Anniversary Treat at Butch Seafood and Grill Restaurant Alangilan

Sad to say, this is again a very late backlog that I have from the drafts of my blog. I know, I should always be more productive since I do have the stuffs I need to be done. But then time won't permit, so I really feel sorry for that.

It was my brother and sister-in-law's second wedding anniversary and my sister thought of treating them a surprise dinner. Since my family loves eating out, and it has always been at Kenny's, we've decided to change course and tried one of the grill restaurant within the city.

It was not the first time that I've been here. When I was still working in a laboratory firm, my manager brought us there to have lunch out meeting. Oh, I miss that, having dinner outside to talk about agendas and goals for the month, yes, one of the awesome things I miss on my previous job.

Butch Seafood and Grill is known for their platters, one is the seafood plate consist of shrimp, fish, crab, shells and the like. And since I have shrimp allergy (and my sister too, to crab), there is no way we will have that plate.

We first had some cornballs (chichacorn) as an appetizer. It is always a hit for my family. Then after, we had a plate of fries and mojos. Yum. This one is my favorite. Stated on my previous blog post, i am a certified potato-head (in a sense that I always think of potatoes).

To accompany the meals, we had fruit juices, it also helps cleanse the taste buds from salt and oil. And it is healthier than soda. A pitcher of watermelon shake for everyone and a glass of unripe mango shake for my sister.

Small umbrellas like this is super cute, I find!
Unripe mango shake

For the main dish, of course there's rice. We had a bucket of rice (which was not included in the picture, I forgot, apologizing) and a platter of grilled assorted viands.

This includes grilled chicken, squid (often I call octopus. Haha), milk fish, okra and eggplant, accompanied with salted egg and fresh tomatoes as sides.

If there's sizzling sisig on the menu, then it should be included in our meal. It is not mandatory though, but everyone loves sisig. Sisig is made of cuts of pigs head, skin, meat, fat all together, seasoned with mayo or so, served in a hot plate. That's what the original sisig is made up of, oh, topped with raw egg too.

This one became the star of the night. Everyone loved their sisig.

It was a busy kind of night at the restaurant, it was an open one so it remains fresh and airy. Though the place was packed, the staffs tried to assist us the best way possible. There were huts on the side which you can pick as your place if you feel like that's your spot.

Overall, we enjoyed the food and the place. They still have varieties of grilled stuff to offer, but just one night cannot contain them all. So I think, we will consider a next visit.

When was your last eat-out with your family? Would you consider grilled food on your next?

BonChon Bibimfries: One of My Favorite Potato Fast Food Dishes

Hello lovelies! How was your week? Me, I'm better, been to bed rest again for couple of days after GJ's parents' visit. But anyhow, the time we spent together was awesome, makes me sad of them leaving and missing them again so much. I am happy that they were able to get a chance to bond with my parents and to see how things are going here.

Well anyways, since life is going good lately, I want to share with you guys one of my favorite potato dish on fast food restaurants recently. Yep, this will be a short post for now. Don't worry, there'll be more soon, not promising, but trying.

YABU: The House of Katsu; Love At First Bite

It was four years ago since I first had a taste of their Katsu. Read the full story here. And if I'm not mistaken, it was the time that they also started operating. They onlu have few branches at that time. The one at SM Megamall was the closest to our place, and that's my first time trying their food out.

The second time was at SM North, few months after the first. I can't eat there regularly because I really need to plan before going there. Time + budget is a must.