best with a slice of walnut cookie! Favorite combination!

Still, we enjoyed the time we spent inside the cute cafe. Amy has so much to talk about, too many jokes to burst and stories to tell.

Cookie: Php35/USD0.86
Walnut Brownie: Php35/USD0.86
Ice cream: Php55/USD1.35

Dulcissima Bakeshop: Red Velvet Cupcake and Cream Puff

Being a gourmand is the reason why I gained too much weight this past months. Another thing was the frequent openings of new shops, stores that offer varieties of delicacies which I can't resist to try.

Today's post isn't about a newly opened store. It's just my newly discovered bakeshop along the busy street of P. Burgos. I first heard the name in Lipa since LipeƱos were fond of munching breads. Thank goodness they decided to put up a branch in my place.

Dulcissima Bakeshop is a small store with a pair of regency chair situated in the median of a native round table. Maybe because it is very often that their customers dine inside the store, tables and chairs play as the waiting area.

I don't even count calories so I got a velvet cupcake and cream puff. Just like what I've expected, this common red velvet cake doesn't only looks good but tastes awesome as well. Mushy, misty and full of flavor, love the cream! But cream puff lacks filling yet still delightful.

Assorted pastries were available too, like Banana Choco Chip, Oatmeal cupcake, cookies, milk candies and more.

Red Velvet Cupcake: Php27/USD0.66
Cream Puff: Php18/USD0.44

Taste - 4.5/5
Ambiance - 3/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 4/5
Overall Value - 3.86/5

iWhite Korea Nose Pack

I first read about this whiteheads/blackheads remover on Ile's blog and realized that it isn't time to retard. I have visited my Mom's derma once (that was 5 years ago) and it really hurts using that blackhead tool on my nose, which made me burst into tears (made me not to visit her again). I then bought a sachet of this remover since it's available at ZaZa and other stores like Watson's for a very cheap price. A sachet (3.5g) will cost you Php18 or USD0.44.

It is capable of removing white/blackheads, eliminating deep-seated dirt and other impurities and minimizing pores and excess oils. I've seen myself how effective it was plus it's skin friendly.

Sorry if I can't do reviews cause I'm not into beauty products due to my skin's hypersensitivity disorder.

And to try other iWhite products, I joined these giveaways!

Click here to join: GIVEAWAY

Click here to join: GIVEAWAY

Click here to join: GIVEAWAY

Sunshine Award

I have received an award from Superaena last March 1 and I have just opened and discovered that last night.

(If ever I received another, please do remind me. Please tell me that you have something for me in your blog, okay? Haha! *Assuming!*) 'tis called the SUNSHINE AWARD. And I'm really thankful and grateful for being one of that TOP 10 "awesome" bloggers who inspire others in cyber world.

Don't know what to do now. -_- Maybe it's just like that. :P If I have some time to spare, I'll make my own award and pass it to those spectacular bloggers I've encounter recently. :)

Good night for now!

Mr. 007 Light Discover LED Flashlight Unboxing

Mom received this package last month, she asked her niece to buy this abroad. She was very enthusiast cause she got the parcel unexpectedly, too early than her prospective. It rains here in PH frequently, and that made some power shut down at night. We already have a led lamp from Germany and led flashlight yet Mom insisted that she still needs this one.

Mr. Light, the innovative leader in the field of portable lighting technology and the Guinness World Record holder for the largest flashlight in the world, is unveiling the first underwater consumer flashlight in the GCC in a unique way at the Lost Chambers of the Atlantis at the Palm Jumeirah, in Dubai. source

Packed in a 10"x5"x3" box.

  • Bright color daylight color beam
  • LED lamp life up to 100,000 hours
  • ACDC 110V - 240V ~ 50/60 hz
  • Rotary switch/ built-in rechargeable unit
  • Under water 20 meters work

  • Manual
  • Warranty card
  • Black strap
  • Built-in compass
  • Three-pin plug
  • Wall Fixed type AC/DC charger
  • Screw and screw seat

It comes in metallic black color only. Estimatedly, it weighs four to five times than the ordinary flashlight.

These two silver ring were the charger connector.

Black strap and compass.

Screw and screw seat. Ledtec flashlight (our old rechargeable flashlight) from Watsons (Php165) vs Mr. Light; Discover LED Flashlight (Php1095.79).

