Wadas Pizzeria; Home of Pasta and PIzza (CLOSED)

My family's always been a lover of pizza and pasta. Reason why I'm so ecstatic about Fridays. True, TGIF. Concocted last week was our visit to this currently opened pizzeria in our vicinity. I've been perceived by those reviews written for it. So to vindicate those words of mouth, I mean, hands, LOLjk! me and sister ordered these:

Regent Mochi; Now Available at Any Grocery Stores

Mochi (餅?) is a Japanese rice cake made of glutinous rice pounded into paste and molded into the desired shape. (Wiki) Commonly, it is shaped into balls with red bean paste filling but others have different varieties of these which are sometime sold with ice cream filling, green tea flavor and even taro! Wew! Just like Milk Teas! XD

So after our exhausting thesis making yesterday, I found myself stumbled upon the Robinsons grocery store with my classmates. They bought some pastas and sauces cause they'll hang out in one of my mate's boarding house. Then I saw this! I can't really explain why I'm trapped to cute little things, yet ofcourse, it'll be always edible. :)

Max's Bakeshop French Macarons

I admit that I'm always late on track when it comes to food cause it was me who's the last one to taste what's new in the food industry. Well, I might blame the late trending here in my place for that. Going places just to be updated isn't too practical for me, yet I'd love to try traveling and food tripping at the same time!

Yesterday is a day for two, obviously. But for me with noone to be with, I'd better date myself with foods, just like what I always do. Wintermelon milk tea of Wintermelon Milk Tea Shop was always on my plan, as in, always. Sorry for me since that tea shop was closed the time I went there. My plan was to taste every single milk teas Batangas' shops can offer. Then I decided to shift to Zentea since I got a free upsize on my loyaltea card. But then on my way to Nuciti, I saw this billboard along the highway and my heart jumped out of no reason! Well, that was just Max's billboard over there with ads about their new product, French Macarons! So without further ado, straight on the line, I entered the restaurant and have some of these adorable pastries for myself alone. :)

Irene's Bulalo sa Kubo at Alangilan Batangas

Atlast! I guess we're done with Chapter 1-4 of our feasibility! I just hope that there's just few revisions.

What's my self-proclaimed food trip today is my favorite Filipino breakfast of all time, Tapsilog at Irene's Bulalo sa Kubo! :) It is one of the popular restaurant which caters lomi for student's budget, located beside Batangas State University Alangilan Campus.

Here's my food! Fried rice + fried egg + beef tapa. Unlike Jorjhane's, their tapa is super dry and toasted. My other chum told me that it is not like this before. They have the best dishes in town before.

Ristorante D' Amore at Citystate Tower Hotel

'Kung alin pa yung hindi planado, yun pa ang natutuloy.' This saying, indeed was true. I have experienced a lot of situations that manifest this proverb. And to verify this, here's a self-proclaimed food trip last time with my classmates. Yum yum!

Prisco, one of my thesis group mate finished his on-the-job training at Ermita Manila. Due to his willingness to show us the place where he had his training, he asked us to go with him in Manila, together with the other two. Without further ado, we packed ourselves inside his car and left Batangas by 1 o'clock in the afternoon and had our very late lunch at Chowking SLEX. We're done with our lunch when I thought of repentance about my decision. I didn't think first before anything else. Why did I joined them? I have had finished my business plan and filed my graduation if I let them go by themselves. Well, there's nothing I can do, what happened just happened.

By 2:30pm, we're already at Citystate Tower Hotel. At first we fed our visions with the Italian theme of the restaurant at the hotel's ground floor.

Zentea Milk Tea Shop at Nuciti Central Batangas

The growing tea industry nowadays gave us ideas on what product will we be presenting on our feasibility. And inline with this, here bloomed my addiction to tea products! There's a lot of tea shops now here in Batangas and that isn't a good thing, really. This may cause total cravenness for me. LOL.

A newly opened tea shop in our vicinity was this Zentea at Nuciti Central Batangas, in front of Robinson Supermarket.

I love the store's ambiance with attractive wall paintings, mellow music playing on, great staffs with the best services they can offer and milk teas which taste like heaven.

Just some of the flavors I tasted so far. Autumn  which is Wintermelon Milk Tea is their best seller.

Price is the only problem here, cause if you don't have Php50 and above, sorry, you can't have their yummy teas, it's costly you know. Their milk teas are best accompanied with burger, crackers, junk foods and breads.

