Summer (?)

How are you guys? Me? FINE as always. But haven't been in the beach yet. :( Haven't touch sea water yet. Sadly, we don't have time to go to the beach cause everyone's busy.
By the way, we're here in my aunt's house in Bulacan. That's why I haven't updated my blogs. And oh,before I forget, please vote my entry here in Nikon's Giveaway. You just need to LIKE  my entry through your facebook account.

Here's my entry guys, and here's the link. (click!) :D Thanks guys. Every vote counts.

I really love joining online contest and giveaways. Oh, haven't I mention I have already a worpress blog and a new domain? :D Yaps. Thanks Nadine for this wonderful gift. Presenting.... my wordpress blog,! Haven't updated it yet. I'll update later. My cam isn't working. :( I really want a DSLR. Hahayst!

And now, I'm looking for a wordpress maker, I'll pay :D I just want a personalized theme. If anyone's interested, please leave a mail @ mhyrr_xhieh18(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Ok, that's for now fellas :D

Welcome Back!

Since I have no idea what to post, and I really love domo, yeah, it's pretty obvious with my DP, I'm joining this very cool giveaway. Whew! See that Domo Kun stuffs, I wanna have it. So please, let me have it! :D
Contest's link here.

1 – Domo Plush Keychain
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4 – Domo Case
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1 – Love Story Rainbow Wall Clock
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1 – Rainbow click pen
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Until when is this contest open? – Until June 10, 2011 :)

I wanna win these cool prizes!!!! :D


Hey people! How are you? Me? I'm fine! Super fine :D Harhar! Oh by the way, I just wanna thank Bea for the tag, I now have something to post. :D

Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves.
You have to choose and tag ten people.
Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them.
No tag backs.
Have Fun.

Ten as in t-e-n random facts about me. XD

1. I cook.
>> I like mixing food stuffs together and creating new dishes. I love foods!
2. I sing!
>> I like it when people like me when I started to open my mouth. The fact is, I do not know what's the difference between shouting and singing. Haha!
3. I dance.
>> I'm a cheerleader before, I miss highschool. We use to dance on stage and irritates our audience. I don't receive compliments. :P I'm a trying hard dancing ship.
4. I'm smart.
>> I'm a fast learner. I don't think it's the right reason why I should call my self smart. /wrist
5. I'm sweet.
>> If I like and love you, I'll tell you that and I'll show you. I'm a sarcastic type of person, but I know when to make fun of things. (Connection? /wrist again)
6. I'm artistic.
>> I can make useful things from trash. I totally love artworks.
7. I'm aggressive (?)
>> ??????????????
8. I'm trustworthy.
>> Trust me. :)
9. I'm a good listener.
>> My shoulder can be your companion in time of depression. But please don't ever blow your nose.
10. Someone told me I'm easy to fall inlove with.
>> <3

I'm tagging this to:




Oh yeah! I'm done with the tuition payment. So below are my subjects. I thought we will not have any laboratory classes. :O I don't wanna use my laboratory gown/chef's gown. See, I only have 5 subjects.

And I only have to attend class 3 times a week. I have my schedule already and I guess I need some stuffs to be listed so I can spare my free time for important things.

PS. I won a dot info domain. Hahaha. It's still under-construction.

Enrollment Tomorrow

I'm going to school tomorrow for the enrollment and I hope everything's gonna be fine. Phew. And here's the schedule of enrollment for this year.

I'm really excited to go back to school. Someone promised me that if I got good grades, I'll have a DSLR for free, as a graduation gift ofcourse. ^_^ (I promise I'll study hard!) And here's the subjects I'm going to take. I'm not yet sure with my section, it's either HR1 or HR2, perhaps it depends on the schedules.

I hope I'll not wear my school's odd uniform. It don't looks nice, really. :P

 Bye 5 followers on Tumblr. It isn't a big deal, but yeah, for me, it is. :(

Oh! Yesterday, me and my bestfriend Soh went to Manila, just for a visit and to buy some stuffs (and for experience too). I travelled for almost a day, that's why I felt so exhausted. We ate on a Japanese Restaurant in Binondo Manila. My bestfriend doesn't want to show her beautiful face, so, just enjoy my look! Haha! That's pork tonkatsu (mine on bento) and I forgot the other one. :P I actually don't have any cash except for the 100 peso bill ($2) my Mom have given me before I depart. Haha! Yet I survived! And I'm still alive! Hurray!

That's the exhausted me. My cam didn't work so we used my phone's camera.

I'm going to recite the Philippines' Board members, as well as the senators cause I have a Civil Service Examination on Sunday. So yeah, that's it for today. I'll update again, if not tomorrow, I guess, it'll be next week. Haha!

I'm Officially Back!

I really miss you guys, Susan, Julie, and my other affies. I hope you're all ok, just like me. So, what I got here was this. Last time, I bought a magic mug. See this photo below? That black heart will turn to white if I pour hot water on it. So, I can enjoy my cup of coffee. As simple as that. Hahaha!

(Click the images for larger size)

So, here's the reasult!

I can't feel summer yet. I haven't gone to beaches or pools. :( But I have changed my nail polish from pale to red. Whew! Do my nails look stunning in red? Haha!

And another thing, I just wanna show you this! Uh-la-la! ^_^


Wiw! Hello fellas! I don't know how long I've been in hiatus. But now, I'm back with new post.

I just wanna tell you guys that I've won in a giveaway. A fresh new domain ( and $5 for my paypal. Atlast! My paypal account has now $$$ on it. ^_^

I wanna thank Nadine for hosting such giveaway. (

And oh! Another good news is... I'm going to school again to finish my college! University of Batangas, here I come again! This is what I really prayed for. I really miss school. I'll work with my requirements tomorrow. :D

So, that's it! Happy BLOGGING everyone! :D