Lunch Date at Chili's Philippines; Affordable Deals With Their Weekday Combos

I am happy that I can write something again on my blog, just in a span of 2 weeks. That's an achievement hey! But what really makes me happy is that I was able to spend lots of time with my loved ones and discover more things about the Philippines.

Last Friday, we rode on a kalesa, visited some historical places, and had meals in Manila. For breakfast, we had our favorite pancake from Ihop in Taguig and for lunch, we went to a Tex-Mex Restaurant in Fairview Terraces, here at Chili's.

At first, it did not ring any bell, but the moment that I saw the logo and so, well yes! I know this place from some of the bloggers that I follow. And so I am glad that we picked this place simply because the menu here is very inviting. I told myself then, "It is never too late to try Chili's!"

Classic Nachos

Me and GJ likes nachos, so as an appetizer, we picked to have it and stayed on the safe zone. It is by far the best nachos I've ever had. (Though I haven't had that much yet, but still, this is really good.) Aside from Pico de Gallo and Sour Cream as their dip, there's another one that stood the most, the Guacamole dip we had as an additional for the nachos.

Sour cream and Guacamole

Salad should't be missing on the table. As part of the combo that we ordered, we had to choose from salad or soup. Why not have both if you can, right?

Those crispy tortilla strips gave more life to this dish. It's texture explodes inside your mouth as you chew them bits by bits. (I don't know exactly how to explain it, but yeah, it was good!)

Chef's House Salad

And then, soup time! Last time I'm in Europe, stroganoff of GJ's mom was the best European soup I've ever had. And, nothing can still beat it, yep! Ofcourse, Ma's soup always has a touch of love and that makes it so much special. And Chili's Vegetable Soup somehow reminds me of the trip I had, every memories just flashed back to me, even it was a year ago already. Yummy!

Southwestern Vegetable Soup

Yes, you saw what you saw, French Fries! It will always in the side of a burger.

And the burger is just so cute.
Though the size is so small, you'll be surprised that the flavor is so big!

Craft Burget Bite

Cute right? Yeps. It was Gj's pick. We love choosing different dishes (if it was our first time to eat on a particular resto) so we can try both without paying that much. Just being so practical! :D

Now my plate, the quesadillas. Better to try it too, it's good! Cheesy, bacony, chicken'y (there's no such word as that but yeah, who cares. Hihi.) and heavy.

Bacon Ranch and Chicken Quesadillas

The last plate was what GJ's Dad and my cousin had. A very unpredictable dish was the last one I tasted. Every flavor exploded in one, that is in case you eat it like a mixed rice in a bowl, which my cousin did not do.

Margarita Chicken Fresh Mex Bowl

All in all, this lunch is just so good! Drinks? Just a simple unlimited cold juice will always make everything sink in the bottom and a premium beer served in a frosted glass to stay chilled.


I am very happy that I was able to spend time with GJ's parents after quite some time. That was last year til February the last time we got in touch, but hey! They came to visit us! And that is super cool.

Premium San Miguel Beer

Too bad that they do not have branches near our city, or even within the city. Because if they do, well, we will definitely see couple of times. Hihi. Their weekday combos cost Php375 per meal, what a steal! Every dish was delish and sulit (worth it)!

Have you tried Chili's? Which plate is more inviting?

Disclaimer: Some photos I used was taken by GJ with a Fuji XT1. He permitted me to put my watermark but please know that the credit still belongs to him.

Ilabyo Frozen Yogurt Batangas; The First and Only Frozen Yogurt Cafe in Town

Giving in to your sweet cravings without the guilt. True, yogurt has a lot of good promises and these you'll be sure that will never be broken. Having a troubled tummy? Have one serving and you'll have your movement regular again. (I think I sound more like an encyclopedia here. Hihi.)

Ilabyo Frozen Yogurt started operating on November last year. Since then, it became one of our favorite dessert station in the city. After a busy day, it is always a nice idea to stop by and have some good serving of their parfait or fruit shake.

So I am sharing with you the top parfait flavors that me and GJ like personally.

If you are a die hard fan of chocolate, Choco Devine is the perfect mix for you, with the combination of frozen yogurt, crushed Oreo, chocolate chip cookes, chocolate sprinkles, choco pretzels, chocolate wafer stick and chocolate syrup. Yes, it is a chocolate overload. Who said that you can't have it all?

My Top 5 Picks from iFlix Philippines

Since I always spend the last hours of my night watching series on my tablet (*Well I made it a little bit more exaggerated just to caught your attention. LOL. Truth is, some times a week), I have seen lots of the series in this app while falling myself to sleep. No, I mean, before going to sleep. Some do it in form of reading, some by listening to music. Okay, okay, I lied, sometimes, I just find myself snoring in the middle of a shot. Hihi.

While writing this post, I was able to see an episode of the recent series that I'm watching, also, there were interesting blogs gals, and did a little hop just to kill the bore. (To confess, I really can't think of things to say here.)

Random Fact: I do not pay for my iFlix account, neither my family. The promo started few months ago when our internet provider (PLDT) offered free 1 year iflix if we will pay via debit card or ATM card. My sister was fortunately using one of the preferred banks of that provider so we were able to pay online. After the confirmation, it took 3 days process and we were good to go. At first, I downloaded iFlix and registered an account for myself for a 1 month free trial (just like what I did with Netflix). When my account was about to expire, there came the promotion. I grabbed it, and now, I am enjoying the provider's perks.

Okay, enough with the blahs, let's start with the real thing. Here's my top 5 picks of series from iFlix Philippines in random order.