They also have Loyalty cards for those who continue patronizing the products they were selling. More teas more freebies!

Taste - 4/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 3.5/5
Price - 3.5/5
Overall Value - 4/5

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/ZenteaNucitiCentralMall

Whipping Cream and Tikoy; I'm lacking of title

Hi everyone! Just another personal post here!

I'm not yet done with the logo of our feasibility study. Kapag kasi hindi mo nilabanan ang katamaran, wala kang magagawa kundi ang tamadin. Anu daw? Well, I apologize to my foreign readers, this includes Tagalog dramas and the like.

We went to Hypermarket this afternoon para mag-grocery. At ito ang unang beses kong makabili ng whipping cream in can, cause it's cheaper to make a whip cream on my own. I got curious when I saw a part of a Korean Movie/Teleserie Rooftop Prince, after uminom ng soju, nagwhip cream siya, and it looks like napakasarap na combi nun. Hehe. I've tried what's on the picture below and yes! I liked it! :) Sabi nga ni Momsy, it's better na nagwhip na lang daw ako ng cream kesa bumili nun kasi ang mahal, pero yun na nga ang pinakamura sa lahat ng whipping cream sa mall eh, just Php177. Hmm.


We don't have soju in the fridge right now, yung Bugnay wine lang na nabili pa namin sa Baguio last May 2012, pero baka banda diyan, makadaan sa 7/11 at matripang magsoju. :)

Mom bought a box of Chinese Tikoy (Nian gao) too.


What are we expecting from this delicacy, is yung parang it's as soft as kalamay, and as sticky as well. But it is not. One has to coat it with scrambled egg then fry, to get it's natural texture and taste. So far, na-achieve naman namin yung gusto naming mangyare sa tikoy na yun. Napaibig din kasi kami dahil yung Mom ng Tita kong taga Quezon province, yun palagi ang pasalubong sa amin, no, not the tikoy in a box, pero yung ready to eat na tikoy na blonde and super sticky, sweet and yummy. Almost 7-8 years na ata akong hindi nakakatikim non. :( Poor me.

About school, so far so good. Actually not. Nakakaumay kasi yung ginagawa naming Feasib. Paulit ulit. Tapos meron pa akong INC na isang subject kasi hindi ako nakasama sa tour sa Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Then may retreat pa sa Maryridge Tagaytay which costs Php1, 600, and a graduation ball for Php800. Nakaattend na naman ako ng grad ball three years ago noong nagMC ako sa mga classmates ko before, ayoko na, it's just a waste of money, for me, ewan ko lang sa mga kabatchmates ko. Hindi kasi ako yung tipo ng taong gagastos para lang sa hindi naman masyadong importanteng bagay. Ang dami na naming gastos tapos ang dami pang ek-ek ng school namin. Hayst. But I'll be graduating soon! Hoping! :) Start na ng filing for graduation tomorrow kaya mag-aayos na ako ng papers ko. :) We'll be marching on March na!

I don't have any plans pa eh. Actually, I don't still wanna work, pero over na naman yun. I need to stretch up and move. Sana magakaroon ako ng motivation magwork, ayoko kasi sa restaurant or hotel eh. Bahala na bukas. :P

JORJHANES; House of Special Bulalo

There's a lot to love about Batangas. My province is known for its sweet peanut delicacies and tasty noodles and soups. Have you heard about Balinsasayaw? Haven't tried that actually, but some says it's the best, will try it some other time.

So here's Jorjhanes, one of the popular bulalo (Filipino Beef Marrow Stew) houses here in Batangas. This one's in Lemery, but they have other branches at Bolbok and Balagtas.

Back of their menu, I love their logo, it resembles a cowboy saloon but instead of horse, it's a cow pictured on the menu.

So, every order has an inclusion of a free soup. Hmm! The soup is not that oily unlike other bulalo soups I've tasted.

I ordered Tapsilog (tapa or dried/cured beef, sinangag or fried rice and itlog or fried egg) cause it's dinner time already and it's one of my favorite!

As you can see, their Tapa is saucy. It was juicy but a bit salty, maybe because it perfectly fits to be a viand.

This was my fave part, outside the restaurant, the restaurant's name made out of stones different kinds of stones.

I must have tried their signature dish which are Bulalo and Lomi, but that cost too much for a poor student like me. Hehe. There's always a next time, right?