New ChowKing Chow Pao

Posted on May 30, 2012, 9:30am

Yesterday, Chowking (a Chinese fast food chain in the Philippines) launched and introduced new products to provide outstanding and excellent service to Filipinos. They innovated burgers to a Chinese inspired Chow Pao made of Chinese fillings and ManTao (Chinese steamed bun used in making siopao).

It comes in 4 varieties, Special Chinese sausage, Braised Chicken, Chunky Beef and Chinese Sausage. Special Chow Pao is made up of veggies + meat + tofu + special sauce.

I love the way CK (Chowking) was printed on top of the ManTao.

Here's a preview of Special Chinese Sausage (top) and Chunky Beef Chow Pao.

I got two Paos for breakfast :)

You got to try this new products.

Chinese Sausage Special Chow Pao : Php35
Chunky Beef Chow Pao : Php49

Overall Rating:

Chowking Restaurant
GF Bay City Mall
P. Burgos ST. Batangas City


  1. this looks yummy though.. i haven't tried this yet.. the last thing i've tried at chowking was their chinese style fried chicken.. i just curious thats why ive tried it and theres nothing special about it though.. hahaha it's just the sauce i guess that makes it oriental..haha but the chicken tastes like a regular chicken

  2. omg ! havent heard that yet, looks yummyy :DD

  3. @cheen, it is a must try. One chowpao is heavy, and healthier than burgers.

    Sorry to those who doesnt eat tofu.

  4. havent tried it too. but it looks tasty.


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