Films and Books on Queue

I have a lot of movies to watch before I ran out of time. On my queue list, I have this awesome films worth watching.

  • The Pursuit of Happyness (I didn't misspell it, that was the real title)
  • V for Vendetta (For the second time around. My reason was, I watched the film on Free TV and was dubbed in Filipino, I wanna hear V's speech clearly.)
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower (Hoping to see this on the big screen.)

And a book worth reading, Anne of Green Gables, I just purchased that yesterday. I saw Sherlock Holmes, but it costs too much so I told to myself, there's always time for everything. If I can't buy that book now, maybe tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or next year. Haha!

But this one is what I'm waiting for, but IT’S NOT YET SCREENING IN OUR PlACE.

Img from Here.

This is perfect for those students who were having a hard time having their friends, who thinks they must be someone else for others to like them. Actually, you don't have to be somebody else, you must be you, and you'll probably see what you were looking for.

Library Vandalism #1

I've been at our school library (college department) for almost 4 hours. As a leader of our group, I must write a script emphasizing a certain story of an ordinary life. Then I thought of the movie The Mistress so I made a story about a pretty well family ruined by a mistress, but not like how the movie flows, I don't wanna plagiarize like Sotto. (haven't watched the film yet, and no, I will never watch a movie like that, I'd rather watch This Guy's Inlove with You Mare)

Back to what I'm talking about, when I'm sitting in a cubicle in our Library, I saw this right in front of me. "Inlove ata ako sa friend ko (I guess I'm inlove with my friend)...shit!!! Anlaki ng problema ko dahil guy din siya! (But he's also a guy) Help please!" Haha. This is what I'm telling you lately, about the movie This Guy's Inlove with You Mare. And about the heart biscuit, nothing important actually. Haha! It's from the seminar my Mom attended this morning. They're related though. More vandals soon. :P I'll stalk at the library more often. Tulugan ko lang yun dati, ang sarap kasi, tahimik. hahaha!


My bestfriend bought me 2 pens, a techpen and a ballpen. Thanks a lot Bestie. I badly need pens for my homeworks.

(Saw my grade in HUM101, I only got 1.75) Mom told me I should have study harder.

Annual President's Cup (Quick Post)

This day finished so fast . I just got 5 hours of sleep cause I studied my written outputs last night. Everything is really exhausting.

Me, before the competition.

So here's my day in bullets:
  • Woke up by 5am
  • Ate, took a bath, dressed up
  • Arrived at UB by past 7am
  • Attended the competition proper by quarter to 8
  • Finished the competition by 12
  • Ate my cold-as-ice lunch
  • Talked to Miss M.
  • Met my groupmates in thesis
  • Had my afternoon recess
  • Had a lot of convo with my groupmates
  • Bought soap and conditioner at the mall
  • Got home by 4
I did all of that all alone. See how loner I was in school ()? LOL.

I tried one vintage effect in Photoshop, hey that's manually. And this is what I came up. Before and After. I'll try to use different image next time so you'll see the difference between the two, then I'll show/teach you how to do it with PS CS3. :)


I'm currently having my free text from Smart. (My load just expired, still, I can send messages. Haha!)

Grabe kanina nung nanood kami ng movie, and title niya is "The King's Speech", it's great somehow. Kahit na medyo malabo yung audio sa pwesto ko, heller! Asa pinakalikod ako at hindi ko talaga maintindihan yung mga lines ng characters, British accent pa naman sila. Pero okay naman ang video kasi naka-LCD monitor kami. Pero pagdating ng disc 2, hindi na gumana yung player na nakakabit sa monitor (dun nga pala kami sa HS Library AVR, nasa loob siya ng Library, yung competition naman sa loob ng library ay Fliptop, so sobrang ingay na halos wala na talaga akong naintindihan sa pinanood ko.), so no choice kundi ang ilipat yung Cd sa DVD player at sa 16" TV iplay. OMG, hindi ko talaga alam kung anong nangyare bakit palpak silang lahat. Nakakadisappoint talaga kasi nasa likod na nga ako, wala na din akong marinig dahil sa sigawan sa Fliptop ng ibang students sa labas ng AVR (sa loob ng library) tapos wala pa din akong makita. Ano ba naman yan? Natamad tuloy ako pagdating sa pagrereview. Pero siyempre, inindicate ko dun na sana next time magkaroon ng glitch, dapat may reserba sila ng kung ano, CD man yun, player o LCD projector, yaman yaman ng school ko tapos ganon. Tsk. Nakakabadtrip talaga.

