WiniMini Donuts and Snack Bar, Bauan Batangas

Cafes just popped out like mushrooms. Was it a good thing? Yes! So people got lots of choices! And for people like me who loves visiting and pigging out on newly opened hubs, they are also opening opportunity for us to write something on our blogs. I think that's a plus!

Last time, a good friend of mine invited my best friend to eat somewhere. Though originally not included in the invitation, I came with her, with my sister who just got out from work, and we became a group that will finally occupy all the vacant seat of the bar. Unplanned dates are most of the time the best!

And here is where they took us. It clearly explains that our friends were fascinated by the goodies they offer. So as we go along with this post, let us explore the food this snack bar has on their stash.

Cranberry Red Tea
Cucumber Lemon
Cookies and Cream Shake

WiniMini Donuts provides affordable drinks like the ones in the picture. But it will always be Cucumber Lemon/Lemon Cucumber that I will choose, that's certainly every time, at any cafe. See how loyal I am?


For the late cravings of Filipino breakfast, they are serving them any time of the day. One can have silogs (menu served with fried rice and egg) and can be truly satisfied. Next time, I will definitely try their Tapa.

Bacon Pesto

There was one thing I noticed on their pesto. Since we ordered three plates of this dish, we found out that bacon wasn't that uniformly cooked as it was in others. I do not know if it is because they're in a hurry because the order was late or it is really how it is. I had a plate myself and I must say that it was good as how I like it. Cheesy, al dente, bacon-y.

Clubhouse Sandwich

This is a healthy sandwich looks like. It was good as per my friend (wasn't able to try it myself). Who doesn't like French fries? For me, it is the best company of sandwich and burgers. So I hope the next time, they'll generously add a little bit more of it. Hihi. Pretty please.

Shanghai Rolls (9pcs)
Korean Bbq

For the last few dishes, I will just make the verdict short and quick. You will not regret having them. The spaghetti pasta passed when we asked the spaghetti lover we have in the group (which came to be the only torn among the roses). Shanghai was good too. I think we had three orders of those and we loved them. Nachos with fresh tomatoes and ground meat was also a hit. And lastly, the Korean barbecue will be better if it was not dry. But overall, everything is recommendable.

And oh, they also have burgers, pancakes and coffee.

Perhaps you'll notice that we never ordered doughnut. It is simply because they do not sell doughnuts yet. When I asked about it in their page, they said that they are still fixing things out but hoping that they can release those lovely treats soon. (This girl here just cannot wait!) There are now reason for me to go back and blog an update about it.

Over the course of the night, we never stopped laughing and giggling. It was nice having those lovely friends of ours around, we had few years of catching up together.

Thank you very much to the Ignaco sisters and the other friends we had dinner with. One of the best times with you guys!

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Disneyland Park Paris: The Happiest Place on Earth

The first time I visited a theme park was when I was six years old, together with my brother and my Mom (the park was as young as me back then). There were rides, fascinating views, games and a whole lot more. I can still remember how fun was it. Really.

And even I'm a grown up now, I still have that feeling of excitement in parks. And in this post, here I am, standing in the very front of Disneyland Paris! Woohoo!

One of the best place I visited in France is this park. The moment we arrived, it was gloomy and freeze-y. I think that's a good thing despite the mishap. Why? People are not in the mood to go so we have the whole park for ourselves only. Haha!

How To Get To Boracay From Manila

Boracay is one of the must-see places in the Philippines. There you can see one of the white sand beaches in the country. And to get there, you have two options.

1. By Air
2. By Sea

But today, I am going to share with you how we get there via plane. We've been to Boracay last September together with some delegates from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. For us living in Southern Tagalog part of the Philippines, it is way better to take the plane and fly to Caticlan. Though boats have direct trip from where we live (Batangas), it will take like a day of travel (12 long hours) and that is a waste of time. Why? For the fare will be the same if you sum everything up.

Me and my company booked through AirAsia knowing that it is the cheapest flight from Manila that we can find. The plane dropped us at Kalibo Airport (not the nearest airport) after a 45-minute flight. It was the fastest flight of my life. And it was also the worst because of the non-stop bump in the air. But that's okay. It is really part of the trip.

From Kalibo Airport, we rode on a van and traveled for another 2 to 3 hours in the road to reach Caticlan Jetty Port. The ride was smooth, had some local passengers to drive with us as well. In that trip, you just need to sit back, relax and enjoy the long hour drive. Don't worry, all of the waiting will be worth it in the end.

In the port, you'll finally ride a boat that will take you to Boracay Island itself. It was a quick trip (approximately 10-20 minutes) with splashing water on the sides (unless you are covered with the boat's plastic window).

Now, you're in Boracay! You can choose whether you'll ride a tricycle or you'll take a walk. Take a walk if the weather is nice, if you don't have lots of stuff with you and if you don't have me as a companion. Haha. You can reach even from Station 3 to Station 1 with your bare feet.

Plane Ticket = Php150++
Van from the Airport to Caticlan = Php200/head
Environmental Fee = Php75
Terminal Fee = Php100
Boat Fee = Php25
Tricycle Fee = Php10/head

So that's it. I hope that this post is helpful. Until our next trip!