Epic Fail

Posted on June 08, 2012, 11:40pm

It took (2) months before I finally decided to use my notebook, our Department Head gave me. It is thick, papers are made from high quality materials, ring bind, thick covers, and hard plastic covers. You can see these three words on the upper right corner of its pages, SPIRIT. INTELLECT. PURPOSE.

I started sketching when I was in elementary, I stop when I was in highschool. Then last night, I tried to sketch a picture of me. The result? (tantararantaran!) "throws confetti".

An ugly copy of my portrait.

I started to make doodles too, but left them unfinished.

If given a chance, I'd love to study arts formally and enhance my skills (if ever I have any) in drawing and painting (which actually, I never done before).


  1. Well you're just starting again right? You'll be back on sketching once you practice big time. :P
    And you can make your own graphics and sell them too. :D

  2. haha. good for you, atleast ye sketch is so closer to that of yer picture, unlike mine. :DDD

    you should study arts sis. :DD

  3. wow ! i like your doodles. i wish i could draw like you .

    ** WIN 1000PHP worth of accessories


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