Ann's Home: Red Velvet Cake

Indulge yourself with this mouthwatering slice of red velvet cake! Soft, soggy, sweet layers of delightful chiffon cakes with yummy cream filling!

This was the best red velvet cake I've tasted so far! Have you read my post before about Ann's Butterscotch squares? Both were tempting, and inviting. At first, this cake doesn't appeal to me, I'm focusing on slices of blueberry cheese cakes inside the fridge. But when I saw that small piece of paper covering the rack, OH MEN! That's too costly for a snack. So, I grabbed this red thing. No regrets, but definitely insufficient. Now I'm craving for more.

McDonald's National Breakfast Day! + New Store

Tomorrow, March 18, McDonald’s Philippines with others throughout Asia, Middle East and South Africa will celebrate National Breakfast Day. In line with this, all McDonald’s restaurants serving breakfast will be distributing 1,000 delicious McMuffins for FREE from 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM via Dine-In, Take-Out, or Drive-Thru. Visit McDonald's Facebook for more information. ^_^

Friday (March 15) was the grand opening of this new store at Calicanto. People fell in line as early as 7am for free BidMac's for the first 100 customers. Another free sundae at lunch and other free food in the afternoon. They prepared a battle of bands in front of the store to entertain their customers.

This one's bigger than before. I really can't calculate the area but it's larger than the previous store located along P. Burgos. What's missing here was the play area for kids. Soh (bff) brought me two tickets the last night before it's opening and invited me for a date.

Sister insisted to join us so we're three (3) who've waited for a long line at the counter. Photo below; Sister, Me and BFF.

Me and Sister, with our free McDo yellow umbrella!

I've Been Lured: Milk Teas

If I should die before I wake, the least that I could ever say
I made mistakes but held on to my faith

Currently, ready to drink tea and milk teas are increasingly securing a position as an alternative to carbonated soft drinks. In the Philippines, milk tea is the new Starbucks. This tropical country is now learning how to enjoy cold drinks versus the traditional hot coffee drinks and this becomes the opening ground for increasing number of milk tea carts. Six of them were located in my place, namely, Happy Leaf, Zentea, Wintermelon Milk Tea, TeaTalk, and the most recently opened stalls were Ochado and Desteany.

Well obviously, nothing beats Ochado's price compared to others. Php90 per 16oz of this, sinkers not included. It uses hot tea as base and powders as flavorings. all honesty, it isn't my type.

Desteany, I guess it's fresh in the industry. Will you believe that their milk teas cost for only Php35? That's pretty surprising but yes, so cheap! Tea powder with flavorings (powder here, powder there, powder everywhere!) are their ingredients. Hey, who would love to drink such with unauthentic stuffs and others on it? -_- Okay, let's cut it here.

That's it! More to blog about soon! :) Stay tuned~ Piong piong!

Night in Disguise - Graduation Ball

Oh, this is how it starts, lightning strikes the heart
It goes off like a gun, brighter than the sun

Tangled, in my thorned cage. Our thesis became more complicated. Its a hell of a process but it is worth the effort. After those sleepless nights, we're done. One of the best days of college life which make people nuts, and many of us are too obvious proofs.

Got my practicum report book this afternoon. Grammar really sucks, well, nothing changed actually -_- . I can't even stare too long. Our thesis grammarian once told me that he doesn't wanna engage with blogging. This cyber world is breaking the language rules. Yes of course that's not true. It's some kinda harsh, but I can't blame him.

To break the ice, here's some of my shots from our Graduation Ball at Marina Batangas Branch last March 2. This is why I got so busy before, I can't even tweet.

Here, I'm in a ruby red cocktail dress with long back, I rented for only Php600. Hihi. And my DIY Violet Matte nail paints!

Ti's my (first time) second time going to a grad ball, and this time, it's the happiest! For dinner, steamed rice, my fave cordon bleu, beef steak, mash potato and strips of fish fillet. I'd love to try seafood pasta and oysters but I'm afraid about my allergy in seafood.

Next are wacky shots with and Ate Glad (top left) and Reren (top right and bottom) I stole from Reren's Xperia tab.

And some of my classmates and boardmates last year. :)

Credits to my classmates, the owner of other pics without watermark.

And that's it! I can feel graduation day is approaching! Yahoo!