A Day of Poop

I brought the camera with me this morning, expecting that there'll be something unusual will happen to me today, just like other bloggers who wants to have a scoop about something. We had our final meeting about the competition this morning , talked to my coach and tried to grab some tips on how to write a winning piece, but what she told me shocked me and the whole team. If I didn't win this contest, I'll be incomplete in our thesis. Oh well, stop being so sly Miss M. I just told her that I'm going to give everything and will try my very best to be one of the first five . That's being so sob I guess. I mean, why do I have to take conspicuously every single word Miss M. is saying? It was just a joke perhaps, she'll never gonna do that. So then, I read, read and read. This time, I learned to love reading literature. I learned to scrutinize the whole gamut of every single story. Just kidding! Somehow, I really gained a lot regardless of my languidness.

Stated in the guidelines of the competition, I do need to wake up as early as 5 so I can prepare everything and arrive at school before 8 in the morning . I'm in line 9, by draw lots.

This is the only photo I got this day. Hilltop, I don't have any idea if it is a street or something. All I know is it is the path I'm walking through to reach our college. Too many chasing cars here and there. The effect is called light leak.

Then it's almost 6 when I decided to go home. At this time, birds are roaming all around the street called Padre Burgos. Embarrassingly, one pooped on me, hot and wet, on my precious forehead. Good thing I got an alcohol to clean the mess up. That's why I don't want to walk through that street every sundown. This is the first time it happened to me, and this will be the last (vague). I'll take my umbrella next time .

PS. Here are the buttons Elilea requested yesterday. Hope you'll like these.

PS. For those who were tagged in the I caught the Blog Bug, please do tag me. I'd love to share why I love blogging too. :D

A Random Post in my Random Mood

I'm really apologetic if you're sick and tired of my blog, but I'm contented with my new template (for now). Time will come, I know, I'll be tired of it and will revamp it to another one (again and again). Hayst. Wala na talaga akong kakontentuhan. By the way, I have waited the whole day for an email, an email that will change everything, the whole thing that I messed up yesterday. Apparently, haven't received any. Well, I guess that's it. After finalizing my decision a while ago, Ma'am Lizel replied to my message that everything still works fine. It is really me who will choose if what category will I compete. I saw my exfriendsclassmates joining the competition too, but not with the same category. All honestly, I don't wanna mingle with them, not never. They caused me so much pain before, they lied, I know they lied, and still lying to us the whole time. Why didn't I noticed that at first? Oh well, I don't care about them anymore.

So you'll notice that I don't have food posts and travel posts this past week. I noticed that too. I promised to myself that I will be fruitful this month, but I guess, I'm just scuttling too much in front of the monitor, looking at nothing, reading nothing, and definitely, typing nonsense.

By the way, I have a lot of plans and hoping to finish them before the month ends. And to update my monthly wishlist, (everything is just a wish ) here's some stuffs I want to do/own. I always have this silly tiny little things but I'm always dilly-dallying to make moves to have them. I was just making myself jealous to others out there.

1. Printed Canvas Backpack - it looks perfect in my school uniform, I love blue!
2. Skinny jeans - Some of my jeans are worn out and others are so tight, which remind me that I need new ones.
3. Vans Red Atwood Sneakers - Dancers look good in Vans shoes, I'd love to have one. But I prefer that DC sneakers :)
4. Any Android Phone - I'm planning to buy a new phone, but my old one is still working.
    Canon/Nikon DSLR - This isn't really included in my September list, and its just a filler. But somehow, I dream of having a professional cam too, in the near future.

Be grateful that you don't have everything you want...that means, you have the opportunity to be happier tomorrow.

So that's it! Stay tune for my next post!